25 BEST Gifts For Crafters From Your #1 CRAFT BLOG! [2024]

Gift Ideas For Crafters

If you are looking for gift ideas for crafters, you have come to the right place. It can feel overwhelming when there are so many crafters gift ideas out there, where should you start?

Well, that all depends on the crafter you are shopping for. Are they into sewing, quilting or embroidery? Are they into resin art?

How about jewelry-making crafts? There are also paper crafts to consider, such as scrapbooking crafts, journaling and stationery crafts.

Here are all of the best gift idea for crafters. We have been working with so many different arts and craft supplies over the years at DIY Craft Club. So this is the ultimate gift guide for a crafty person.

best gifts for crafters

These are the most popular crafting supplies and niches right now. Listed in each category are the best craft gift ideas for you to choose from:

  • Fabric Craft Gift Ideas
  • Resin Craft Gift Ideas
  • Jewelry Craft Gift Ideas
  • Paper Craft Gift Ideas
  • The Best Craft Kits

Let's get started and find the BEST gift idea for crafters!

BEST Gift Ideas For Crafters

1. Sewing Kit For Crafters

Check Price On Amazon

Starting this list off strong, here is a must have for any crafter to have in their craft stash. Kits like these are so versatile. For someone who likes to sew, they will really appreciate this set.

Any crafter will certainly know all of the possibilities to make with this kit. It comes with scissors, clips and everything you need for not only sewing but to make all kinds of handmade gifts.

You can even use this set for putting on the finishing touches on your own DIY ornaments.

best gifts for crafters

You can see exactly what this kit looks like in the unboxing video in our Amazon shop.

best gifts for crafters

2. Cricut Cutting Machine

Check Price On Amazon

Here's one of those must have's that every crafter craves. A Cricut machine is a tool for anyone who loves to make gifts or crafts from scratch.

With its precision cutting abilities, this cutting machine can help create professional-looking projects quickly and easily. From cards and scrapbooks to gifts and home décor, a Cricut machine can do it all.

And with its wide range of images and fonts, you can personalize DIY projects any way you like. So whether you're looking for a unique gift for a special occasion or simply want to add a personal touch to your own home, a Cricut machine is the perfect solution.

best gifts for crafters

3. Heat Press Machine

Check Prices On HTVRONT

Looking for a fun and creative gift for that person who loves to make their own custom clothes, mugs and crafts? A heat press machine is the perfect solution!

A heat press machine is a great gift idea for anyone who loves to customize things to make for themselves or give away as gifts.

HTVRONT also has a ton of vinyl crafting supplies on their website to go with the heat press machine. You can even become a member to earn points and be notified of discounts and deals.

Check out their holographic vinyl and transfers too.

htvront gift ideas for crafters

4. Needle Felting Kits For Crafters

Check price here

Here are some super amazing felting kits. This is a well-loved and highly rated shop on Etsy. They actually raise the sheep that provides the fibers for their products.

The fiber is processed on their own mill and they include really great instructions, needle felting supplies and materials.

These DIY felting craft kits are a perfect gift for any crafters to have in their craft supplies. They are great for any crafting experience level and people generally love them whether they are into felting, or if they have never even tried felting before.

There are tons of different kits to choose from for your gift ideas for crafters. Crafting kits like these make some of the best gifts out there. Pick out the best needle felting kit with all of the basics for that crafty person.

Gift Ideas For Crafters

5. Felting Scarf Kit

Check price here

Here is a gift idea for crafters who are into making their own clothes. Whether they sew, knit or embroider, they may have never tried wet felting before. And the result of wet felting is absolutely gorgeous.

This shop is a small online store on Etsy that has raving reviews. People are loving the kits that you can buy from here, and they can even be customized as Suzanne, the shop owner, hand dyes the fabrics she sells in her shop herself. Wow.

Craft Gift Ideas

Here is what Suzanne has to say about the Felting Scarf Kit:

"This kit (above) contains an unhemmed hand dyed habotai silk scarf which is approximately 11" X 90", 28 gms of my super soft merino roving and 5/8 of a yard of silk and bamboo or silk tussah roving.

Make a beautiful scarf ! Colors are variegated copper with turquoise and blue greens. I call this bohemian -- it's very striking!"

