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DIY Bath Salt Recipe

DIY Bath Salt | BEST Bath Salt Recipe

This EASY DIY bath salt recipe is one you are going to want to make again and again. This bath salt is gorgeous and smells amazing!
Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap

Melt And Pour Soap | EASY Oatmeal Soap Bars Recipe

Making your own melt and pour soap is very easy, and is fun to do. Especially with this melt and pour oatmeal soap recipe!
Essential Oil Uses

5 Essential Oil Uses | Marseille's Remedy

Here are 5 fantastic ways to use Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend for the home, and for your own DIY bath and body products.

bath bomb supply list

9 Basic Bath Bomb Ingredients To Make DIY Bath Bombs

Find what you need to get started making bath bombs. These are the basic bath bomb ingredients and where to find them.
Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Here is a way to decorate those shells you collected and make them into a gorgeous display piece using a gold leafing pen.
chalk painting tutorials jewelry box makeover

JEWELRY BOX MAKEOVER | Annie Sloan Pearlescent Glaze w/ VIDEO

Turn an old and forgotten jewelry box into a beautiful new piece using Annie Sloan Pearlescent glaze.

Mandala Rocks

Mandala Rocks | Painting

Learn how to achieve beautiful mandala patterns as well as which tools achieve a variety of different sized dots.
Mandala Rock Painting

20 Mandala Rock Painting Ideas

Mandala rock painting inspiration: rainbow mandala rocks, ombre mandala rocks, metallic mandala stones, bright colors, dark colors and more.
respirator that works with glasses

Respirator That Works With Glasses | Prescription Glasses, Sunglasses + More

This respirator is made to work with glasses and has proper coverage, is N95 equivalent and is as comfortable as you can get.

best silicone molds for resin

12 Best Silicone Molds For Resin | Resin Silicone Molds

Here's the list of the best silicone molds to use for resin, epoxy resin, and UV resin. We found the best and most unique molds for resin art.
Resin Safety

RESIN SAFETY | 7 BEST, Quick Resin Safety Tips

Learn the most important safety tips when working with resin and how to properly protect your lungs and body from resin fumes.
lined paper printables

Printable Lined Paper | FREE Downloads & Printable Paper

Grab any of these free lined papers for projects, notes, for your fridge, lists, planning and craft projects. Download once and have them forever!

Drawing And Illustrating Tools

Best Drawing Tools & Illustration Tools | ARTEZA

Brush pens, chalk markers, alcohol ink markers and more. We look at what Arteza has to offer and share our findings so you can make proper buying decisions.
best spoonflower fabrics


Attention sewers, makers, quilters and crafters. You need to check out the gorgeous fabrics we found from Spoonflower.
best lemome planners and notebooks

Best Lemome Notebooks & Planners | 2020 Buyers Guide

If you are a planner or love list making and organizing, you are going to want to check out Lemome planners and notebooks with us and find out why they are so loved.

best amanda rach lee videos

BEST Of Amanda Rach Lee | 19 YouTube Videos To Binge Watch

Meet Amanda Rach Lee and talk a walk with us through her best YouTube videos as she creates amazing planner spreads and tutorials.
Glitter Tumblers

Glitter Tumblers | Best Glitter Ideas For Tumblers

Want the most popular colors and the most unique glitters to add to your tumblers? See these top choices including UV reactive glitter, neon glitter and more.
best markers from arteza

Best Arteza Markers | Our Top 9 Choices For Amazing Drawings

Looking to try out some new markers for your art, doodles, manga drawing or planners? We explore Arteza's best art markers and why they are so popular.

Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder

Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder | Uses & Where To Buy

Learn why you might want to use cosmetic grade mica, as well as why that cosmetic grade mica should be ethically sourced (and where to find them!).
best soapmaking molds

Best Soapmaking Molds | 2020 Soapmaker's Guide

Get inspired with these unique soap molds. Find new soap molds for cold pressed soap, melt and pour soap and more.
Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

ALCOHOL INK Art Supplies | Supplies To Start Alcohol Ink Art

What supplies do you need for alcohol ink painting? We break all of the alcohol ink supplies down for you so you can get everything you need to start.

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

Resin Tint Color Swatch | DIY Resin Color Guide

Make you own DIY resin color swatch that you can hang on the wall as art! This resin tint color swatch is easy to make and can hang on your wall for color  reference.
best bath bomb molds 2021

14 Best Bath Bomb Molds | Top Choices For 2021

These are the best bath bomb molds! Unique shapes, different bath bomb mold materials and which is best for your bath bomb making project.
best alcohol marker sets

Best Alcohol Markers Sets & Brands | 2020

Which alcohol ink markers should you try, and what is the different between alcohol ink markers and regular markers? Let's dive into the world of alcohol ink.

best respirator mask for concrete and cement

Best Mask For Concrete Dust | Concrete & Cement Safety Guide

If you are working with concrete and cement, you are going to want the proper respirator to protect yourself and your lungs. This is the best respirator for concrete.
where to buy wool and yarn online

