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Resin Art E-Book

Resin Art E-Book

This resin art e-book is packed with 50 pages of information and inspiration for aspiring resin artists and current resin artists. This e-book is a must have reference tool for anyone who works with resin.

The Resin Art E-Book is as enjoyable to read as it is beautiful to look at. It is detailed with stunning and inspiring resin art imagery as well as motivational quotes that will be sure to ignite the imagination.

In this resin art e-book, you will learn about:

  • resin safety and proper PPE when working with resin
  • resin allergies and how to avoid them
  • resin materials and supplies
  • substrates to create resin art on
  • different colorants to use in resin
  • mixing paint in resin
  • powder pigments to color resin
  • glitter as colorant
  • which paint pens to use on resin art
  • gemstones and crystals for resin including real, crushed glass and fireglass
  • items you can make with resin
  • resin jewelry
  • tumblers
  • geode resin art
  • resin tables
  • resin pours
  • resin coasters
  • cutting boards
  • mold pouring
  • what resin actually is and the different types of resin
  • resin terminology A-Z


  • Receive a limited discount to get the proper respirator for all of your resin work!
  • Easily find all the resin supplies we list in the book as we have an easy-to-navigate, clickable "shop this e-book" button

This resin e-book is an absolute must have for anyone looking to begin working with resin, or resin artists who are already familiar with resin and would like to expand their resin knowledge.

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