The colors and fabrics offered in this shop are amazing. And the reviews are great, like this one, which gave her 5 stars: "I was a little intimidated tackling this project without previous experience but your detailed instructions were easy to follow and my scarf came out beautifully! Thank you!" 

Gift Idea For A Crafter

6. Animal Succulent Cups Kits For Crafters

Check price here

This best selling shop on Etsy offers some seriously amazing DIY craft kit gift ideas. The animal succulent cups are one of many kits you can grab, and they offer everything from cat and dog needle felting kits to pigs, chicks and sheep. They even offer cute bracelets and keychains that can be felted!

Giving craft kits is a great idea for any crafters. Felting is a popular craft idea that is easy to do and it creates really amazing products that are fun to make and they look really great in a craft room.

Here is the Animal Succulent Cup Kit:

Sewing Gift Idea For Crafters

If you are getting your crafter this gift idea, you may be interested in also getting a succulent for them for inspiration! What is great about buying live succulents, is that they are very hard to kill. They are low maintenance, and can be purchased far ahead of time to include in a craft gift kit.

Check out our article Where To Buy Live Succulents Online to find some amazing succulents for this gift idea.

    Gift Ideas For Resin Crafters

    Resin art is making a huge wave in the crafting world because of the amazing results everyone is getting and the versatility of the craft. You can make almost anything from resin. So here are some resin crafting ideas for you to consider.

    7. A Resin Craft Book

    Check price of resin book here

    Our very own resin e-book will teach your resin artist tips, tricks and some amazing advice on working with resin. It covers everything from what to know about resin, what you can make with resin, resin safety, an A-Z resin index and more.

    Resin Gift Idea For Crafters

    Besides being the best e-book for resin, it makes a great gift for crafters who are interested in getting into resin art or for crafters who are already resin artists.

    You can download the book onto their computer, onto a jump drive and gift it to them, or you can print it either from your own computer, or send it to a printing service and have it printed into a gorgeous resin book.

    The resin crafter in your life will thank you for this one.

    8. A Resin Kit

    Check Price On Amazon

    With this resin kit, you can create one-of-a-kind gifts. Whether you're making a simple keychain or a more intricate piece of jewelry, each item will be unique.

    So if you're looking for a gift that's fun and creative, look no further than this resin kit. For those just getting into resin, we have a gift list for resin artists with some must haves for beginners.

    resin kit for crafters

    9. Mica Powder

    Visit Etsy Shop

    Visit Amazon Shop

    Hippie Crafter has a good variety of pigments that are specifically for resin. And they have super popular powder sets to add to resin pours. If you want a metallic epoxy look then their micas are a great addition to your resin art supplies.

    Their pigments are perfect for resin coasters and tumblers and for making resin jewelry. You are going to get a nice bright yellow-gold mica color.

    We have used their mica powders before on our YouTube channel.


    10. A Heat Gun For Resin Artists

    Check price here

    If you have a resin crafter in your life, they are going to fully appreciate a new heat gun. If the resin is being poured in layers, this heat gun will work beautifully on each layer.

    The heat allows the resin consistency to become more fluid so the bubbles are able to escape to the surface and pop.

    best gifts for crafters

    11. Epoxy Resin

    Check Price On Amazon

    If you are wanting to buy some resin as a gift idea for a crafter, ArtResin is a fantastic choice to go with. It is multi-purpose, non-toxic and is easy to work with.

    We have worked with ArtResin for many projects and this is one of our favorite epoxy resins to work with. This resin is super easy to use and has a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener. To learn more check out the ArtResin review.

    Gifts For Crafters

    ArtResin is high gloss and is often used for jewelry pieces, thin pours or molds and geodes among other countless craft projects. This is also one of the best resins for making your own dried flower pendants.

    In this video we show how to use this resin to make a geode resin art piece.


    12. Resin Safety Respirator

    Get The PD-101 Respirator Mask From Parcil Right Here

    And if you are getting resin gifts, you will need a proper respirator. Many resin artists don't have the proper respirator mask when working with resin. This one size respirator mask has filters that are rated N95 equivalent and they filter gasses and organic vapors.

    This safety mask also ticks off the boxes for comfort (as best a full face mask respirator can) as it has a 'flex-fit' head harness, which means it stays in position once you adjust it to your head.

