17 Best Bath Bomb Colorants: Our Expert Choices [2024]


best colorants for bath bombs

Here are the best bath bomb colorants to add to bath bombs. One of the most asked questions about making bath bombs is what are the best colorants to use in?


The best colorants for bath bombs are liquid, micas, herbs, clays and natural salt. There are many color choices to experiment with when it comes to making bath bombs and adding color.

Some of the best choices for bath bombs are colorants that are made especially for bath bombs and cosmetics, but there are natural colors too that work just as well.

best colorants for bath bombs 

No matter what you use to add color and luster to your bath bombs, each colorant will act differently.

Some colorants are best added to the dry ingredients, while other water-soluble liquids are best added to the liquid phase.

When choosing bath bomb colorants, there are certain things to watch out for. Like will the bath bomb color stain the tub, or clog the drain?

What about the way the colorant works, will it sit on top of the water or disperse throughout?

These are things to be mindful of when choosing the perfect colors for bath bombs.

Always check your country's guidelines about what you are allowed to use to color bath bombs when it comes to making bath bombs to sell.

There are some bath bomb ingredients that are not allowed in bath bombs for sale. So please check on these before starting your bath bomb business.

Best Bath Bomb Colorants

1. Best Colorful MICA POWDERS

Visit Etsy Shop

This Etsy shop sells many beautiful colorful pigments that you can use for bath bomb ideas. The good thing about mica in bath bombs is that a little goes a very long way.

Less is more when it comes to adding mica powders to your bath bomb mixture. These micas do contain heavy pigments so be aware that this could transfer to your tub and on your skin.

Using the right amount of bath bomb powders will make sure that there is no extra colorants sticking to the tub.

The best way to use these particular pigments is to add a tiny bit of pigment to alcohol and brush a bit onto the top of your bath bombs for an extra pop of color, not to mix it right into your mixture.

best colorants for bath bombs


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A full set of shimmering mica powder for your bath bomb recipes. You can use mica powder kits to add a hint of shimmer on the top, or you can add this to your dry ingredients.

bath bomb colorants


Visit Etsy Shop

This set of 25 mica colors comes in 4g packets. This company states that these mica's will not dye your skin or tub and are gentle and safe for your skin.

These FDA approved shades will create an effect of depth, shine, and shimmer of different shades.

If you are using them to decorate the outside of your bath bombs, you can mix a bit with alcohol and brush it on to make unique color combinations and designs.

Or you can sprinkle in a bit on top of your bath bomb mold.

best colorants for bath bombs


Visit Etsy Shop

Prepare yourself. If you want to go for the gold, then this is a must-have. This is a true gold mica color. This mica pigment is a perfect colorant for bath bombs because of it's pearlescent beauty. 

The bright and bold flecks allows light to reflect to create depth and the most gorgeous pearlized effects. This type of mica can also be used for DIY bath salts and hand scrubs for extra accents.

The texture is soft and smooth and it will incorporate into your bath bomb mixture with alcohol easily. This gold mica powder has an extremely high pigment load so you don't need to use very much. Again, a little goes a long way.

best colorants for bath bombs

5. SWISS CHOCOLATE Bath Bomb Colors

Visit Etsy Shop

When you are wanting to make bath bombs with unique colors then this shop has everything you will ever need.

They offer cosmetic grade pigments, micas and bath bomb colorants in small sample sizes to larger packs.

best colorants for bath bombs


Check Prices On Today Glitter

What is BioGlitter? BioGlitter biodegrades 90% in nature in just 30 days. For a great biodegradable glitter, check out BioGlitter from Today Glitter.

Today Glitter is the first company in the United States to become a verified retail partner of Bioglitter, which was the first true biodegradable glitter and was developed in the UK.

This glitter is 100% plastic-free and is 30-40% softer than regular plastic glitter, which makes it perfect for bath bombs.

best bath bomb colorants


Check Price On Etsy

Get your sparkle on with this glitter pack with several different colors for your bath bombs. This eco-glitter is biodegradable, all-natural and is eco-friendly. 

