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15 BEST Colors For Resin & Epoxy Resin [2022]

How To Color Resin

Hello resin friends. Today we are going to discuss the best colorants for resin and what you can add into epoxy resin. Whether you are a resin artist who makes tumblers, creates geode resin art, epoxy tables, resin jewelry or coasters, you will find some fabulous colorant ideas for your resin needs.


You can use a number of mediums color resin. To color resin, use acrylic paint, mica powder, makeup (such as eyeshadow) resin tint and glitter. When coloring resin, you should never exceed 10% colorant to resin ratio and the best resin color results come when you add 5-6% color to resin.

Continue reading below to know the pros and cons of each resin colorant and how much to add to achieve perfect resin color.


1. THERMAL COLORANTS by Counter Culture DIY

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Here are some of the most stand out colorants for resin. This company on Etsy has a wide variety of colorants, micas and pigments that you can add to resin. One of their best sellers is their thermal colorants that change colors with different temperatures. And with names like The Last Unicorn, Sugar Plum and Lightning Bug your creations will be just as creative.

These colorants are thermo and they can be used directly in resin to create a unique color that shifts with heat.

best colorants for resin

2. WHITE MICA FOR RESIN by Counter Culture DIY

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If you are on the search for a pearly white that is not milky, then Counter Culture DIY also has white mica for resin. A little goes a long way too and you only need a bit. To get the perfect white color, just add a small sprinkling at a time until you reach your desired opacity.

"White" is a vibrant pearlescent mica with a very subtle, but easily visible metallic presence.

best colorants for resin


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A common colorant many artists use to color epoxy resin is acrylic paint. But there is a rule to remember: If you are planning on using acrylic paint to add color to resin, make sure you use 10% or less acrylic in the epoxy resin. Adding more than this much will chemically alter the composition of the resin, creating unintentional variances in flow and cure.

Acrylic paint adds depth and offers a highly pigmented concentration of color to your resin for that colorful look you are going for with just a little bit. Golden Fluid Acrylic is a very popular brand for coloring resin with. The Golden Fluid Acrylic paints have the same pigment load as the Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, but offer a more fluid consistency without adding water, making them optimal for mixing with resin.

best colorants for resin


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Mica powder is a must have to add color to resin artwork. If you are looking for a bit of shimmer with your resin or some more jewel-toned kind of colors, these are easily achieved through the use of mica powder.

Mica powders typically come in small packages, and like the acrylic paint, you do not need much at all. Start by adding just a tiny bit to your resin to see how pigmented it is and how you like the color and gradually add more if needed to achieve your desired results.

It is not very often you find a pack of 50 colors for this amazing price, plus the colors are varied including colors such as wine, peach blossom, forget me not and a gorgeous pearl for resin.

best colorants for resin


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Color shift pigments are extremely cool because they essentially change color depending on what angle you see them at. When these colorants are mixed with resin, the resin color will shift color depending on the angle. These are so fun to play with, and there are several types you may want to consider:

Many resin artists are really into the Color Shift Chameleon Paint by FolkArt, They are well known to source high-quality, non-toxic crafting materials and also generously support a number of charities. They are a trusted company we at DIY Craft Club use often. 

These Color Shift paints by FolkArt are water-based acrylics, so the same rule would apply when using these to color your resin: use 10% or less so to not change the consistency of your resin.

best colorants for resin


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This color shift powder gives a mood ring sort of effect. You can choose which color effect you are going for by purchasing specific colors for your desired results. These are very popular for geode resin art and resin jewelry.

best colorants for resin


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You can use a holographic nail pigment to achieve a color shift in your resin, and what some resin artists do is actually mix a holographic pigment with a color shift medium to get a really unique result.

There are many different holographic nail pigments to choose from and the color combinations will give amazing results to your resin pours.

best colorants for resin


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Another way to achieve a brilliant color shift in your resin is to lay a holographic sheet of cellophane down onto the surface you will be working on, and then pouring clear resin or slightly colored resin on top.

best colorants for resin


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Another option to get a less opaque, more dominant holographic color shift effect, is to use a holographic vinyl. With vinyl though, remember it typically comes with a clear layer on top you will have to peel off before pouring resin on. Make sure you read the instructions before use.

This is a gorgeous holographic vinyl for resin. The silver is especially pretty because it actually captures all the colors of a true holographic prism. It also comes in green, gray, rose gold and other finishes depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

best colorants for resin


See The List: Best Glitter For Resin

Glitter is a must have to color resin because of the beautiful effect and depth that it gives resin pieces. Of course, you can mix your colorants and add some glitter and some acrylic to get a sparkly color, but you can use just glitter by itself as well. 

This article features all of the best glitters for resin. You will find fine glitter, micro glitter, large flakes of glitter and information on how they affect your resin consistency and appearance.

Color resin with glitter



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If you want to change the sheen of the color in your resin, a good way to do this is through the use of pearl powders. Many micas have a pearl powder type of finish that looks stunning when the light shines onto the resin.

Jacquard Pearl EX 32 pack of pearl pigments is hands down the best colorant for resin. The colors are just gorgeous and the finish in resin is top-notch. Resin artists love this product to achieve a gorgeous color and finish in resin.

best colorants for resin


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Alcohol Ink will add some beautiful color to your resin, and there are many ways to play with alcohol ink and resin. You can mix it in with your resin, you can add alcohol ink to your surface and resin over the top of it, or come up with your own technique! Just know though, that alcohol ink can fade over time with resin and needs to be protected with a UV protectant.

There is something you should note though if you are using alcohol ink on your surface and pouring resin over it after it dries. The resin will re-activate your alcohol ink and you will lose the image you have if you do not seal it first with a varnish. So if you are not mixing your alcohol ink with resin and instead, are pouring resin over the top of your alcohol ink image, protect and seal it first. Many alcohol ink artists also swear by Kamar varnish by Krylon. So just remember to seal it first and then resin it.

Find Kamar Varnish by Krylon on Amazon here.

best colorants for resin


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There are products out there specifically made for coloring your resin. One such product is ResinTint by ArtResin. We really like the basic colors from this line. They are beautiful in resin and mix well together to create some unique color blends! What is nice about this line, is that you don't need much to color your resin, so this pack of ten colors really lasts a long time.

best colorants for resin

14. MAKEUP TO COLOR RESIN by SigilInspired

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Makeup is another fabulous option to color resin. You don't get a super bright color from makeup generally, but depending on whether you are using eye shadow, blush or highlighter, the sheen can be reflective and colorful.

Just make sure you are using powder-based makeup. No liquids here.

Using eyeshadow as a way to color resin is fantasitc, as long as you make sure you are thoroughly crushing the eyeshadow before adding it to resin for color, and follow the no more than 10% eyeshadow to resin as color rule.

best colorants for resin


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Yes, you can add glow in the dark powder to your resin! How cool is that! Use this just like you would a mica powder to mix in with your resin. There are quite a few to choose from on Amazon that are really great prices.

best colorants for resin


Also be sure to watch (and like and subscribe) to our YouTube below where we talk about resin safety and then show the difference between mica, alcohol ink and acrylic paint as resin colorants:




Resin Safety Precautions

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The Resin Supply Store on Amazon


We hope you found some great ideas and inspiration of what to color your resin with from this resin colorant guide. Here are some pins for your resin boards.



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