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The Proper Respirator For Resin | Why You Need This Mask For Epoxy Resin [2022]


Here Is The Proper Respirator For Resin

Hello there resin artists!

When working with resin, wearing the proper respirator mask is the only way to protect yourself from the fumes produced during the resin mixing process.

Even if you are working with a "non-toxic" resin, there are still vapors (odorless or not) that you want to keep out of your lungs. Safety first!

If you would like to watch our resin safety video, we do a full review of this mask and show you what it looks like on. We also look at the half face respirator and talk about skin protection and more. And we hope you will support us by liking and subscribing to our channel! We would appreciate that.

Let's talk about the proper respirator mask for resin and which mask is best for working with resin.

The Proper Respirator For Resin

There are many respirator masks to choose from when working with resin, but finding one that checks all of the safety and comfort boxes can be difficult. We are going to tell you what exactly you need to look for when purchasing the proper respirator mask when you are working with resin.

Respirator Mask Coverage

The best respirator mask for resin will have the following:

  • The respirator will be a full-face respirator as opposed to a half-face respirator
  • A full face respirator covers your entire face, including your eyes, so a full face mask gives you added value in eye protection
  • Some people choose to go with the half-face respirator for resin and wear goggles with it for their eye protection, and many of those people end up upgrading to the full face respirator. But this is totally a matter of preference

Respirator Mask Comfort

A big consideration when looking for the best respirator mask for resin is comfort. You are going to want a mask that feels comfortable on your face and one that is adjustable to the size of your head.

Having an adjustable respirator mask is very important as you will want it to have the proper seal for safety and feel good at the same time!

Proper Filtration & Mask Rating For Resin

Here is the most important point.

How do you know if you have the proper respirator mask when working with epoxy resin?

A quality respirator mask for resin will have an N95 or N95 equivalent rating which means that it will block 95% of small particles. A small particle means somewhere around the size of 0.3 microns.

To put this into perspective, the cross-section of an average human hair is between 50-75 microns, and a human red blood cell is 5 microns. So 0.3 microns is microscopic protection for your lungs from the proper resin respirator mask.

The filters on a proper respirator mask for resin will be able to filter organic gasses and organic vapors. Organic vapors are typically liquids that evaporate quickly and become vapors such as paint solvent, varnish, and resin.

If your mask does not have organic vapor filters, it won't protect you from resin fumes.

Which Respirator Mask Is Best For Protection From Resin Fumes?

Whether you are making resin jewelry, geodes, tumblers, doing countertops, river tables, resin cutting boards, resin coasters or just creating beautiful resin art, you will need the proper respirator face mask to protect yourself.

The best respirator mask when working with resin, is the PD-100 Respirator from Parcil Distribution. Continue reading to see why it is our top choice.

The PD-100 Respirator From Parcil

Check Price Of The PD-100 Respirator Mask From Parcil Right Here

Why is this respirator mask the best one for resin safety?

  • This specific respirator mask has filters that are rated N95 equivalent
  • This respirator has filters that filter out gasses and organic vapors
  • This safety mask also ticks off the boxes for comfort (as best a full face mask respirator can!) as it has a 'flex-fit' head harness, which means it stays in position once you adjust it to your head
  • This respirator is silicone-based around the nasal area, so it is as comfortable as it can be
  • It also has 5 very easy to adjust straps which can be tightened with just one pull

Watch us try this respirator out in the Pinterest pin below:

The PD-100 mask from Parcil is a one-size-fits all mask due to its adjustable harness. It also has an anti-fog face lens, so don't worry about your breath fogging up the inside visor.


Proper Respirator Mask For Resin Safety


This respirator is a lightweight mask and has high-density elastic straps to make sure the mask actually stays in the place you set it at. No constant adjusting while you are creating your resin art. Simply put it on, adjust it, and forget about it.

And to make sure you get the proper mask and not a knock off, I recommend purchasing it directly from the company, especially since it comes with a 1-year factory warranty.

Check prices of PD-100 Respirator Mask Here

These respirator masks for resin are very popular and quite often sell out. Here are the other masks we recommend from Parcil that will also be perfect for resin.