"Our bio glitter is sourced from cellulose found in Eucalyptus trees, so it degrades naturally."

best bath bomb colorants


Check Price On Amazon

This set of liquid bath bomb colorants has many pretty pigments and you can get even more colors by purchasing several hues and blending your own colors too.

One of the reasons why liquid colorants are great for beginners is because they are water-soluble so these colors are super easy to blend into your bath bombs in either the liquid phase or dry phase.

When you are using this set, just add a bit at a time so that you don't overdo it. The colors are highly pigmented.

best bath bomb colorants


Visit Etsy Shop

A shop dedicated to everything DIY bath & body including bath bomb colorants. You are going to find all the cosmetic grade colorants here in this shop including lakes, dyes, and high quality pigments.

They have lots of colors to choose from including Blood Orange, Mermaid Tail and Grape.

We offer handmade bath & body products & DIY recipes & supplies for other crafters.

 best bath bomb colorants


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Kaolin clay is 100% natural and is often a favorite for bath bombs. It gives an extra touch of luxury and a healthy mineral boost.

The texture of Kaolin clay is light and fine and the active ingredients are iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, and minerals.

Kaolin clay is found in warm regions around the world and is also known as China clay. This is a great choice for those who want your bath bomb colorants to look super white.

best bath bomb supplies


Check Price

French green clay will give your bath bombs a silky feel and an amazing soft green color. You can add this clay to your dry ingredients.

Or another way to use green clay is to put a little bit into the bottom of your bath bomb mold for an extra color accent to the tops of your bath bombs.

12. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL For Black Bath Bombs

Check Prices On Etsy

Check Prices On Amazon

Do you know those extreme black charcoal bath bombs that are so popular right now? Well, those are made from activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is going to turn your bath water, jet black! Beware because these make a huge mess when making them and using them.

To help with the clumping and streaking on your tub, you might want to grab some polysorbate (check prices on Etsy) to help disperse the charcoal but beware that this is very very black.

best bath bomb colorants

13. SEA SALT For Bath Bombs

Check Prices On Etsy

This is a splurge but remember, these are only for added accents so you just need a tiny bit.

Sea salts are well known for their mineral content, if you are using them for bath bomb colorants, the effects aren't really going to be there in the tub so keep that in mind.

But for extra bling and extreme luxury, specialty salts are amazing in bath bombs.

best bath bomb colorants


Check Prices On Etsy

Check Prices On Amazon

Himalayan pink salt is an old favorite because it's so versatile and not as expensive as gourmet salts. So you can use quite a bit to add extra texture in your DIY bath bombs.

When you add in extra salt, it makes your bath bombs a bit harder, plus it's super fine so it blends into the baking soda perfectly. The soft pink color is very lovely and spa-like.

best bath bomb colorants


Check Bulk Herbs On Etsy

Check Bulk Herbs On Amazon

Herbs and flowers add that kind of natural feeling that you just don't get from anything else.

And if you don't have time to dry your own flowers, you can purchase herbs in bulk.

And as long as they are small enough pieces, you really don't have to worry about them going down the drain.

If you are at all concerned about adding herbs to bath bombs, or you don't like floaty things in your bath water you can always buy some muslin bags like these ones here on Etsy to keep everything in.

This is also a good idea to have on hand at your craft shows for your customers too! You can give them away as gifts, or sell them next to your herbal bath bombs. 

best bath bomb colorants


Find Bulk Lavender On Amazon

And we just had to show you these dried lavender buds for adding extra color to your bath bombs because lavender is an all-time favorite.

You can also purchase lavender flowers from France (ooh la la!) and they are just one of those staples that bath bomb makers use all the time.

Whenever you take a bath with a bath bomb that has lavender flowers, squish the lavender buds between your fingers and inhale their fragrant aroma.

best bath bomb colorants lavender


Check Prices On Amazon

Natural & dried flowers & herbs for bath bombs and soapmaking. What is really great is that dried flowers are grown and picked in the right season.

Mix herbs in your wet ingredients as a tincture or right into your bath bomb mix.

bulk herbs for bath bombs

Bath Bomb Colorant FAQ

1. Liquid color vs. powdered color for bath bombs?

Another thing you must keep in mind is, does the bath bomb colorant come in a liquid form or powder.

