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best geode resin art tutorials

If you have read our recent articles about geode resin art then your mind might be full of ideas on how to recreate the beauty of nature to make your very own geode resin art, paintings, and gift ideas. We are constantly thinking of new ways to make geode resin art, so we got together and started to brainstorm on what we would like to offer for future tutorials. We have lots of notes and have some really great ideas. Keep watch.

We have read a lot of questions around the internet and on forums about what is the best way to get started or how to create geode resin art, so we searched up some fellow YouTubers and would like to share their tutorials and inspirations with you. Here are our favorite videos that feature beautiful sparkly geodes! I hope these geode videos help spark some new creativity today!

1. Evan & Katelyn

They show how to make these gorgeous pieces of geode resin artwork. They really bring out the geode feels in this video. We will try to get them in for an interview for Friday Favorites!

2. Mrs. Colorberry

Her feature by Art Insider is one of our favorite all-time videos because she is just an amazing geode artist who puts her heart and soul into each and every piece (and some are huge!). She loves the colors green, purple and blue. Each in combination with gold and lots of different types of glitters. Beware, after watching this video it won't take you long before you are frantically reaching for the resin and glitter.

3. MKL GRM Fine Art

They show a great example of how to get an extreme layered effect with lots of crystals and glitter accents. Mastering the art of making geode paintings takes time, so don't be discouraged if your first ones don't turn out as expected. Creating some smaller pieces would be really helpful to help save money. That way you can play around with different materials first. Everyone has their own special way and technique so just take your time and practice.

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4. Deby at Mixed Media Art

This video is really helpful because she shows you how you can make your own glitter glass with glass pieces that you can pick up at the dollar store. Geode resin art can get super expensive! Especially when you are starting from scratch and need to purchase everything, so this tip is super helpful!

And then another really great geode resin art video by Deby shows her process on how she creates a purple resin geode on a ceramic tile. She adds a lot of sparkle with glitter and glass chips.


We hope these videos are helpful to you in deciding if geode resin art is something that you might want to try. Have fun!

And be sure you read everything there is to know about working safely with epoxy resin and how to protect yourself in our article right here.

How to use resin for art safely and protect yourself

We also have some really great ideas for the kinds of glitter you can add to your resin art. We wrote an article called 7 Best Glitter Ideas To Add To Resin Art so be sure to hop over there too!

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How to make geode resin art

 Have a creative day!

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February 25, 2019

DIY CRAFT CLUB Says: Hi Jim! We haven’t tried a whole bunch of different resins yet but that is on our list so please keep checking back! This article here might be helpful to you. https://diycraftclub.com/blogs/idea-room-1/best-glitter-and-sparkle-to-add-to-your-geode-resin-art Have fun making your geodes! Tag us on Instagram @hellodiycraftclub to share your pieces with us!


February 20, 2019

Do you know what is a good resin to you and tints for geode art?

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