best paint markers and paint pens for geode resin art

Here are the best paint markers for making lines on resin. If you are a resin artist and need to paint the fine lines in between your resin pours then you need a good set of paint pens.

They are also used to add extra accents to the sides of a free form geode art, and cover up accidents.

Not all paint pens will work the best for resin. After making geodes and resin crafts for the past several years, we have some good choices to share with you from our own experiences.

Today we have a list of the best paint markers and paint markers for resin art and epoxy resin crafts. We have researched and collected some key points to help you purchase the best paint markers for your epoxy resin projects.
best paint pens for geode resin art

There's a huge difference between quality paint markers and cheap markers. You might think you are saving money, but in the long run, the cheap markers don't hold up to regular use on resin.

Especially when you are going over the rocks, gems and glass parts of the epoxy resin. So invest in a good set from a reputable company.

Also, check out our blog for more tips and tricks for working with epoxy resin. There's quite a few articles, including some resin art guides and product guides.


resin pours for crafts


Before you use any marker on your geode resin art, be sure to try out a test piece first to make sure that your marker will work with the technique you are trying. Always practice on small geode pieces first when trying out a new product.

Best Paint Markers & Paint Pens For Resin

1. Sharpie Paint Pens

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These paint pens are perfect for geode resin art because they have a fine tip so it's super easy to get those fine lines.

You will like this particular set because it comes with six pens so if you are making a ton of resin artwork and coasters to sell, you will always have some spares on hand. Nothing like running out of a white pen when you need it!

Watch this tutorial on how to create a beautiful geode resin art below. In this YouTube video, Sharpie paint pens are being used to draw lines. See if you like how it looks!



2. Uni Posca Paint Pens

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These paint pens are a favorite among many resin artists. These opaque felt tip markers can write on resin very easily and this particular set comes with some beautiful metallics. 

The full color pigment ink in these paint pens is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof. And is excellent for vibrant linework in any resin art. If you are looking for a paint marker with bright and bold colors, you will love this set! 

This set is water-based so be sure to do a test before adding resin over the top of these paint pens to make sure that the resin you are using won't cause them to run. But for finishing work as the last step, they are great for that. If you are looking for a gift for a resin artist, put these on your list!

best paint markers for geode resin art


3. Krylon Metallic Markers

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This 3 pack of paint markers gives you three colors. Gold, silver, and copper. The gold looks amazing on dark surfaces and when it was used for drawing lines onto a cobalt blue piece, it was stunning! You can also use them in between cured resin layers.

If you can only choose one paint pen set out of this list, this set is highly recommended. The gold pen is stunning. There's a full review on the gold leafing pen up on the blog right here: Krylon Gold Paint Pen review

best gold leafing pens for geode resin art

4. Sharpie Color Set

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Another great set for fine lines and detailed work for resin projects and epoxy crafts. This is an oil-based set that comes in 15 different colors. The white color is the one we use the most from this set to paint on the geode lines.

It's important to prime paint pens properly before use on epoxy resin crafts so that the inks come out properly. These paint markers have nice bright bold colors and for the price are a great buy.

best paint markers for geode resin art


5. Molotow Metallics

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These metallics paint pens are of premium quality and will cover resin completely which is especially great for resin jewelry accents. They have a flowmaster pump system so you can refill them!

Their formula will dry very quickly so if you need to layer your lines, no problem. You can use these paint pens on light and dark surfaces.

Just make sure you are ordering the right size because the metallics come in 2mm and  4mm sizes. 


best metallic paint markers for resin

6. Zeyar Acrylic Paint Pens

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If you're looking for a way to add a little extra flair to your resin art, this 18 piece set of paint pens are a great option.

You can use them to create lines and other detail work that really makes your pieces pop. It also has metallic paint pens in the set. Since they work great in journals, they would also make fantastic stationery gift ideas.


best paint markers for resin

7. Permanent Oil Based Set

Resin is a beautiful medium to work with, but it can be challenging to get the perfect lines and colors. That's where oil-based paint pens come in. These markers are made of opaque ink that is chemically stable, lightfast, and quick-dry.
best paint markers and paint pens for resin


So these are the best paint markers and paint pen sets for resin pours. If you are looking for more ideas and tips on how to use resin, check out our resin section. There's lots of resin resources as well as easy resin tutorials.

Before using resin it's super important that you have the right respirator. Check out the prices of the one that is used here in our filming studio.


Respirator For Resin

Here's a YouTube below from the DIY Craft Club channel where we talk about resin safety and then show the difference between mica, alcohol ink and acrylic paint as resin colorants. 



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best paint pens for goede resin art

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