Best Bath Bomb Molds 2018 | Supply List

March 10, 2018

Best Bath Bomb Molds 2018 | Supply List

Who doesn't love the fizziness, yummy aromas and wonderful feeling you get when you use a bath bomb! Picture yourself having a relaxing soak with a glass of wine and a good book after a long day. A bath bomb that's packed full of soothing essential oils and natural skin softening butters is exactly what you need tonight!

There are many types of molds to choose from. Bath bomb molds come in many fun shapes and sizes so you have plenty of options to make your bath bombs beautiful, just like the ones you buy from stores. The most popular bath bomb molds are aluminum, stainless steel, and silicone. Each of these molds will give you different results depending on how you would like your final bath bomb to look like.

Bath bombs are a fun DIY project, not to mention they sell like crazy at craft shows. The skin loving oils and ingredients make bath time a luxurious delight. Making bath bombs takes practice, and you have to constantly adjust your recipe depending on the humidity in the air. Unmolding bath bombs takes patience too, but with lots of practice, you will be unmolding your own perfect bath bombs in no time.

What molds are best for bath bombs? Here are our top bath bomb mold choices

Inteye 24 Piece Bath Bomb Mold Set

best bath bomb molds

Pros: This bath bomb mold set comes in a pack of 24 so if you are making a lot of bath bombs at a time, then this is a good choice. We like how there are three different sizes in this set. If you are selling, you have more size options to offer your customers at different price points. This set also comes with bags to help keep your bath bombs fresh. The molds are made from food quality aluminum. The smooth surface will help release the bath bombs easily so this is a good set for beginners.

Cons: This set comes with the molds only. No instructions are included. The bags are not shrink wrap bags so you will need a ribbon to tie them up. Hand wash only. Can dent if you are tapping too hard to get the bath bomb released.

LAWOHO Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set Of 10

Best bath bomb molds

Pros: This totally adorable set contains 10 metal bath bomb molds in 4 different sea-inspired shapes. We especially love the starfish! These molds are made of food grade aluminum and are easy to clean with just soap and water. Your bath bombs should come out very easily thanks to the polished finish. Shrink wrap bags and a small shink wrap tool is included in this kit.

Cons: Hand wash only. Some of the bags are too small to fit the larger sized molds. This set does not have instructions in English. 

Zicome 2 Pack Flower Silicone Molds

best bath bomb molds

Pros: If you want to give a silicone mold a try, these might be a good choice for you. This is a set of two that is made from food grade silicone. Silicone is ideal because it's easy to clean (will go right into the dishwasher) and extremely durable. The cavity sizes are just under 2 inches. The floral designs are so delicate and pretty. Perfect for a spring/summer craft show or gift idea. Do you sell bath bombs? Try making a bunch of these and sell them ready for display in a glass jar with a ribbon. 

Cons: Silicone molds require a bit more patience when removing the bath bomb. Bath bombs come out best when they are completely dry, so you may need to order a few extras to be productive.

Green Soap Extra Large Bath Bomb Mold

best bath bomb molds

Pros: Ready for this? Introducing the extra large Lush sized bath bomb mold from Green Soap. This is our must-have luxury pick because of the material. This huge mold is made of stainless steel which is the very best quality mold you can buy. This mold is for serious bath bomb makers. It will not break or corrode. This mold makes huge 11-ounce bath bombs and has an inside diameter of 3.15 inches. If you like to embed surprises in your bath bombs, this mold is perfect for that because of the size. Anyone who likes to make bath bombs would love this as a gift.

Cons: The only con we have is the price but you get what you pay for don't you. This is top of the line.

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