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DIY Bath Salt Recipe

DIY Bath Salt | BEST Bath Salt Recipe

This EASY DIY bath salt recipe is one you are going to want to make again and again. This bath salt is gorgeous and smells amazing!
Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap

Melt And Pour Soap | EASY Oatmeal Soap Bars Recipe

Making your own melt and pour soap is very easy, and is fun to do. Especially with this melt and pour oatmeal soap recipe!
bath bomb supply list

9 Basic Bath Bomb Ingredients To Make DIY Bath Bombs

Here are the BASIC BATH BOMB INGREDIENTS you need to make DIY Bath Bombs. Find what you need to get started making bath bombs. These are the basic bath bomb ingredients and where to find them.

best soapmaking molds

Best Soapmaking Molds | 2021 Soapmaker's Guide

Get inspired with these unique soap molds. Find new soap molds for cold pressed soap, melt and pour soap and more.
Best books to learn how to melt and pour soap

4 Best Melt And Pour Soapmaking Books For 2021

Here are the best melt and pour soapmaking books for 2021
best bath bomb molds 2021

14 Best Bath Bomb Molds | Top Choices For 2021

These are the best bath bomb molds! Unique shapes, different bath bomb mold materials and which is best for your bath bomb making project.

How To Make Felted Soap Bars

How To Make Felted Soap | DIY Felt Soap Bars

Felted soap is a really unique way to dress up your soap. Making felted soap is fun and easy to do, and is a top selling product at handmade markets.
How To Make Coffee Scrub

BEST DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe | Homemade Coffee Body & Face Scrub

If you enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning, then you might want to try making your own DIY coffee scrub.
What Is A Carrier Oil

What Is A Carrier Oil & Which Carrier Oil Is Best?

What are carrier oils and why are they important? Carrier oils literally carry your essential oils and are an important component in bath and body products.

how to fix crumbly bath bombs

5 Reasons Why Your Bath Bombs Are Crumbling | And How To Fix It

Why is your bath bomb crumbling? There are many reasons. Here we talk about your bath bomb mold, the humidity level you are working in and more.
how to make bath bombs easy starter kit

Learn How To Make Bath Bombs | Easy Bath Bomb Starter KIT

Interested in starting to make bath bombs, or looking for a gift for a bath bomb enthusiast? Try these bath bomb making kits out today.
How to make bath bombs with rings inside

How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside | Guide + Supplies

How To Make Sugar Scrub

How To Make THE BEST Sugar Scrub | Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

How to make beard oil

How To Make Beard Oil | Easy, Organic Beard Oil Recipe

safety equipment for soapmakers

BEST Soapmaking Safety Equipment | READ THIS FIRST Before Making Soap

best colorants for bath bombs

11 Best Bath Bomb Colorants | Bath Bomb Colorant Guide [2021]

Behind The Scenes At LUSH

Behind The Scenes At LUSH

DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub | Easy Hand Scrub Recipe For Dry Hands

DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub | Easy Hand Scrub Recipe For Dry Hands

best bath bomb recipes

Best Bath Bomb Recipes | Easy Steps With Videos

Best oil blends for a relaxing soothing bath

Relaxing Essential Oil Blends For The Bath