You will have to adjust your recipe or formula depending on what you are choosing for your colorants.

Too much liquid coloring and your bath bombs will be too soft and can even expand out of the molds.

If you use too much of a dry ingredient like powder, mica, or clay to color your bath bombs, well then you run the risk of your bath bomb not packing together right.

colorants for bath bombs

2. Can mica be used to color bath bombs?

Mica is a group of minerals that can be ground down into a sparkling powder and then coated with FDA colorants or pigments.

Micas are a great choice to add color to bath bombs because micas are easy to mix into your bath bomb mixture.

You can also use the mica as an extra added touch by sprinkling it into your mold before packing in your bath bomb mixture into the mold.

mica powder for bath bombs

Micas come in a variety of beautiful colors and pigments. They add a soft shimmering Mica sparkle to your bath bomb and bathwater.

Add these shimmering colors to your dry ingredients and oils, either one is fine.

For extra shimmer, mix the mica with a bit of alcohol and lightly brush onto the outside of the bath bomb after they are dry and watch the amazing colors really shine!

You can make all kinds of different designs this way, ombre designs are especially popular in bath bomb coloring.

A note on using mica's in bath bombs. Not all companies offer the same kind of pigment load and some mica's may be way too strong to use in the bath bomb mixture, so they are best used to decorate the outside of the bath bomb.

Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and follow their guidelines.

3. What glitter is best for bath bombs?

The good news about glitter is that there are eco-friendly options. We are happy to see that many crafters are going the eco-glitter route to color their bath bombs, and more and more companies are making eco-glitter so that it's more accessible to crafters.

It's nice to see this change happening so quickly. Bath bombs ingredients do go right down the drain so it's important to use non-plastic glitter. So we are not even going to suggest anything but eco-friendly options.

Customers appreciate (and expect) to see companies put in extra effort to show that they care about our environment. If you visit a craft show and there are several vendors selling bath bombs and you have a sign saying that you only use Eco-glitter, your customers will take note of that.

Add glitter to either the dry ingredients or sprinkle it into the bath bomb mold before molding up the bath bomb.

4. Can oxides be used for bath bombs?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an oxide and a mica? 

An oxide is a chemical compound that contains at least one oxygen atom and one other element in its chemical makeup.

The oxides that are used for cosmetics are made in a lab so that they don't contain impurities like lead.

Oxides that are made in a lab have the same chemical structure as the oxides found in the earth but without the impurities.

Oxides normally come in a powder form to be mixed into your bath bomb recipes and formulas. They are very concentrated so they provide extreme color with just a little bit.


Have you ever used a bath bomb that had a rotten egg smell? Yuck! Well, that smell comes from certain oxides.

Oxides can be used for bath bomb colorants but be aware that the blue shades can have less than appealing aromas. Also, the darker oxides will certainly leave a ring on the tub.

Oxides are pretty heavy and can leave streaks so be aware of that. Some like to add polysorbate (check prices on Etsy) which helps disperse the oxides into the water.

With so many color choices for bath bombs there's not really any reason to use an oxide for bath bombs. But it's totally up to personal preference.

5. Can liquid colorants be used for bath bombs?

Liquid bath bomb colorants are a very popular choice because the colors are bright and vibrant and they are easy to use. The colors disperse easily in the liquid phase and in the dry phase too, and you only need a bit to make your bath bombs colorful and pretty.

6. Can food coloring be used for bath bombs?

Some of you might be wondering if you can color your bath bombs with food coloring?

Well, the short answer is yes.

As long as you incorporate the food coloring into your bath bomb mixture properly and you are careful not to use too much, yes you can use food coloring to add color to your bath bombs.

food coloring for bath bombs

BUT be careful because food coloring may not disperse like colors that are specifically made for cosmetics, so this can lead to staining on your skin and also on the tub.

And if you are selling your bath bombs, food coloring is not on the approved list of cosmetic uses in most countries so just be aware of that. But if you are having a bit of fun around the house and only have food coloring, go for it.

