best glitter ideas for epoxy resin

Here are the best glitter ideas for resin. If you are looking for the best glitter ideas to add to your resin and resin pours, you have come to the right place. There are lots of glittery ideas for when you are creating resin jewelry, tumblers, river tables, and geode resin art.

When considering purchasing glitter for your epoxy projects, there are several things to consider:

  • What type of glitter is best for epoxy resin?
  • What size of glitter should I add?
  • What color of sparkles works best in resin?
  • How much glitter should I add to epoxy?
  • When to add glitter to resin?

glitter for resin

The answer to many of these questions depend on the look you are going for and what you are creating with your epoxy. Do you want bright, bold and chunky glitter? Or do you want fine, reflective sparkles highlighting your color transitions? You can even use pure gold ideas for resin art.

There are many techniques and ways that you can experiment with, when adding glitter to resin. Depending on when you add the glitter to the resin, it will either be embedded into the resin, or look like it's floating on top.

There is a lot to consider when researching the best glitter for resin art, and we have all of the information you will ever need about adding glitter to resin.

Let's talk all about it so you can go into your resin project prepared and confident.

glitter for resin


Let's first talk about types of glitter. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of sparkles.

What type of glitter can be added to resin?

The type of glitter you can add to resin includes micro glitter, chunky glitter, holographic glitter, nail glitter, makeup glitter, and super fine glitter can be added to resin.

You can vary the glitter and size, by color, by thickness, by combination, and by placement. Let's go over the best glitter for resin together

NOTE: Always do a test before going ahead with your resin pours. Some glitters will change color once it's in contact with resin.

Let's look at some very specific glitter types that work best with epoxy.


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Let's Resin is a shop that specializes specifically in resin and epoxy supplies. They have gorgeous micro glitters that sparkle and shine in the most beautiful way.

Anything from their shop is going to be high quality. This is the store that every resin artist should know about.

best glitter for resin


Visit Etsy Shop

Here is an Etsy seller who sells many different colored glitter packs, and she has sure developed some gorgeous blends. Not only do these glitter mixes vary in size, but the shapes are super cute as well. These would be amazing for making glitter tumblers out of resin.

In this store, you can find fine pigment glitter in one color, bright bold glitters in different sizes, holographic glitters and even different cutout shapes of glitters.

You can spend hours going through the glitter options in this shop. This store has rave reviews and is a top seller for glitter.

best glitter for resin


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Iridescent glitter can add a very realistic, glittery effect to your epoxy resin or your geode resin art project. This glitter for resin comes with 32 glitter colors. 

The glitter containers are small, but you will love the variety you get in sizes and colors. A little goes a very long way. You can use these glitters to mix in with resin, and can sprinkle them on top of resin.

These flaked glitters are really pretty for geode resin art because they are so thin and the edges are not quite as defined. Plus they come in super gorgeous colors that are quite light-catching and reflective like a geode would be.

best glitter for resin


Visit Etsy Shop

You are going to love this glitter shop because they have a ton of glitter to choose from. You can use their glitter for resin pours, tumblers, river tables and more.

This shop has thousands of sales and their customers keep coming back again and again. You can find many gift ides for a resin artists from this shop. Resin crafters will love all of the glitters from chunky glitter to metallic glitter.

They have so many kinds of color shifting glitter to choose from. This glitter would be perfect for geode resin art and for resin jewelry too.

best glitter for resin


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Here is a larger container of clear glitter to use on any color geode you are working on. This 4oz bottle of clear sparkling crystals can accent and pick up or highlight any color that you lay down underneath the resin layer.

The individual pieces of glitter are hexagon-shaped, plastic crystals and they are super sparkly. Plus, this bottle is a great price for what you get.

best glitter for resin


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This resin mix of iridescent glitter catches all the colors of the rainbow and can be a gorgeous accent to epoxy resin art or your geode art.

This shop will see that this particular brand has an assortment of 31 different colors of glitter and sparkle to choose from that are also highly pigmented! You can even use this glitter for slime.

If you are dreaming of a deep marine blue with gold accents, or are hoping to pick up all different shades of pink (you need to see the rose gold color!) you can find many different ideas to color resin with.

best glitter for resin


Visit Etsy Shop

This shop has tons of glitter for epoxy resin to choose from so you won't have any trouble at all picking out your favorites. But look at this black glitter! This would look so nice on geode art or resin jewelry, especially with a set of earrings and a pendant.

Black glitter catches the light in the most subtle way so it makes art and creations look super distinguished.

best glitter for resin


Check Prices On Etsy

This shop has it all, opal, teal, holo glitter, and more. If you are an epoxy resin tumbler artist then you are going to find your perfect colors in this shop.

They specialize in glitters for tumblers and have lots of photos in their listings of some ideas that you can try with their chunky glitter and micro glitter.

best glitter for resin


Check Price On Amazon

When you are creating your geode resin art or river tables, the size of glitter can give you a totally different impression depending on what look you are going for. If you are wanting a super sparkly piece as a whole, you might want to stick to the smaller particles of glitter such as micro glitter.

