19 BEST GOLD Colorant IDEAS For Epoxy RESIN [2024]


best gold for epoxy resin and geode resin art

Here is the list of the best gold to add to your resin. Are you wondering what the best gold is to use for epoxy resin, resin coasters, resin tumblers and geode resin art?

You have come to the right place because we use gold colorants in epoxy resin all the time so there's lots of valuable information to share with you.

It's fun to test and play around with different brands and types of gold colorant ideas for resin art and geode resin art projects. You are going to find a ton of gold options to add to your resin in this helpful article.

There are amazing gold pigments and resin colorants out there that are fabulous for resin art.

When talking about best gold for resin, we will discuss:

  • The best gold for resin pours and coasters
  • Liquid gold to add to resin art
  • The best gold paint for coasters
  • Gold paint for resin edges
  • Gold leaf for resin pours and castings

best gold for resin

This piece was made in our DIY Craft Club studio with 5 different gold colorants.

When you mix different shades of gold into your resin projects, especially when you are creating a layered look, the results can be stunning. 

Since epoxy resin art pieces are created quite often here, we are always on the lookout for the very best gold colors to add to resin including gold glitters for resin and micas.

best gold for resin


Micro gold glitter, chunky gold glitter, holographic gold glitter, gold makeup, super fine glitter, mica powders, acrylic paint, paint pens, and more. We'll go through all of these resin gold colorants together below.

Choosing the right gold can be tricky, there are many shades and opacity to choose from. So you might want more of a true gold, or you might need a gold that's more light in color.

There's shimmery gold, flat gold, metallic gold. Let's go through this list below to help you out with choosing the right gold.



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Hippie Crafter has a good variety of gold pigments that are specifically for resin. And they have super popular gold mica powder sets to add to resin pours. If you want a metallic epoxy look then their micas are a great addition to your resin art supplies.

Their pigments are perfect for resin coasters and tumblers and for making resin jewelry. You are going to get a nice bright yellow-gold mica color.

best gold for resin

We have worked with this brand's mica powders before. Here's a video of a river table that was made with this exact set.



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Metallic gold powders are a must have for geode resin art as they look like a pure gold. Micas are one of the best golds to use for realistic geodes and for resin coaster making.

These micas work so great when you are using a silicone mold like a coaster because the mica will stay incorporated. You can use mica's with two part resin as well as UV resin.

The gold in this set is super shiny and just gives that extra wow factor for geode pours. Mix and match these together for even more unique ideas. You can also use your heat gun to move them around in the resin for even more unique looks.

metallic gold for resin



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This gold powder is absolutely stunning for DIY resin crafts. This powder has very tiny particles that have been ground down so it's best to incorporate it into the resin a little bit at a time.

This shop has many colors to choose from and a little goes a very long way. The gold effect is stunning and will take your resin pieces to the next level.

Use this gold for geode resin art and coasters for a beautiful effect. A little goes a really long way.

best gold for resin


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This set of mica colorants has a few different shades of gold to use for your epoxy resin crafts. You can add the mica powder into the resin at no more than 10% which will color the resin perfectly.

Mica is one of the most used colorants for DIY crafts and epoxy resin crafts. It is especially great for geode resin art or resin jewelry. The subtle sparkle and shine gives the pieces a luxurious look.

best gold for resin let's resin


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This is a tried and true gold for epoxy art. This gold powder is ultra fine and evenly blended so it will mix into the epoxy very nicely. This gold powder is formulated to add dynamic shiny accents so you can use this by mixing it right into the resin before you pour.

Another way to use this gold powder in your resin creations is by brushing it onto the epoxy after it has cured and then pour on another clear layer. That gives an effect like it is suspended.

A little goes a long way so use just a bit and mix that in before deciding if you need more. It's very bold.

best gold for resin


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This mica powder is ultra fine (200-700 microns in size) so when you mix it into the resin, it will give your pours kind of like a pearlescent golden shine.

Just use a bit at a time and mix it in. Add more if you want a stronger golden color.

best gold for resin


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If you are looking for a metallic gold then you must check out this set. With the gold paint you can use it to mix into your epoxy resin at no more than 10% to get an extreme gold color.

Another way to use this paint is to paint the sides of your pieces like coasters, or paint over the glue that you use to separate your geode sections.

These true golds come out perfect every time.

best gold for resin


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Did you know you can also use Golden fluid acrylics epoxy resin? One way to get a clear marble effect is to stir it into the epoxy resin. But don't stir it in completely. 

This will leave some clear sections that when poured, gives a really lovely effect. If you try it, be aware that some of the streaks won't be completely dissolved into the resin and you may need a clear top coat of resin after the paint is dry.

This kind of gold isn't sparkly so it would look great right beside a high shine or sparkle section to give you more of a contrast in your piece.

