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Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

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Today we are sharing a really great way to make color swatches for your resin colors at home, and this is a piece of art that can hang on your wall for your own color reference guide.

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

This resin swatch was super easy to make and it looks great hanging on my wall as a helpful little piece of art.

Here is how to make a resin color swatch

Resin Color Swatch Materials

  • An 8x10 artist board Find them on Amazon here
  • White acrylic paint
  • A paintbrush
  • A glue gun with sticks
  • A pencil
  • Gold paint (we used our Krylon Gold Paint Pen) Find them on Amazon here
  • Resin. We used ArtResin. Find on Amazon here
  • The colors you would like swatched. we used ArtResin's ResinTint's for ours, but you can use any colorant you would like to have swatched.
  • Wood stir sticks
  • A heat gun. We use this one which you can find on Amazon here
  • Proper protective equipment (can learn about resin safety in our Epoxy Resin Safety Precautions article - it's a good one to bookmark)
  • Fine paint pens to write color on once complete. We used these Gelly Rolls from Amazon.

Resin Color Swatch Instructions

1. Paint your artist board with the white acrylic paint and let it dry completely.

2. Using a pencil, draw in your circles. You can draw as many as you would like, we drew 20 for an 8x10 board and that was perfect for the number of ResinTint's we have.

3. Plug in your glue gun, let it heat until glue is soft and ready, and very carefully glue over your pencil circles. Try to be consistent in how deep the wells are.

4. Let the glue dry completely until it is cool and solid.

5. Taking your gold paint, paint your dried glue rings gold and let it dry.

Resin Tint Color Swatch

Resin Tint Color Swatch

6. Wearing your proper protection, mix your resin together in a container (we like to use silicone containers to mix our resin in), and pour enough into each little ring to cover the bottom of it.

We highly recommend using nitrile gloves and the proper respirator for resin, whether or not your resin says it is non-toxic. You can read about which respirator we wear here and why:

The Proper Respirator Mask For Working With Resin

Resin Tint Color Swatch

7. Using your wood stir stick, mix a very small amount of the colorant into each circle. 

*Also keep in mind not to mix more than 10% colorant to resin, no matter what colorant you use. Can read more about what you can use as colorants in our Resin Colorant Guide).

Resin Tint Color Swatch

8. Using a heat gun, pop the bubbles in your resin. We would advise you to stay away from your flame torch for this one as it would heat up the hot glue again and would possibly wreck your gold circles. If you would like to know what we use for getting bubbles our of resin, you can read our article How To Get Bubbles Out Of Resin.

9. Let your resin color swatch cure somewhere where dust or pet hair won't fall onto it. A good way to do this is to leave it somewhere safe with a Rubbermaid container turned upside down over it as a cover. Resin normally takes about 72 hours, but check with whatever brand of resin you are using in case this is different.

10. Write the names of the resin colors on top of the swatches themselves. For this you can use a black Sharpie fine tip pen for the light colors, and a white, Sakura Gelly Roll pen for the dark colors.

Since this is hanging on our wall and isn't being touched we were not worried about the paint pen coming off.

Read Best Paint Pens For Resin Art Here

Resin Tint Color Swatch

Resin Tint Swatch Art

11. Hang it on your wall. Doesn't it look great!?

You can watch us making this resin paint swatch in our video below, where we unboxed our ResinTint from ArtResin.

I'll start the video right where we start to talk about the resin color swatch board, but you can watch the whole video for some tips and tricks.

Oh, and be sure to subscribe! We would love you to join us there :)

Resin Resources

We hope you enjoyed making this resin paint swatch art with us! We will leave a Pinterest video Pin below for you so you can easily Pin this to your resin art board. We would appreciate that :)

 Have a creative day :)

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