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Resin Safety

Here are the respirator masks to wear with resin. They have organic vapor filters and are adjustable around the face. These all come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.
Resin Respirator 100
Resin Respirator PD101
Resin Respirator Half Face
Resin Respirator Half For Glasses


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Resin For Geode Resin Art & Art Projects
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Resin Colorants - Powders

Resin Powder Colorants
Use This Eyeshadow In Resin
Glitter Color For Resin
Pearl Powder For Resin

Resin Colorants - Liquid

Liquid Resin Colorant Set
Best Liquid Gold For Resin On Amazon
Best Liquid Colorants For Resin On Amazon
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Tumbler Supplies

Stainless Steel Tumblers
Waterslides For Tumblers
Tumbler Cup Turner
Glitter For Tumblers

Geode Supplies

Fireglass For Geodes
Posca Pens For Geodes And Resin
Gemstone Crystals For Geodes
Gold For Resin Geodes

Resin Tools

Best Heat Gun For Resin On Amazon
Silicone Mixing Cups For Resin On Amazon | Reusable
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Resin Ideas & Books

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How To Use Gold In Resin by DIY Craft Club
How To Work With Resin