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How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

How to make bath bombs with rings inside

Bath bombs are such a nice way to relax in a bath after a long and stressful day. They are aromatic from lovely essential oils, colorful, fun and can sometimes reveal a wonderful surprise ring at the end. Bath time will never be better.

Hands up if you have heard of bath jewelry or bath surprise rings? These have become a very popular request, both for handmade sellers and as gifts. You wait for the bomb to fizzle away in your bath, enjoying every beautiful moment, then you have a jewelry surprise at the end.

Making your own fizzies for your bath time is very easy and fun to do, and you can certainly make them with your own jewelry inside. There are ways you can easily customize your bath bombs, and these include by:

  • Color
  • Scent
  • Glitter
  • Ingredients (different oils, natural ingredients, cruelty free items, etc)
  • Jewelry inclusions

There are so many different bath bomb ideas you can try, to make them unique and truly your own creation.

How to make bath bombs with rings inside
What jewelry to put inside a bath bomb


We love it when we can DIY a project, and making the best bath bombs with jewelry inside is no exception. We are going to share how to choose the right jewelry to add to your bath bomb, and how to put it inside of it the proper way.

Ring bath bombs make super great gifts for friends and family, and it is a really fun way to include a beautiful surprise.


How to put rings and jewelry inside bath bombs


How To Make The Best Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

You can use any bath bomb recipe to add in rings or jewelry, but you are going to want to plan ahead, and get the best, high quality ingredients to make a perfect product.

To make the best bath bombs with rings inside, you will need to have your bath bomb jewelry ready, as well as what you are going to encase it in. You don't want the metal of the jewelry to directly touch the ingredients as this could tarnish the jewelry.

You will combine the ingredients and put your ring into a waterproof capsule, which is what you use to make ring bath bombs. Then pack the ingredients around the plastic capsule and press the bath bomb's mold tight. When it's dry you are ready to package it.

Then you will need to consider your rings and jewelry. Do you know who your ring will be for? If not, then you may want to consider a variable or adjustable ring size.

Continue reading to learn more.


How to put rings inside bath bombs

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Bath Bomb Ring Supplies

To get started making your own bath bombs with jewelry inside, you are going to need to get the right supplies.

You will not only need to look for the best jewelry to add to a bath bomb, but you will also want to look for what you can put the jewelry into to protect it.


How to put jewelry inside bath bombs
Here are some supply options for you:

1. Small Vending Capsules (NECESSARY)

Check price on Amazon here

The most popular choice by many companies who sell bath bombs with jewelry inside are these small capsules.

These ones are 1.25 inch cases, which are some of the bigger ones you can buy, but make sure you check out the size of the ring you want to insert into these capsules.

Also, be sure to check the diameter of the mold you will be using to press the bath bomb around the capsule. We have an article, The Best Bath Bomb Molds you may want to check out as well.


use this to put rings into bath bombs


 2. Delicate Gold Ring

This delicate gold ring is a simple design by Honeycat in Southern California. It is a minimalist design with a sparkly crystal baguette sitting on top. It is available also in rose gold or silver and can either have a smooth band as pictured or a cute twisted band. Check out the designs on Amazon here.

This ring would accent any outfit beautifully.


How to make bath bombs with rings inside


How to make bath bombs with rings inside


3. Opal Ring 

For our next ring, we are going with another design by Southern California's Honeycat with this beautiful round opal ring on a simple, delicate band from Amazon. This would be a particularly good choice if you are making a bath bomb for an October birthday, opal is their birthstone. And at this price, you can't go wrong.

How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside
How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside


4. Sterling Silver Half Eternity Ring

If bling is more your thing, this sterling silver half eternity ring by Hafeez would be a great choice to put into your bath bomb. This is a rhodium-plated ring with a high polished finish and is sure to sparkle. 


How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside


5. Cherry Blossom Ring

There are so many cute rings in so many different styles out there, but we wanted to highlight this unique cherry blossom ring from Amazon.  This little flower detail is so beautiful, and the ring itself is made like the branch of a cherry tree. This would be a beautiful inclusion in any bath bomb.


How to put rings in bath bombs


How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside


Check out more flower-inspired rings on Amazon right here


6. Small Ring Sets For Bath Bombs

Wouldn't a surprise bath bomb just be a fantastic gift? Then after it fizzes, it has a beautiful ring for them at the end?

Something to note though, with kids you may want to call these "hand bath fizzies" and fill a big bowl with warm water and drop the ring bath bombs into so you can be with them when they discover the surprise. This is especially important for marketing if you plan on selling these, you don't want any choking hazards. These are not for small children.

We found a package of cute kawaii rings at a really amazing price here on Amazon. And if you are making several bath bombs, either to sell or to just have on hand for birthday or Christmas gifts, or as party favors, this package comes with 36 different, adjustable kids rings.

This listing has super high customer reviews you can read on Amazon. Each ring is different. Some have bows, flowers, butterflies, owls, strawberries, cupcakes... And just look at that little bunny! And they are ALL totally cute hehe. And seriously, what a great price from Amazon for all 36 rings! It works out to much less than a dollar per ring.


How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside


How to add jewelry to bath bombs


7. Adjustable Bath Bomb Rings

If you are not sure about sizing for a specific ring, why not get an adjustable ring? This option is great if you are making bath bombs for your business or Etsy shop, or if you just are not sure about what size of ring to get for that special someone.

Check out the assortment of beautiful adjustable rings from Amazon right here at a seriously amazing price.


How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside


See the other different adjustable rings we found on Amazon here

There are SO many jewelry choices. They are basically endless. There are so many to choose from, and most are at fantastic prices so this would be a great starting point for finding the perfect ring to add to your bath bomb.

Whether you are making bath bombs with rings inside to sell in your store or Etsy shop, or you are making a special gift for someone. There are some great choices there.


How to put a ring in a bath bomb

You may also be interested in reading about what to color or dye your bath bomb with. We wrote an article called Best Bath Bomb Colorants (mica's, glitter, herbs, salts, and more!). Head over there and give it a read.


How To Make Bath Bombs With Rings Inside



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How to put rings in bath bombs

How to put rings in bath bombs

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How to put rings and jewelry inside bath bombs

Have a crafty day!

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