7. Can clays and charcoal be used for bath bombs?

Adding natural clays to color your bath bombs takes it up a few notches! Clays are gentle on the skin and used in many cosmetics because they contain a variety of skin-loving minerals like magnesium calcium and zinc.

The amount of clay that you actually use in a bath bomb might not be enough for the detox effects that clays are known for, but they make superb colorants for those who love a natural experience.

Even though you only use a little bit, you absolutely do notice a difference on your skin if you compare a bath bomb without clays and one with clays. A bath bomb that has clay in it leaves your skin with a nice silky feeling.

8 Can salt be added to bath bombs?

One of the reasons why salt is a perfect addition to bath bombs is that it is so extremely pretty.

This is how to use salt in bath bombs: first, make up the bath bomb ingredients and then get your molds prepared with the salt.

Sprinkle some salt into the bath bomb mold and then really pack the bath bomb mixture into it. Then when the bath bombs are unmolded, there's a pretty layer of salt on the top that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Don't go overboard though or your bath bomb will fall apart on the top.

But since we are talking about added salt to bath bombs for coloring, another reason why salt is mostly used for accents is because you can splurge on exotic salts that will take your bath bombs to another level. 


Best Bath Bomb Molds

Soapmaking Safety Guide

Did you find this bath bomb colorant guide helpful?

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best colorants for bath bombs

11 Responses

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

August 19, 2020

Hi Brenda,

When we make bath bombs, we usually use a mix of liquid pigment with proper dispersing agents and mica powders, especially mica made for bath bombs because they disperse in the water properly as well. We also like to make sure our mica powder is cosmetic grade and ethically-sourced. You can read more about that in our article here: https://diycraftclub.com/blogs/idea-room-1/best-bath-bomb-colorants

Using mica in bath bombs gives them color and a light sheen and leaves that sheen within the water. We mix the liquid pigment in with the bath bomb to get a more rich color dispersion in the water. The reason we add the liquid pigment with proper dispersing agents to our bath bombs is so your bath bomb doesn’t leave a ring of color around the tub. We have used Brambleberry often for our bath bomb making materials. Not sure if they ship to Argentina, but it is worth looking into :) Good luck!


August 19, 2020

Can I use only mika to add color to my bath bombs?. Maybe you suggest using a mix between mica and liquid pigments. In addition to this, I’d like to know what you thing about Kuncai mica brand. I’m from Argentina and is not easy to find good products.
Thank you!!


August 19, 2020

Hi!! I would like to know what you think about synthetic mica powder. Is it better than mineral?
I would like to use an eco-friendly option and I read that it’s even more shiny than natural.
Would you recommend a particular brand?

Hope I have an answer!


DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

May 24, 2020

Hi Cassie, not at the moment but if we do, we will post it right here on our blog. :)


May 22, 2020

This is an amazing, well put together list. Thank you!
Do you have a favorite go-to recipe w/the clay?


April 23, 2020

Thank you.


February 19, 2020

Craft Club-
Thank you for the informative article on adding color to bath bombs and the various options available.
Would you be able to direct me to a company that provides Mica from the USA or Europe?
I do try to stay clear of products being exported from China for skin care.
Thank you.

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

December 15, 2019

Hi Julie! That sounds like such a nice way to spend an afternoon with your granddaughter! Let us know how they turn out for you. ♥


December 15, 2019

DIY CRAFT CLUB ADMIN (contact@diycraftclub.com):

Hi Kassandra, You could try mixing a bit more mica into alcohol and upping the percentage of colorant and do some testing so see if that works. Also, the quality has a lot to do with the color too. Always use colorants specifically made for cosmetics and bath bombs from reliable companies. Happy making!

Julie Ann Crookston
Julie Ann Crookston

November 16, 2019

Thank you for all the wonderful information and ideas. I’ve just started making Bath Bombs with my granddaughters and told them we might make them as Christmas gifts for some of their friends.


October 21, 2019

Hello there, well this helped me out a little bit, I’m fairly new to making bath bombs and I’m having a really hard time with getting the micas to be vibrant the way I want, and when I put the bombs in the water it’s not really bright like I was hoping that it would be. Maybe you will have some ideas for me, thanks so much.

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