Larger glitter will look more like different edges of a gemstone as it will reflect light in larger portions. So when it comes to a large chunky glitter this is a perfect brand to use.


best glitter for resin


Check Price On Amazon

Adding a super fine glitter to resin can add a very realistic effect to your geode resin pours, tumblers, or resin tables. Described as super holographic, the color choices from this glitter company are amazing.

See the video of all the glitter colors in their product photos here

They have some super gorgeous colors such as mint blue, ocean blue, pinkish, copper and more.

Sparkles for resin


Check Price On Amazon

Nail glitter is great because you can buy a big set with many different colors in it and get a really good variety of color. You can absolutely use nail glitter to add sparkle and some pigment to your resin and for your geode resin art. Nail glitter is especially useful if you are wanting some fine lines of highly pigmented sparkle.

Keep in mind that when you are buying nail glitter, the jars are usually small, so this might be good for accenting or highlighting parts of your resin and certain areas of your geode resin art.

best glitter for resin


Check Prices On Amazon

You can mix pressed powder eye shadow with your resin to make a seriously gorgeous color that sparkles and shines the most beautiful way. And you are in control of how much you want to put in. You can add just a bit of the eye shadow for a hint of color, or add a lot for a seriously colorful and glittery effect.

Just make sure that when you buy eye shadow, you will want to make sure it is a pressed powder color. And it may seem a bit clumped when you add it to your cup of resin, so you will just want to mix it really well to incorporate it properly.

best glitter for resin gold eyeshadow


Visit Etsy Shop

This shop has every kind of glitter you will ever need for your resin creations. The color shifting glitters are especially popular and will make your resin art pop and shine.

best glitter for resin


Visit Etsy Shop

The Glittered Pixie also has a large selection of heavy metallic in all kinds of beautiful colors like Strawberry Ice Cream & Dust On A Rose. Pick and choose your favorites to make any kind of color theme you need.

best glitter for resin


Check Prices on Amazon here

If you love to experiment with color combinations, this is the set to try. This glitter set comes with 54 jars of glitter that you can use for your resin art, geodes, jewelry, tumblers and more. What makes this set really cool is the neon and holographic glitter that you get.

If you like color shifting resin or uv reactive neon colors then you are going to love playing with this set.

best glitter for resin


Visit Etsy Shop

A one stop shop for all kinds of unique glitter for resin art. Choose from rose gold chunky glitter or maybe a rainbow glitter pack might be what you are searching for. You will find everything you need to make your resin creations perfect.

best glitter for resin rose gold


Visit Etsy Shop

This is the shop to go to for chunky flakes of gold, silver and copper to incorporate into your resin creations. Not only does this shop have leafing, they also carry a wide variety of sparkly shimmers and micas too.

We have the highest quality of fluffed gold, silver and rose gold flake on the market. Here you can purchase a range of quantities in grams of craft gold, silver and rose gold leaf flakes.

best glitter ideas for resin

We hope you found these ideas for adding glitter to resin and geode resin art useful and that we lit a spark (or a sparkle) for your creative geode resin creations.

When it comes to adding glitter to resin just have fun experimenting. And most importantly, ENJOY doing it! There is something just so satisfying about mixing different mediums with resin and bringing it all together in a pour to create something that represents you.


You may also be interested in checking out our YouTube channel. Here is a video we made for a tutorial of geode resin art. You will see the glitter we chose to use in this piece and how we mixed it in to get this glitter effect in our geode resin art. Subscribe


When Do You Add Glitter To Resin?

If you are wondering WHEN to add glitter to epoxy resin, there are no rules. Adding glitter to resin during the mixing of the resin will integrate glitter throughout that pour. To do this, you will mix the resin with the hardener, add colorant (or leave it clear), and mix it well. THEN add the glitter and mix again before pouring. Alternatively, you can add glitter after you mix and pour so it sits on top of the resin.

You might prefer to have the glitter blended into the resin to add a certain depth look. You can add glitter after pouring the resin so it sits on top, like in a defined line, or add it into the resin mix. It is all a matter of preference.

One thing to know though, if you want to add the glitter on top of the resin, it can take away from that uniform glossiness of the top resin layer if you are sprinkling glitter onto a larger area. So you may want to add a clear layer of mixed resin and hardener on top if you decide to add glitter on top of your pour.


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best glitter ideas for epoxy resin

6 Responses


December 13, 2020

Can I put edible glitters in resin?


February 19, 2020

Just wondering what you would suggest using for painting around the edges of coasters in gold i have a gold paint at the moment im not that happy with would like it too look a bit chunkier thicker thankyou for your time regs sue kruger


September 27, 2019

Hi Dayline, We like many brands but have used ArtResin the most. For an extra strong finish, check out Stone Coat on YouTube.

Dayline sherb
Dayline sherb

August 29, 2019

I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK!!!… PLEASE which is your favorite epoxy resin? I am looking for a very strong finish and longlasting result… thanks!


July 15, 2019

Hi Sara, we would suggest adding more glitter to get a better consistency. How much glitter are you adding per ml and what type of resin are you using? If the resin isn’t a thick consistency to be able to disperse the glitter throughout, you might want to try a different brand that will hold the glitter better.


June 26, 2019


I have a question, with epoxy resin, my glitter falls down and not stay blended with the resin.
Have you some advices for the glitter to stay mixed with the resin and don’t goes damn into the gems etc?thank you

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