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5 Reasons Why Your Bath Bombs Are Crumbling | And How To Fix That!

how to fix crumbly bath bombs

We're here to help you with crumbly bath bombs. We know the story, you see perfectly formed bath bombs all over the place. But then you go and make your own bath bombs at home, and disaster strikes.

Your bath bombs are crumbly and are not holding together right. Heck, even the cheap bath bombs at the dollar store are made without little crumbs falling everywhere! What’s even more discouraging is that you just spent a ton of money on ingredients and supplies.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the most common problems that cause bath bombs to crumble and how to fix them.

Why Do Bath Bombs Crumble?

There are many factors as to why bath bombs crumble, and here are your answers. Bath bombs crumble because the bath bomb mixture may be too dry or the bath bomb molds are not packed with enough of the bath bomb mixture. Humidity in the air also plays a huge part in why bath bombs are crumbling. Bath bombs crumble for many different reasons and we will discuss them all below. In no time at all, you will be getting your bath bombs perfect!

1. Your Bath Bomb Mixture Is Crumbling Because It Is Not Packed Into The Mold Tight Enough

Your bath bombs may be crumbling because your bath bomb mixture may be too dry, or not be packed hard enough into the molds. If you put your mixture into the molds and don’t press it in really well, then you will get crumbly bath bombs once the mixture is dry.

how to stop your bath bombs from crumbling

2. Your Bath Bomb Is Crumbling Because The Mold Is Too Flimsy

The best molds for making really good bath bombs that don’t crumble are stainless steel bath bomb molds, rigid plastic molds, and bath bomb presses. You can use silicone molds too, but just make sure that you can press the ingredients in really tightly. Some silicone molds are way to thin so be sure you are purchasing a quality mold. 

Read our article on the Best Bath Bomb Molds to learn about the difference between different kinds of molds like stainless steel, plastic & silicone.

3. Your Bath Bomb Is Crumbling Because The Mixture Is Too Dry

You will need to constantly adjust your bath bomb formula or recipe depending on the humidity in the air. Not enough moisture will cause your bath bombs to be very crumbly and not hold together right. There is no ‘one recipe fits all’ when it comes to making bath bombs. You might follow a recipe perfectly and still get crumbly bath bombs. Well, that’s because you might be in the part of the world that has less humidity. So you will have to adjust the wet ingredients. Too much moisture and you will get bumps on your bath bombs.

You are looking for a perfect balance to form a firm bath bomb that doesn't crumble. Add in your wet ingredients slowly to the dry ingredients and then adjust with witch hazel or alcohol. Squeeze a bit of the mixture into your hand. Now when you open your fist, is it staying in the same shape? If not, you may need a bit more of the witch hazel or alcohol, but not too much. A bit at a time.

how to fix crumbly bath bombs

how to fix crumbling bath bombs

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4. Bath Bombs Crumble Because They Are Not Dry Enough Before Removing Them From The Mold

If your bath bombs are crumbling, it is possible they might not be dry enough yet. When you are making bath bombs you should leave them in the molds for at least 4-5 hours and preferably overnight so they come out perfectly formed and not crumbly.

5. Bath Bombs Crumble Because The Humidity Levels Are Not Optimal

If you live in a dry climate, you might want to wait until the humidity levels rise. So making your bath bombs the day after it rains might be something to try. On the other hand, if you live in a moist climate, it’s never a good idea to make bath bombs on rainy days because this can cause premature fizz and that’s when you get those little annoying bumps all over the bath bombs. 

Practice And Practice

Don't give up! Keep practicing and making bath bombs until you get a formula that is right for your area. Once you have that, write it down or make a spreadsheet documenting your process. It really helps! And you can use any practice bath bombs or leftovers. Just crush it all together to use as bath salts. But a word of caution, make sure the mixture is totally dry before packaging or it could turn into a hard rock-like substance.

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how to fix crumbling bath bombs

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