girl doll names

105 BEST Girl Doll Names [2023]

Here are the best girl names for your dolls.
7 Best Glitters For Slime | 2023

7 Best Glitters For Slime | 2023

These are the best glitter choices for DIY slime!
How to make slime with glue

How To Make Slime | EASIEST Slime Recipe 2023

Here's the easiest slime recipe.

where to get blythe dolls for customizing

7 BEST Blythe Doll Blanks For Customizing [2023]

Here are the best places to buy a Blythe doll blank.
blythe doll sewing patterns

10 BEST Blythe Doll Patterns For DIY Clothes [2023]

Here are the best places to buy Blythe doll sewing and knitting patterns.
How To Make Alcohol Ink

How To Make Alcohol Ink At Home [2023]

Easily make homemade alcohol ink with markers, paint and mica.

How to make resin jewelry

How To Make Resin Jewelry | EASY Tutorial [2023]

Best guide for making resin jewelry.
htvront vinyl

HTVRONT: Best Place To Get Heat Transfer Vinyl & Accessories

What you need to make vinyl crafts.
Best Concrete Molds

13 BEST Concrete Molds

Intricate and unique concrete and cement molds for your DIY's.

Blythe Doll Unboxing Videos

9 Fascinating Blythe Unboxing Videos

Blythe doll unboxing videos.
how to wash Blythe doll hair

10 Steps To Properly Wash A Blythe Dolls Hair [2023]

How to wash a Blythe dolls hair the right way.
Resin Art Supplies

15 ESSENTIAL Resin Art Supplies [2023]

Don't start resin art without these supplies.

Alcohol ink on glass

Alcohol Ink on Glass | How To Properly Paint Glass

Follow these easy steps to paint goegeous alcohol ink art on glass.
custom eye chips for blythe dolls

11 Best BLYTHE EYE CHIPS For Customizing Blythe Dolls [2023]

Best Blythe doll eye chips for your dolls.
10 BEST Blythe Faceup Tips & Ideas [2023]

10 BEST Blythe Faceup Tips & Ideas [2023]

Here are the best tips for a Blythe faceup.

Blythe doll customizing tools and supplies

Blythe Customizer Supply List | Tools & Supplies [2023]

Here are the tools you need to customize a Blythe doll.
Blythe supplies on Etsy

11 Best Blythe Supply Shops Etsy [2023]

Here are the best Blythe supply shops on Etsy.
craft room storage ideas

37 Best Ideas For Craft Room Storage [2023]

Here are the best organization tips for your craft rooms, art room and sewing rooms.

Printable Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker Printable | FREE Printable For Mindfulness

Download your free mood tracker here and learn how to use it!
Best Planner Review

Planner Review | The Simple Elephant

See why this planner was chosen as the best planner for 2022!
blythe doll measurements

Blythe Doll Dimensions & Measurements

Common Blythe doll dimensions and measurements.

Into Resin: Resin Molds, Resin Supplies & More

Into Resin: Resin Molds, Resin Supplies & More

Let's explore the brand Into Resin: supplies, molds and more.
Clay Christmas Craft Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Ideas | DIY Leaf Prints

Make special Christmas tree ornaments by imprinting leaves from your favorite tree.
brother gx37 review

Brother Sewing Machine GX37 Review [2023]

Brother GX37 beginner sewing machine review

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review [2023]

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review [2023]

Here is the review of the Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine by Brother.
natural earth face paints review

6 BEST Non-Toxic Paint Colors For Face Painting [2023]

Here are some of the best natural face paints.
best sewing hacks

5 Sewing Hacks and Tips You Should Know

Here are some useful sewing hacks to help with your sewing projects.

Brother CS&000X sewing machine review

BROTHER CS7000X | Sewing Machine Review + TIPS [2023]

Brother CS7000X sewing machine review.
Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine Review [2023]

Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine Review [2023]

Here is a review of the Brother XR3774 sewing & quilting machine.
stylefile alcohol markers review

Stylefile Markers Review + Tips

Stylefile alcohol markers review

brother se600 sewing machine review

Brother SE600 REVIEW | Sewing Machine Tips [2023]

Making An Agate Magnet Using Sculpey

Making An Agate Magnet Using Sculpey

Learn how to make your own agate or geode magnet using Sculpey Polymer Clay and Liquid Sculpey!
How To Make Sugar Scrub

How To Make THE BEST Sugar Scrub | Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

Best sugar scrub recipe to make at home.

DIY Garden Markers

How To Make Garden Markers With Sculpey + VIDEO

How to make garden markers with Sculpey.
Mask For Spray Paint

Best Mask For Spray Paint [2023]

Learn why you should consider a respirator mask when spray painting your furniture, fence and art pieces.
Resin Art

RESIN ART | Don't Start Resin Art Without This Guide

This resin art guide will answer every and any question about resin you may have.

best quilting machines


Find a quilting machine that is best for YOUR needs.
best sewing machines for beginners

13 BEST Sewing Machines For Beginners [2023]

Best sewing machines by ease of use, functionality, weight and popularity.
How To Seal Alcohol Ink Art

3 Best Ways To Seal Alcohol Ink Step by Step [2023]

Protect your alcohol ink art from fading with this helpful alcohol ink sealing guide.

Fairy Door

FAIRY DOOR Tutorial | DIY Fairy Door For Trees

DIY fairy doors are adorable and are a great craft to make for your tree bases or for your garden.
Epoxy Tent

How To Make An EPOXY RESIN TENT [2023]

Ever heard the term "epoxy tent"? Learn what an epoxy tent is and why resin artists are raving about it!
Fairy Mushrooms

DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms | Polymer Clay Tutorial With Sculpey

Learn the tricks, tips and tools to make adorable clay mushrooms!

Drawing And Illustrating Tools

15 Best Drawing & Illustration Tools by ARTEZA [2023]

Brush pens, chalk markers, alcohol ink markers and more. Here are the best Arteza drawing & illustration tools.
rock painting tutorials

Rock Painting Ideas | FREE Video Tutorial

Here is an easy rock painting tutorial with a video.
DIY Bath Salt Recipe

DIY Bath Salt | BEST Bath Salt Recipe

This EASY DIY bath salt recipe is one you are going to want to make again and again. This bath salt is gorgeous and smells amazing!

Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap

Melt And Pour Soap | EASY Oatmeal Soap Bars Recipe

Easy DIY tutorial for melt and pour soap.
Essential Oil Uses

5 Essential Oil Uses | Marseille's Remedy

Here are 5 fantastic ways to use Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend for the home, and for your own DIY bath and body products.
Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Here is a way to decorate those shells you collected.

THE KINDNESS ROCKS PROJECT | Interview With Megan Murphy

THE KINDNESS ROCKS PROJECT | Interview With Megan Murphy

Kindness rocks with Megan Murphy
chalk painting tutorials jewelry box makeover


Turn an old and forgotten jewelry box into a beautiful new piece using Annie Sloan Pearlescent glaze.