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8 Best Resin Brands For Jewelry Making [2022]


best resin for making jewelry

Here is the list for the best resin to use for jewelry making. If you want to try your hand at making your own resin jewelry then you will need to learn about what resin is best for jewelry making.

There are many different resins to choose from out there for your jewelry making projects. Each type of resin has different techniques and will give you different results. The three main resins for jewelry making are epoxy resin, UV resin, & polyester resin. We will explain each resin and how they work so you can choose what one you would like to try for making your own DIY resin jewelry. 

Here are the best selling brands for making your own jewelry. We will discuss which epoxy resin brands are the best for different techniques like doming & adding dried flowers to your jewelry.

Also, there are different cure times and ratios of the hardener or catalyst, and this is what makes resin harden up. So even if you have used resin before, you always need to refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to use their resin.



The best resin resin will give you a crystal clear jewelry piece that is very hard and durable which is why resin is popular among jewelry makers. Epoxy resin is super easy to make jewelry with and gives you plenty of time to work with your piece before it cures. If you work with epoxy resin, be sure to read the instructions carefully because some brands are mixed 1:1 with the resin and hardener and some brands have a different ratio.

1. RESIN OBSESSION For Jewelry Making

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This resin is super easy to work with and we have featured this brand on our YouTube Channel. Resin Obsession has many different sizes of resin to choose from so if you are just getting started, they have small sizes all the way up to 1/12 gallon sizes for professional jewelry makers.

best resin for jewelry making

2. ARTRESIN For Jewelry Making

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Here is the best choice epoxy resin for jewelry making. We have worked with ArtResin for many projects and this is one of our favorite epoxy resins to work with. This resin is super easy to use and has a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener. ArtResin is high gloss so your jewelry pieces will turn out super clear and shiny. This resin is perfect for making jewelry with a dome, you will find this resin is perfect for that.

You can use this resin for making jewelry in silicone molds, wood, pendant trays, and even free-form jewelry. This is one of the best resins for making your own dried flower pendants. And if you want to try making glow in the dark jewelry, this epoxy resin is great for that too.

best resin for jewelry making

3. HIPPIE CRAFTER RESIN For Jewelry Making

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Hands down, Hippie Crafter is a resin brand that is perfect for making your own jewelry. This crystal clear resin is easy to work with and will give your pieces dazzling shine and dimension. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll love the results this resin gives.

We are a family owned American small business committed to producing amazing professional grade art supplies & accessories made to strict standards. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are here to help!

best resin for jewelry

4. COUNTER CULTURE DIY For Jewelry Making

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This is another brand that we have worked closely with on projects and we just love their resin and other resin supplies.

Artist Resin will produce a crystal-clear, glass-like finish that enhances and protects your artwork. The resin is VOC free, and highly UV resistant. This 1 gallon kit covers approximately 30 square feet.

best resin for jewelry making

5. PUDUO RESIN KIT For Jewelry Making

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This resin is very popular because it is easy to use and cures very hard. You can also use this resin for glow in the dark pieces because it incorporates pigments very well.

Although this resin does resist yellowing due to UV exposure, it is best kept away from sunlight because all epoxy resins will eventually yellow over time.

best resin for jewelry making

6. LIMINO UV RESIN For Jewelry Making

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This resin made our best for jewelry making list because it's super easy to use for making pendants and for embedding glitter or flowers into your jewelry pieces. You don't need to measure anything or wait for cure time which some jewelry makers really love.

You will get a crystal clear result for your jewelry with a glossy finish. This does have a bit of an odor but after it is cured it goes away quickly. You don't get as much product in each bottle like you would with the epoxy resin listed above but for smaller projects, adding accents or for practice, this UV resin is perfect. 

UV resin cures quickly with a UV lamp and is easy to work with because no mixing is required, so UV resin is great to make jewelry with. If you have never worked with resin before, we suggest trying a UV resin first. It's easy to use and does not require any measuring. UV resin is best used on smaller jewelry pieces. Like with all resins, it is a good idea to do some testing before jumping right into making your own jewelry. For example, if you are using a certain color of glitter or colorant, after casting, the color may change. Also, during the curing process, this resin will shrink a bit so be aware of that.

With UV resin, you will need to pick up a UV light for curing.

Check prices for UV lights here on Amazon.

best resin for jewelry making

7. PRINCESS 7 CASTLE Resin For Jewelry Making

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A good size to try if you are just getting started. This doming resin will make jewelry & art pendants. A UV lamp is required when using this resin. 

SIMPLE TO USE: Comes with a small tip, you could just simply open and squeeze the UV resin out, ready to use with superb transparency and excellent hard glassy finish.

best resin for jewelry making

8. CLEAR CAST For Jewelry Making

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You can cast almost anything into this resin like coins, shells, dried flowers and insects. We highly suggest practicing first before jumping right in and using your expensive supplies. This resin has a very strong odor and chemical smell.


Polyester resin has many of the same applications as epoxy resin and UV resin and is commonly used for large projects like boat building, but can be used for jewelry projects as well. Jewelry makers use this resin because it gives a super clear jewelry piece when buffed. And just as important, is that you can vary the cure time by adding more or less of the catalyst, unlike epoxy resin where you cannot vary the cure time.

If you are casting into a deep mold then this might be a good choice for you. The hardener and resin ratio is not always 1:1 so be sure to check the manufacturer's directions thoroughly before casting your jewelry with this resin. Polyester resin has a very strong odor that does not go away until fully cured. You might also need to sand off surfaces because sometimes it leaves a tacky surface.

best resin for jewelry making


Before using any kind of resin, take the time to research and carefully look at the safety data sheets before jumping into your jewelry making projects. Safety data sheets should be available on the manufacturer's website. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Not all resins are mixed at the same ratio or temperature, and it is important to use resin safely.

Resin Safety Video

Be sure to watch (and like and subscribe) to our YouTube below where we talk about resin safety and then show the difference between mica, alcohol ink and acrylic paint as resin colorants while we make resin jewelry pendants:


Read the article: Resin Safety Precautions



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4 Responses

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

September 27, 2020

Hi Christine,
We highly recommend using PPE when working with any resin, especially gloves (nitrile or vinyl) and a respirator mask that is N95 equivalent with organic vapor filters. The risk of not wearing the PPE is developing a sensitization to resin, which many resin artists believe is an “allergy” and can appear in the form of dermatitis on the skin, bronchial problems and more. Some resin artists never develop a sensitization to resin, and some develop it after only a few exposures. You never know how it will affect you personally. It is worth investing in this safety equipment when exposing your skin, eyes and lungs to these types of products. You can read more about resin safety here: https://diycraftclub.com/blogs/idea-room-1/epoxy-resin-safety-precautions
Wishing you the best of luck in your resin journey!


September 27, 2020

Do we have to wear full PPE with UV Resin?

DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

September 24, 2020

Hi Shaziya, if your resin isn’t setting up properly it can be from a number of issues. It’s best to contact the manufacturer for questions related to your specific brand for the best possible answer and help. :)

Shaziya Firdous
Shaziya Firdous

September 24, 2020

Hi!. I am using polyester resin for jewelry making. Unfortunately I bought it by mistake . Bcoz I’m a beginner so I didn’t know much more about it. But when I use this my jewelry is not coming with good finishing.. It’s surface is not clear it is clammy.. I give it 2 days for curing.. And my room temperature is 32 degree Celsius.. But this not working. I’m very helpless.. Plzz help me.. Wht should I do for fine surface.. Plzz tell me 🙏🙏

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