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Make bath bombs with this DIY make bath bomb instructions and recipe

Ever since I was given a bath bomb as a gift many years ago, I was hooked. I thought the addiction would end there but then I started to make my own bath bombs and that was it! I was in bath bomb bliss. My house smells so good after a bath bomb making session. It is also a pleasant way to spend the afternoon on a rainy day.

Another thing I love about making bath bombs is that they make such great gifts for friends and family. I know my sister absolutely loves it when I show up with a fresh batch of bath bombs with her favorite aromas, especially lavender. Yum!

You can make bath bombs with lavender recipe

I am here today to share how to make bath bombs with you. And this is the best basic bath bomb recipe! If you have ever wondered or wanted to make bath bombs yourself, the time is now! You need some ingredients which I will list for you below, you will need bath bomb molds (see my notes on those below as well) and combine those with time, patience and the most amazing smells you can imagine. These bath bombs make fantastic gifts, they smell divine and you can really run with the recipe and tweak it to make bath bomb in your favorite scents!

Just take your time, read over the whole recipe first and get ready to become addicted like me!

best bath bomb recipe - how to make a basic bath bomb

Making a perfect bath bomb takes practice, please keep this in mind. You have to adjust the ingredients depending on how much moisture is in the air. Too much moisture and you will get strange little bumps on your bath bombs and not enough moisture will cause your bath bombs to be crumbly. Here is a basic bath bomb recipe to start out with. This recipe can be doubled or tripled to make larger batches as gifts, to sell, to fill a gorgeous basket with or to have on the edge of your tub for decoration. Here we go! 


Stage 1 Bath Bomb Ingredients

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1/4 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup corn starch

Stage 2 Bath Bomb Ingredients

1 tbsp water or witch hazel (adjust amount depending on humidity)

1 tbsp oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc)

2 tsp mica

8-12 drops essential oils 

Bath bomb molds


1. Combine stage 1 bath bomb ingredients together and whisk until blended.

2. Combine stage 2 bath bomb ingredients together in a jar and give it a shake to blend.

3. Add stage 2 ingredients to the stage 1 ingredients a little bit at a time so that you don't activate the bath bomb mixture. Your mixture should resemble damp sand that holds together when pressed.

4. Press your mixture into the bath bomb molds and pack it in tight. I should mention that there is such a huge selection of bath bomb molds out there. I have written an article called Best Bath Bomb Molds to help you choose the best bath bomb mold for what you want to do. It explores why you might choose silicone molds over stainless steel (or vice versa) as well as different sizes. 

How do you make bath bombs? Make sure you have the right bath bomb molds that you need

REMEMBER: Making bath bombs takes practice. Don't be discouraged if your bath bombs don't turn out how you planned the first time. You can always use your mixture for fizzy bath salts so don't throw anything away! Just keep them in a cute mason jar on a shelf in your bathroom, they will be sure to be enjoyed, and chalk it up to practice!

Here are 5 of the best videos that we found on how to make bath bombs to help you out. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to their channels.

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