    It is silicone-based around the nasal area, so it is as comfortable as it can be. It also has 5 very easy to adjust straps which can be tightened with just one pull.

    The PD-101 mask from Parcil is a one-size-fits all mask due to its adjustable harness. It also has an anti-fog face lens, so don't worry about your breath fogging up the inside visor!

    And to make sure you get the proper mask and not a knock off, we recommend purchasing it directly from the company, especially since it comes with a 1-year factory warranty.

    13. Paint Pens For Crafters

    Check Price On Amazon

    These paint pens are perfect for crafters because they are high quality and can be used for many crafting projects like art, ornaments and cardmaking and for making lines on resin art.

    They can work on a number of surfaces if your crafter is into painting, canvas art, rock painting and more. We highly recommend these paint pens as a gift idea for any artist or crafter.

    Jewelry Making Gift Ideas For Crafters

    Jewelry making is a seriously fun craft to get into, and the jewelry making ideas are endless. Here we are going to explore the best jewelry making gift ideas for crafters.

    14. Jewelry Making Kit For Crafters

    Check price here

    This jewelry making kit is a one stop shop for good quality craft supplies. Included in this jewelry kit for crafters is:

    • 3 jewelry pliers
    • 2 rolls of copper wire
    • 1 elastic string
    • 1 waxed necklace cord
    • 2 rolls of necklace chain
    • 6 needles, 2 tweezers
    • 1 caliper
    • 1 awl
    • 1 jump ring opener
    • 1 thimble ring
    • 1 thread scissors
    • 1 tape measure
    • 3 needle threaders
    • 1 zip pouch
    • 1 adjustable helping hands
    • 1830 piece jewelry findings, including the basic tools needed for most projects for earring making, necklace repair and bracelet fixing

     This kit is a must have for jewelry making.

    Jewelry making gift for crafters

    15. A Bead Spinner Gift For Crafters

    Check price here

    If your crafter is into making handmade jewelry or loves working with beads, this gift idea will be a huge hit for them.

    A bead spinner is a super handy tool for crafters that every jewelry maker needs. Crafting supplies like this are one of those must have tools for someone who makes their own jewelry and has lots of beads and rhinestones.

    Bead Spinner Crafters Gift Idea

    16. A Bead Mold Kit For Jewelry Making Crafters

    Check price here

    Nothing is more exciting at the thought of actually making your own charms. With this mold, your crafters can include elements of their own color choice, glitter, flowers, feathers, gold leaf, sprinkles and anything else they want to incorporate into their beads.

    Bead Making Gift For Crafters

    If you want to give the jewelry making crafter in your life the gift of making their own beads, this is the mold you will want, along with some epoxy resin (see #9 in this list), the proper face mask for working with resin (#8) and our resin e-book (#4). This would be a very unique and exciting gift to receive!

    17. Polymer Clay

    Check Price On Amazon

    Polymer clay makes a great medium for making your own jewelry and comes in many beautiful colors. We have worked with Sculpey a ton of times and love their formula for polymer clay. Check out all of the unique crafting ideas for polymer clay here.

    best gifts for crafters polymer clay

    Paper Crafter Gift Ideas

    Paper crafts have come a long way where paper crafts can be turned into realistic looking art and décor. You can even make your own paper! Here we will explore the most popular maker making craft ideas that make the best gifts for crafters.

    18. A Paper Quilling Kit

    Check price on Amazon here

    Paper quilling is a highly satisfying form of art that is very peaceful and relaxing to do, and it creates gorgeous pieces of art for a variety of purposes.

     quilling kits

    What is paper quilling?

    Paper quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewelry, mobiles etc.

    Quilling starts with rolling a strip of paper into a coil and then pinching the coil into shapes that can be glued together.

    Here is the paper quilling kit that we recommend. It is highly rated on Amazon and comes with everything your crafter needs to get started in paper quilling, including a storage case. This kit is great for beginners or young people up to adults.

    You can also include a book on paper quilling for your crafter if you want to give them some how-to's as well. This is a great gift idea for a crafter!

    19. Vintage Scrapbooking Kit Gift For Crafters

    Check price here

    If your crafter is into scrapbooking or is looking to get into scrapbooking, this is a dreamy scrapbooking gift you can give your crafter.