Where To Buy Yarn & Wool Online | 2020 Buyers Guide

High quality, hand-dyed, beautiful yarn and wool. We explore them all in this article helping you find the best yarn and wool.
Here Is The Proper Respirator For Resin

The Proper Respirator For Resin | Why You Need This Mask For Resin Art

Find the best mask for working with resin that will protect your lungs from organic vapors, is N95 equivalent, has a proper seal and is as comfortable as you can get.

best resin for making jewelry

Best Resin For Jewelry Making | UV Resin, Epoxy Resin & More [2020]

There are many choices of resin for making jewelry, find which one sounds best for you and your jewelry projects.
Can You Be Allergic To Resin

Can You Be Allergic To Resin? | Resin Reactions & How To Avoid Them

Resin "allergies" explained. Learn why wearing proper protective equipment can prevent you from getting these common resin reactions.
how to dry flowers in books

How To Dry Flowers In Books | Step By Step with Video

Learn the proper way to dry flowers in a book and still maintain their color and integrity as best as possible.

How To Make Felted Soap Bars

How To Make Felted Soap | DIY Felt Soap Bars

Felted soap is a really unique way to dress up your soap. Making felted soap is fun and easy to do, and is a top selling product at handmade markets.
How To Make Coffee Scrub

BEST DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe | Homemade Coffee Body & Face Scrub

If you enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning, then you might want to try making your own DIY coffee scrub.
How To Use Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts | 7 Peel-Tek Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

One masking fluid: 7 art ideas. Learn what you can create with this Peel-Tek masking fluid and have fun coming up with more on your own!

The Best Epoxy Resin For Tumblers

Here Are The BEST Epoxy Resins For TUMBLERS

Not all resin are made the same. See the best resin for making tumblers and compare resins in terms of odor, FDA compliancy, UV resistance, yellowing and more.
DIY tutorial faux marble backdrop

EASY RESIN TUTORIAL | How To Marble With Resin

Turn an ordinary surface into faux marble, quickly and easily! See our step by step guide and video for making your own DIY marble surface using resin.
best blythe doll shops on etsy

Best Blythe Dolls On Etsy | List Of Blythe Sellers A-Z

Blythe doll collectors and customizers rejoice! We have a catalog of some of the best Blythe dolls and customizations for you right here.

Junk Journal Supplies

2020 Junk Journal Supplies | Make Your Own Junk Journal From A Book

Don't start your junk journal without checking out these beautiful supplies that will add the most beautiful details. Start your custom junk journal off right.
The Best Art Markers

2020 BEST ART MARKERS | 15 Art Markers For Beginners To Professionals

Here are the top art markers this year! These are the best art markers in terms of quality, pigment, tip style and popularity.
Routine Chart For Kids

Routine Chart For Kids | Get Ready FASTER With Our Checklist

Printable routine chart that teaches kids how to be more independent in getting ready in the morning. Print it today!

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

DIY Galaxy Shoes | How To Paint Shoes Step By Step

Paint your own galaxy and watch how easy it can be! Paint a galaxy on shoes or learn how to bring a colorful galaxy to life with this tutorial and video.
What Is A Carrier Oil

What Is A Carrier Oil & Which Carrier Oil Is Best?

What are carrier oils and why are they important? Carrier oils literally carry your essential oils and are an important component in bath and body products.
how to fix crumbly bath bombs

5 Reasons Why Your Bath Bombs Are Crumbling | And How To Fix It

Why is your bath bomb crumbling? There are many reasons. Here we talk about your bath bomb mold, the humidity level you are working in and more.

geode resin art tutorials

Easy Geode Resin Art Tutorial | Step by Step (Pictures & Video)

Step-by-step instructions with photos and a video detailing how to recreate this geode resin art!
how to make bath bombs easy starter kit

Learn How To Make Bath Bombs | Easy Bath Bomb Starter KIT

Interested in starting to make bath bombs, or looking for a gift for a bath bomb enthusiast? Try these bath bomb making kits out today.
How to get resin off of hands and skin

How To Get Resin Off Of Your Hands And Skin

Don't make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to get that resin off of your hands. Instead, use these natural ingredients.

best fineliners for journaling

13 Best Fineliners & Pens For Your Journals | 2020 Guide

These fineliner sets are professionally made and get rave reviews. See which fineliners make the cut for bullet journals, sketching and more.
best manga art supplies

12 Best Markers, Pens, & Colored Pencils For Manga & Anime Art | 2020

artresin review and how to make geode resin art

ARTRESIN Review | Swatching ResinTints & Making Geode Resin Art

How to get bubbles out of resin

How To Get Bubbles Out Of Resin | EFFECTIVE Methods And Tools

junk journal page ideas tutorials

Junk Journal Page Idea | Plus Video Tutorial ♥

If you are looking for a fantastic find for your junk journal, be sure to head to the thrift store! See what we found and made into beautiful junk journal inserts.

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