7 Best Geode Resin Art Tutorials [2024]


best geode resin art tutorials on YouTube!

Are you looking for some really great geode resin art tutorials? You have come to the right place! If you have read our recent resin articles then your mind might be full of ideas on how to recreate the beauty of nature to make your very own geode resin art, paintings, and gift ideas.

There are alot of questions around the internet and on forums about what is the best way to get started or how to create geode resin art, and there are some fellow YouTubers who share their tutorials and inspirations with you.

Here are some favorite videos that feature beautiful sparkly geodes! We hope these geode videos help spark some new creativity today!


1. DIY Craft Club | Geode Resin Art Tutorial

In this geode resin art tutorial, we show you how to make a beautiful DIY geode resin art with a stunning and simple look of white and pink stone. You can follow along step by step and make this gorgeous piece for your own home décor.

For this tutorial, we used ArtResin and their tints. You can find these epoxy resin products here on Amazon. We also have a full review on ArtResin here on our YouTube channel. Take a look!


2. Evan & Katelyn | Geode Resin Art Tutorial

These two are so amazing and they have such a good variety of ways to make geode resin art. They show how to make these gorgeous pieces of geode resin artwork in an easy to follow DIY tutorial. They really bring out the geode feels in this video.

If you are looking to make a whole collection of geodes for your wall or to give away as gifts, then you will love this tutorial!


3. Mrs. Colorberry | Geode Resin Art

Her feature by Art Insider is one of our favorite all-time videos because she is just an amazing geode artist who puts her heart and soul into each and every piece (and some are huge!).

Mrs. Colorberry loves the colors green, purple and blue. Each in combination with gold and lots of different types of glitters. Beware, after watching this video it won't take you long before you are frantically reaching for the resin and glitter.

4. MKL GRM Fine Art | Geode Tutorial

These YouTubers show a great example of how to get an extreme layered effect with lots of crystals and glitter accents. Mastering the art of making geode paintings takes time, so don't be discouraged if your first geode resin art pieces don't turn out as expected.

Creating some smaller art pieces would be really helpful to help save money. That way you can play around with different materials first. Everyone has their own special way and technique so just take your time and practice.

shop for geode resin art supplies


5. Deby at Mixed Media Art | Geode Glass DIY

This video is really helpful because she shows you how you can make your own glitter glass with glass pieces that you can pick up at the dollar store. Geode resin art can get super expensive! Especially when you are starting from scratch and need to purchase everything, so this tip is super helpful!

And if you don't want to make your own glass, then we have an article of the Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art.


6. Deby at Mixed Media Art | Geode Mini Geode Tutorial

And then another really great geode resin art video by Deby shows her process on how she creates a purple resin geode on a ceramic tile. She adds a lot of sparkle with glitter and glass chips.


7. Stone Coat Countertops | How To Make A Free Form Geode 

This brand not only makes these amazing geodes, but they also sell epoxy kits which you can purchase here on Amazon. In this geode tutorial, they make free form geodes which look absolutely stunning. The possibilities are just endless and they do an amazing job of getting us totally inspired to create these beautiful masterpieces.


Are you inspired to create beautiful geode resin art?

We hope these videos are helpful to you in deciding if geode resin art is something that you might want to try. Have fun!

And be sure you read everything there is to know about working safely with epoxy resin and how to protect yourself in our article right here.

How to use resin for art safely and protect yourself


Working with resin safely

It is important that you know how to properly protect yourself from resin fumes and which gloves are the proper gloves.

Purchase A Resin Mask Here



Best Glitter For Tumblers

Resin Safety | Read About How To Use Resin Safely

The Geode Resin Store on Amazon

Best Resin for Crafts

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How to make geode resin art


 Have a creative day!

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May 10, 2021

Love this and will definitely try.


February 25, 2019

DIY CRAFT CLUB Says: Hi Jim! We haven’t tried a whole bunch of different resins yet but that is on our list so please keep checking back! This article here might be helpful to you. https://diycraftclub.com/blogs/idea-room-1/best-glitter-and-sparkle-to-add-to-your-geode-resin-art Have fun making your geodes! Tag us on Instagram @hellodiycraftclub to share your pieces with us!


February 20, 2019

Do you know what is a good resin to you and tints for geode art?

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