    This is a 130 piece paper craft scrapbooking kit, and it is vintage style, so think of those antique colors in the dusty rose, creams and browns. This would make a beautiful scrapbooking project.

    Paper Crafting Gift Idea

    20. Paper Making Molds

    Check price on Amazon here

    If your crafter has ever been interested in making their own paper, you can gift them with the tools to get started.

    Paper Making Gift For Crafters

    Wired frames are perfect for making homemade paper. Whether your crafter is a scrapbooker, a gift tag creator, makes handmade cards or just likes DIY's and being creative.

    If you are thinking of getting your crafter a paper making mold, we would suggest also including dried flowers, which we mention in our next point.

    21. Dried Flowers For Paper Crafts

    Check price here

    Dried flowers are a wonderful gift to receive as a paper crafter. Whether your crafter is into resin art, DIY jewelry, handmade cards or making their own paper, adding a gift of dried flowers is a fantastic gift idea.

    Dried flower gifts for crafters

    22. A Paper Flower Tool Kit Gift

    Check price on Etsy here

    Paper crafting & flower making is very popular right now, and it is easy to see why. People are making extremely realistic looking flowers to decorate walls, and these have become a huge hit in office décor, nursery rooms and just for gorgeous wall art.

    Paper flower kit for crafters

    Gift idea for crafters: paper flower making kit

    This deluxe flower making kit teaches how to make these incredible, real life-looking paper flowers and includes all the tools needed.

    crafters best gift idea

    Best Craft Kits

    If you are not sure what your crafter would like, or maybe you are looking for some general crafter gift ideas, here are some of the best craft kits you can find.

    23. DIY Beeswax Wrap Crafters Kit

    Check price on Etsy here

    This is a practical and creative gift for the crafter in your life. These DIY beeswax wrap kits come with the beeswax and everything your crafter needs to make their own eco-friendly beeswax wraps.

    The only thing missing in this kit is the material, but the shop owner left that for the crafter to choose their own.

    Perhaps a special idea for your crafter is to find some material from a fabric store to curate this gift especially for them; maybe in their favorite color or theme. We have a helpful list of some best selling fabrics from Spoonflower.

    You can alternatively purchase your beeswax direct from a beekeeper. Here is a list of direct-from-farmer beeswax sources on The Farmers Cupboard.

    Beeswax wraps can be used for eco-friendly food storage, on the tops of jars and cups, for canning and more.

    24. DIY Candle Making Kit

    Check price on Etsy here

    Here is an idea to add to their crafting supplies. Who doesn't love candles? Now you can gift a crafter with a gift that they will love, and that is making their very own candles.

    This little craft kit for candle making has great reviews and was actually featured on Buzzfeed!

    Candle Making Kit For Crafters

    This candle-making craft kit includes:

    •  2 3.4oz. or 7oz. candle containers
    • Dried lavender
    • 2 essential oils: Lavender and vanilla
    • 10 oz of premium soy wax for 3.4oz option and 15 oz for 7oz option
    • Cotton wicks
    • Glue dots
    • Stirring Sticks
    • Instructions

      25. Embroidery Kit For Crafters

      Check price on Etsy here

      This is a wonderful gift to give and receive that doesn't require a sewing machine. This gift kit will teach your crafter how to make gorgeous embroidery patterns.

      Embroidery Gift For A Crafter

      Well we hope you found this list if gift ideas for crafters to be helpful and that you found the best gift for the crafter in your life!

      Craft Kit For Embroidery Artists

      This embroidery craft kit includes:

      • 2 embroidery needles
      • 1 9"/23cm embroidery hoop
      • 3 full embroidery flosses + 7 other colors of thread
      • 1 template printed on premium white cotton fabric
      • a 24 pages booklet (printed or PDF)
      • the sellers contact information for any questions

      Finding the perfect gift for someone can be challenging. If you are looking for a unique gift for a creative person, we hope this list of favorite gifts for artists, crafters, and other creative people helps you out.

      best gifts for crafters and creatives

      Be sure to save a pin on your Pinterest page to find this article again, as we are always updating when we find more amazing gift ideas. We'll leave that pin for you below.

      gifts for crafters

      Happy crafting!

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