Another way you can use this is to pour a white layer, let it dry and then paint or splatter this paint, let it dry again and then pour on a clear coat of epoxy resin.

best gold for resin


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This is another gold that has a deep rich color. This is a highly pigmented gold paint that is designed to cover up dark backgrounds so if you are going to use this with black colored epoxy resin, you might like this a lot.

This paint gives a beautiful gold sheen and the light catches it in the most perfect way.

You will love the whole creative process when you are working with this gold paint.

best gold for resin


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A personal favorite of all time. The Krylon gold leafing pen. Use this for drawing lines onto geode resin artwork. This gold pen just gives resin pieces that finishing touch that brings everything together. This paint pen has a chisel tip so it's really easy to use.

For more ideas for drawing lines, we have a list of the best paint markers for resin.

best gold for resin


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Gold leafing sheets are extremely thin. You can either break them up and mix the pieces into the epoxy resin. Or you can glue the gold sheets onto your art surface and play with different designs and then pour the resin on top.

Gold leafing on resin looks absolutely stunning!

best gold for resin 


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Some of you reading this might only want to use real gold sheets in your geode resin or epoxy resin pieces. You can up the price on your pieces if you are using real gold.

Real gold sheets can be pricey, so play around with the imitation gold first to get your techniques perfect before using the real gold.

best gold for resin


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Glue sticks are helpful if you are pouring different shades of gold or other colors that you don't want mixed together on your piece. You can make a well with these gold colored glue sticks and that will keep your sections separated.

best gold for resin


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Use gold nail polish for little touch-ups on your resin craft creations.

You can paint gold nail polish on top of crushed rocks or anything else you want to make gold. Having a nail polish is great for adding even more sparkle and contrast to crystals and gemstones for resin.

best gold for resin


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When testing out different ways to get a golden shimmer effect that was really subtle, one way you can get a subtle sparkle is with eye shadow powder. Scrape off a bit into the epoxy and lightly stir it in.

Then pour it onto clear sections as well as epoxy that is colored white and the effects are stunning.

If you want the colors to slightly blend together, you can use a blow dryer or heat gun to blow it around on your surface. Have fun with this! It's one of those must have resin art supplies.

best gold for resin


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You will not believe the results when you try this gold fire glass out on your resin projects. It shines on and on in the most perfect way.

If you are looking to get an extremely bright color throughout your epoxy resin art or geode resin art, then try this out.

best gold for resin


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These gold acrylic ice rocks are perfect for embedding into your geode pours or gluing directly onto your surface. The unique shapes will give your geode resin art a pretty gold reflective surface because they are well polished.

best gold for resin


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This is a chunky gold spectrum of gold stars, speckles, hexagons, and dust all incorporated into one. A couple of ways to use this particular gold is to mix it into the clear stage of your resin and then pour.

You can also sprinkle it right onto the resin. Some of the heavier pieces will sink down while other bits will stay at the top and that gives a really pretty layered effect.

best gold for resin


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This 1lb bottle is one of those staples when it comes to using gold glitter in your geode resin art and epoxy resin crafts.

This gold glitter can be used by pouring it into your epoxy before pouring or you can sprinkle it on here and there for extra touches.

best gold for resin


Watch this resin complication to see some of these golds being used.

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There are many techniques that you can try when incorporating gold into your resin projects.

You can mix the gold into the resin or make gold swirls. Another way to incorporate gold into the epoxy is to mix it right into the cups, pour a layer and then when that is still setting, pour another layer right beside it and use a blow dryer to slightly mix the two. You won’t believe the effects this gets! It’s so pretty. The possibilities are endless here.

Are you using resin safely? 

It is important that when you are working with resin, you are protecting your lungs, skin and face.

Purchase Full Face Respirator PD 101 for resin

Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped you find some of the best gold ideas for your epoxy resin and geode resin art projects. 



Best Respirator For Resin

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Here are a couple of pins for your resin boards.


2 Responses

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

March 07, 2021

Hi Julie,

Are you following the 10% colorant to resin rule? If you add more than 10% color to your resin, it can result in all sorts of problems. Also, if you want to achieve that color on the “top” of your tray, a little trick you can do is take some of that pigment powder and very faintly, “dry paint” your actual mold with a super thin layer before pouring your resin into it. This will adhere to the “top” of your tray and show that color. You may need to do a clear top coat after curing and demolding your tray, but that will ensure your color shows on the top.
Hope that helps!

Julie in Richmond
Julie in Richmond

March 07, 2021

I used the gold powder for resin Metallic Pigment Powder, 5 Colors Resin Fine Powder and it separated a little. I used a mold. Very thin tray. I mixed the powder into my resin and poured it with other colors. The other colors were made with Colors Resin Dye -High Concentrated Epoxy Resin Color Pigment Paste On three different tray mold pours, the shiny part of the gold rose to the top and the dull part of the color fell to the bottom. It also overtook the other colors on the top. My tray mold, I can’t see what the finished product looks like until I de-mold because the surface of the tray is the “bottom” of the mold. I was disappointed that none of the shiny gold was on the surface of the tray. What do you think???? Help.

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