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Best Epoxy Resin for Crafts

7 BEST Epoxy Resins For Crafts in 2022

Here are the top choices of epoxy resin for your crafting needs.
How to make resin jewelry

How To Make Resin Jewelry | EASY Tutorial [2022]

Best guide for making resin jewelry.
Resin Art Supplies

Resin Art Supplies | Everything You Need For Resin Art

Don't start resin art without these supplies.

Into Resin: Resin Molds, Resin Supplies & More

Into Resin: Resin Molds, Resin Supplies & More

Let's explore the brand Into Resin: supplies, molds and more.
Resin Art

RESIN ART | Don't Start Resin Art Without This Guide

This resin art guide will answer every and any question about resin you may have.
Epoxy Tent

EPOXY TENT | Epoxy Resin Ventilation Solution

Ever heard the term "epoxy tent"? Learn what an epoxy tent is and why resin artists are raving about it!

best silicone molds for resin

16 Best Silicone Molds For Resin [2022]

Here's the list of the best silicone molds to use for resin, epoxy resin, and UV resin. We found the best and most unique molds for resin art.
Resin Safety

9 BEST Safety Tips When Using Epoxy Resin [2022]

Here is how to work with epoxy resin and all resin SAFELY. Here, we share the proper respirator, the right gloves to wear and more.
Glitter Tumblers

9 BEST Glitter Ideas For Tumblers [2022]

Want the most popular colors and the most unique glitters to add to your tumblers? See these top choices including UV reactive glitter, neon glitter and more.

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

This resin tint color swatch is easy to make and can hang on your wall for color  reference.
Here Is The Proper Respirator For Resin

The Proper Respirator For Resin | Why You Need This Mask For Epoxy Resin [2022]

Here is the best mask for working with resin that will protect your lungs from organic vapors.
best resin for making jewelry

8 Best Resin Brands For Jewelry Making [2022]

Here are the best resin brands for DIY resin jewelry.

Can You Be Allergic To Resin

Can You Be Allergic To Resin? | Resin Reactions & How To Avoid Them

Resin "allergies" explained.
The Best Epoxy Resin For Tumblers

Here Are The BEST Epoxy Resins For TUMBLERS

Not all resin are made the same. See the best resin for making tumblers and compare resins in terms of odor, FDA compliancy, UV resistance, yellowing and more.
DIY tutorial faux marble backdrop

How To Marble With Epoxy Resin

Turn an ordinary surface into faux marble, quickly and easily! See our step by step guide and video for making your own DIY marble surface using resin.

geode resin art tutorials

Easy Geode Resin Art Tutorial | Step by Step

Step-by-step instructions with photos and a video detailing how to recreate this geode resin art!
How to get resin off of hands and skin

How To Get Resin Off Of Your Hands And Skin

Don't make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to get that resin off of your hands. Instead, use these natural ingredients.
artresin review and how to make geode resin art

ARTRESIN Review | Swatching ResinTints & Making Geode Resin Art

How to get bubbles out of resin

How To Get Bubbles Out Of Resin | EFFECTIVE Methods And Tools

How To Color Resin

15 BEST Colors For Resin & Epoxy Resin [2022]

Here are the best colorants for epoxy resin creations and pours.
best paint markers and paint pens for geode resin art

Best Paint Pens For Geode Resin Art | Our top 5 picks

How to choose the paint pen that is best for resin art.

how to cast dried flowers in resin tutorial

How To Embed Flowers In Resin | Easy DIY Tutorial

Don't make the common mistakes when embedding flowers in resin!
How to get resin out of your mixing cups

How To Get Resin Out Of Your Mixing Cups

This quick tip will save you time and resources!
best gold for epoxy resin and geode resin art

19 BEST GOLD IDEAS For Epoxy RESIN [2022]

Best golds to add to resin, resin coasters and resin pours.

Resin Safety

RESIN SAFETY | Respirator For ALL Resins, Epoxy Tents + Resin Safety In 2022

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about resin safety including which respirators are best for resin, what is an epoxy tent and more.
How To Work With Resin

How To Work With Resin | MUST KNOW Tips For Resin Art

Learn the basics of resin before diving fully in.
best glitter ideas for epoxy resin


Best glitter for resin and epoxy resin pours.

Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

15 BEST Gemstone & Crystal Ideas For Geode Resin Art [2022]

What you can (and should) use as gemstones and crystals in resin!
best geode resin art tutorials on YouTube!

Best Geode Resin Art Tutorials | Learn How To Make DIY GEODE ART!

Learn from these great tutorials from around the internet!
Meet Mrs. Colorberry & Her Geode Paintings

Meet Mrs. Colorberry & Her Geode Paintings

Add resin art to your home for a trendy conversation piece!