Listed below is another full face respirator from Parcil, as well as 2 half face respirators and one specifically made for people who wear glasses:

Full Face Respirator PD 101

Half Face Respirator T61

Half Face Respirator T60

Half Face Respirator T60 + C10 Goggles To Fit Comfortably Over Glasses

We hope you found this article useful and informative. Nothing is more important than safety when working with chemicals and vapors, and we hope you armed yourself with knowledge and are ready to continue or start creating beautiful resin art safely.

If you would like to learn more about working with resin safety, check out our full resin safety article right here.


You are welcome to share this article with friends and online resin groups, and be sure to Pin this article to your resin Pinterest board. We would appreciate the support.

Here's the pin:

The Proper Respirator For Resin Safety
Have a safe and creative day.

12 Responses

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

September 20, 2021

Hi Peggy, we get asked that question quite often and wrote an article about finding the proper respirators for glasses. Check it out here, all of the options listed are great for working with resin: Best of luck!


September 20, 2021

I need to wear my glasses while working with resin. Is that possible with the full face respirator you are recommending? If not, what would you recommend? Thanks so much.

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

August 12, 2021

Hi Tray,

Oh so sorry about that! Well, you can find them on Amazon and I believe they may ship to Canada from there, even though it is the .com store. We have their proper masks for resin listed in our resin supply Amazon store here:
Otherwise, when it comes to finding the proper respirator for resin safety, you will just need to make sure that it is N95 or N95 equivalent and that it has organic filter cartridges. Those are the most important factors. After that, you want one that fits properly – and when you can’t try it on and you are purchasing online, one with adjustable straps is perfect for that. Keep in touch and let us know if you are successful! Best of luck.

Tray Baxter
Tray Baxter

August 12, 2021

Parcil Safety does not. ship to Canada. Can you suggest another option for your northern neighbors?

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

March 18, 2021

Hi Josh
Great question, thanks!
When you are sanding your resin, it is fully cured at this point. So you don’t have to worry about any VOC’s, organic vapors and off-gassing from your resin into the air anymore, it is the fine particles you want to protect yourself from at this point. An N95 equivalent mask is what you need, so the PD-100 is just that. This mask will protect you from start to finish with your resin projects.


March 18, 2021

Will the PD-100 protect against epoxy resin dust while sanding!

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

February 02, 2021

Hi Emily,

An N95 or equivalent mask will work, only if the filters specifically filter organic gasses and vapors. The mask that we use with resin and recommend is the one listed in this article above. It comes with the proper filters and has a 1 year manufacturers warranty when purchased directly from the distributer.
The risk of not using a respirator or proper PPE when working with resin is a chance of sensitization, which can appear in the form of dermatitis. Many resin artists believe they develop an allergy to resin when this happens. It is good to prevent this from happening by using proper gloves (not latex) and a respirator. We wrote an in-depth article on resin safety and what the risks are and how to protect yourself here if you want to learn more:
Good luck! Thanks for the comment :)


February 02, 2021

I didn’t know any of this when working with resin I actually have been doing it in my room with out a mask, am I in any harm at all I’m worried now that I’ve been doing it in my room also without a mask on

Will a N95 mask work?

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

October 08, 2020

Hi Samantha,

The respirator mask we suggest comes with the exact filters that you need for working with resin. They filter gasses and organic vapors and are N95 equivalent, which are the exact filters you need when working with resin.


October 06, 2020

i see you suggested what mask but not what exact filter.

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

August 16, 2020

Hi there, many resin artists are using what they call an epoxy tent. It is essentially a grow tent with an inline duct fan hooked up to get the proper air changes per hour for the space they are working in. You can read more about it in our article Epoxy Resin Safety Precautions here:

We are glad you are looking into protecting your health and safety when using resin, and we always ask that you talk to your doctor if you have any medical questions regarding your health.


August 16, 2020

What if you have a medical condition that causes you to panic when you wear a respirator? What alternatives to a respirator would you suggest?

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