Here are the best glitters for making your own slime. Making homemade glitter slime is a fun and creative way to make your own DIY fun!

If you are into making your own homemade slime either for yourself, for kids, for a classroom if you are a teacher or an educational assistant, or if you make and sell slime.

What is great about making glitter slime in today's day and age, is we have access to the best craft supplies around, via the internet.

There are some amazing glitters for slime out there that can add depth, dimension, personality and poise to your homemade slime recipe!

Slime glitter can be all shapes, colors and sizes and can look like:

  • Colorful glitter
  • Iridescent glitter
  • Any color of the rainbow
  • Food and drink shapes
  • Animal shapes
  • Bug and insect shapes
  • Flower, leaf and plant shapes
  • Character shapes
  • and so many more!

You are going to want to check out these glitters for your DIY glitter glue slime, glitter contact lens slime or whatever kind of slime you want to make. These are all fun, glittery and have tons of character to them.

Whether you are making glitter glue slime, contact lens solution slime, boric acid or baking soda slime or another DIY slime recipe, these glitters will work in all of them. Just add your glitter to your slime while it is in the bowl, and knead or stir it in. You can also use these ideas to make your own DIY homemade playdough.

Check the selection out below from these top sellers!

Glitter Slime Ideas


Best Glitters & Embeds For Slime

Here are the best glitters right now for homemade slime recipes.

1. Lemon Slice Clay Glitter for Slime

Check price on Etsy here

These little lemon slices are absolutely adorable for a summery slime recipe! Add these to a pink lemonade slime or a yellow or green themed slime with some extra fine glitter and this will be so cute!

Fruit glitter slime
Click here to see more product photos and a video of these lemon slices in action


This top star seller makes many different colors and fruit pieces of clay inclusions you can add to your glitter glue slime including:

  • Watermelons
  • Limes
  • Strawberry slices
  • Pineapples
  • Orange slices
  • Bananas

They also have a great mix with the above lemon slices as well as white and pink confetti shapes specifically for pink lemonade-themed creations. These clay creations are all handmade by the seller and are made from polyester.

See all of the clay shapes for slime from this seller right here

2. Color Shifting Glitter

Check price on Etsy here

If you are not familiar with color shifting glitter, this should really excite you. This glitter shifts color from a pink, to a purple, to teal and dark blue depending on the angle you look at it from. We linked to their product video below so you can see the color change in action!

This Etsy seller makes gorgeous color combinations of color shifting glitter or chameleon glitter that you are going to need to check out.

Blue glitter for slime
See a video showcasing the color shifting quality of this glitter here

Not only does this seller have color shifting glitter in this gorgeous pink/blue, but they also have many other color variations to choose from for a great price. If you are looking for tips for slime making, here is one: be careful shopping here. You are going to want to buy all of these gorgeous colors! Wouldn't this look amazing in space or galaxy-themed slime?

3. Flower Glitter for Slime

Check price on Etsy here

This sweet, delicate daisy glitter would be a great addition to any slime color! You could even add this beautiful glitter to a clear, glue based-slime with a bit of iridescent glitter to create a slime featuring just these sweet little flowers. Great for girls or for boys! This store also sells other glitters that are good for slimes including:

  • Smiley faced sparkles
  • Cosmic chunky glitter mixes
  • Fall leaves
  • Holographic snow flakes
  • Ghost and bat glitters
  • Butterflies

    See the variety of glitters from this Etsy seller here

    4. Winter Glitter for Slime

    Check price on Etsy here

    This is a really unique glitter that is great for winter. This unique glitter is great for a wintry or Christmas themed slime creation.

    best glitter for slime making


    5. Clay Fruit Shapes for Slime

    Check price on Etsy here

    Here is another seller who specializes in clay shapes for slime. Some of the shapes you can get include:

    • Strawberries
    • Dragon fruit
    • Grapes
    • Peaches
    • Carrots
    • Raspberries
    • Eggplant
    • Avocado
    • Watermelon
    • And many more!

      Watch the video in the product listing here looking at the fruit designs you can get. If you are making glitter slime on the regular, it would be so fun to get a variety to mix into your glitter glue slime recipe, wouldn't it?

      best glitter embeds for slime

      6. Polymer Clay Glitter for Slime

      Check price on Etsy here

      Here is some extremely cute glitter that features a mix of shapes together in a colorful theme.

      polymer clay glitter for slime

      This glitter for slime has personality to the extreme!

      Just a small tablespoon of this glitter will go a long way in your recipe, but if this style of sparkle appeals to you you are going to want to discover the different variations this seller makes.

      7. Confetti Shapes for Slime

      Check price on Etsy here

      If confetti is up your alley, this creator makes the most beautiful confetti shapes to add to your slime creations. Colorful and so realistic looking, you are going to have to remember this confetti glitter isn't the real thing!

      Glitter Slime Recipes

      Choose from a huge variety of confetti shapes, colors and sizes to add to your bowl of slime when you are kneading it together.

      In conclusion...

      There are so many different variations of glitter and sparkles you can get to add to your sticky or liquid slime recipes. And of course, you can mix and match any glitter combination to get the perfect recipe!

      You will love how any of these glitters and shapes look, and kids will totally love them.

      Again, these glitters will work great in any slime recipe; whether you are making a baking soda-based slime recipe or a slime recipe with clear glue, food coloring or any other additive. Glitter will not affect the composition of the slime (unless of course you are adding tons of it).

      Storing Your Slime

      Store your slime recipe in an air-tight bag or bottle that will not break, and take it out to play with it anytime. Making a glitter slime recipe is a very popular pastime as it is a calming and mindful activity for kids and adults alike, and you can be totally creative with it.

      Whether you are making slime that is more oozy, more liquid, or a thicker cloud slime, just enjoy the process and have fun with it!

      Here are some more glitter slime recipe questions people are asking:

      Can You Add Glitter To Slime After It's Made?

      Depending on how long ago, your slime can have glitter added to it after it has been made. Over time, slime will dry out, especially if it is not properly kept in an airtight container, bag or break-proof bottle. At this point, you may have to work at kneading your glitter in if you have a thicker slime. Otherwise, the glitter should work itself well into your glitter slime!

      glitter to contact solution slime

      Can You Add Glitter To Fluffy Slime?

      You can certainly add glitter to fluffy slime such as cloud slime or contact lens solution slime. You will likely have to work at kneading the glitter in on a table or surface to make sure it is thoroughly incorporated into your glitter glue slime.

       Fluffy slime

      What Glitter Is Best For Slime?

      Most glitters work well in slime recipes. We especially like adding clay glitter shapes as we mentioned above to slime as not only do you see them, you feel them when you are playing with the slime. They are tactile and tangible and add a secondary depth to your homemade glitter slime!

      kids easy slime recipe

      We hope you enjoyed this article! Here is a pin for your Pinterest board so you can find this article again.

       Best glitters for homemade slime

      Happy creating!

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