25 Best Gifts For Artists & Painters [2024]

best gift ideas for artists and painters

Here are the best gifts for artists and people who love to paint. If you are looking for some gift ideas for an artist, you have come to the right place.

We've compiled a list of the best gifts for artists, from art gifts to unique and memorable gift ideas for an artist friend or loved one.

Whether your budget is large or small, there is something for everyone on this list. So read on to find the perfect gift for your favorite creative thinker in the art world!

Whether your favorite artist is just starting out or has been painting for years, we have something they will love.


best gifts for artists

You are here because you are wondering about what would be some of the best gifts that an artist might want to try.

We went over some ideas and art supplies that we think would make some really interesting gifts and narrowed it down for you to get those creative juices flowing.

These artist ideas are a great fit for the person who loves to paint and create and it was so much fun to gather up these products for you! Art teachers will definitely love some of the items!

This list has some of the best paint gift ideas as well as some interesting and unique art supplies that every artist should have on hand. 

The thing about artists and painters is that we can’t help but get excited over all kinds of art supplies! You might want to take a peek if possible at their supply stash so you can make sure you pick out the perfect gift for them. Don’t worry too much about it because artists do love to try different techniques and products.


Best Gift Ideas For Artists & Painters

1. Personalized Painters Palette

Visit Etsy Shop

Let's start this gift list with one of the best gifts for artists that we have found. Here is a personalized painters palette that is perfect for your artist.

You can choose the name and font to make this gift perfect! We have featured lots of Etsy sellers on this blog and just love it when we can share artisan shops. 

If you are looking for new and exciting supplies, check out the best shops to get craft supplies on Etsy.


best gift ideas for artists custom palette


2. Handmade Watercolor Paint

Visit Etsy Shop

Handmade watercolor paint is one of those luxury gifts that any artist would love to have. These handmade palettes are truly unique and special and they make for an amazing gift idea for experienced artists and beginners.

This shop has many to choose from and their metallic palettes are amazing. Check out our review and unboxing video of their gold metallic set.

You can even use these paints to create beautiful painted rocks and add them to your rock painting supplies. They make excellent gold embellishments.



3. Unique Custom Pins

Visit GSJJ.com

What can be more proud than making the works of your artists into elaborate custom pins and wearing them to show others? GSJJ is the place to make your thoughts come true!

The convenient and fast service allows you to create the most unique custom pins at a low price with high quality!


custom sticker


4. Handmade Watercolor Art Journal

Visit Etsy Shops

And to go with the watercolor paints, why not pick up a handmade watercolor journal to give a beautiful set to your artists.

They will absolutely fall in love with these cotton rag paper book. They can paint their own cover and make this book their very own when inspiration strikes.

If you are into making your books, we have some junk journal ideas for you!


handmade watercolor book

5. Liquitex 48 Acrylic Color Set

Check Price On Amazon

This is a tried and true acrylic paint set. This paint set would make a great gift idea because it comes with 48 thick and creamy colors which will give your artist a lot of paint variety to play with.

And these paints have a huge pigment load so that means the colors are very bright and vibrant. Not only can you use these colors by themselves but you can also mix them with other mediums which makes them even more amazing.

This is definitely a fun set to play around with and any artist will love them as a gift.

Another great gift idea for an artist is the Golden fluid acrylic paints. Check out the Golden fluid acrylic paints review article when you get a sec.


best gift ideas for artists


6. Metallic Paint Sets For Artists

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You don't have to look very far to see that metallic acrylic paints are extremely popular and they are featured in thousands of YouTube videos. 

Artists can't get enough of these beautiful metallic colors, including us! This set here is perfect for a beginner artist AND someone who has more painting experience. This metallic set is sure to spark all of their imaginative ideas.

This art set features rich pigments and the texture of the paint is really smooth. The colors won't fade over time. Another nice thing about this particular set is that it is non-toxic and they are ACMI certified safe, which is something to look for when buying art supplies as gifts.

Using non-toxic paints is extremely important when you're using the same products over and over for many years. Your artist will absolutely love experimenting with these metallic paints.

Such a great gift idea! 


best gifts for artists 

7. Personalized Artist Jewelry

Visit Etsy Shop

Anything that you can customize is a great idea and this artist jewelry is one of those gifts that are truly special. You can pick out the artist's initials and stone color to make it one of the best artist gifts ever!

This Etsy shop has many giftable items to choose from, and any artist will just love the little paint palette. So cute!

If you love to shop on Etsy for jewelry, check out the list of some top jewelry sellers on Etsy.


best gift ideas for artists 

8. Black Canvas For Metallic Paints

Check Price On Amazon

If you do decide to grab that metallic acrylic paint set above, you should also grab this black canvas set because when you paint on black with metallic, the colors just shine on and on.

It's just really pretty and fun to use metallics this way. This canvas pack has been triple primed so it’s ready to be painted on the moment it arrives!

It’s also acid-free so it’s a great gift idea for someone who is just playing around and also for a professional acrylic painter too.


best gift ideas for artists


9. Masking Fluid For Artists

Check Price On Amazon

Masking fluid has so many uses from masking off parts of a painting to making beautiful galaxy shoes.

This is a creative gift idea for someone who loves to experiment and try new things! You can create so many beautiful pieces of art with this product. If you are into making these galaxy shoes below, check out the galaxy shoe tutorial.


best gift ideas for artists
A special bonus! You can see how masking fluid works right on our YouTube


10. Watercolor Brush Pens

Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a high quality gift then you might want to check out these watercolor brush pens.

We have used them before and they make a fabulous gift idea for any beginner watercolor artists.

Check out the swatching video and DIY using this set.



11. Sakura Pigma Microns For Writing

Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking to really spoil your artist, then get this set! The Sakura Pigma Microns are what we use here and these are our go-to pens for creating artwork.

This particular set comes with all of the microns your artist will ever need to create amazing artwork.


best gift ideas for artists


12. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Check Price On Amazon

Looking to splurge on a gift set for your artist? This is the must-have set that any artist would love to have in their stash.

What you are really going to love about these brush markers is that they normally don't ghost through journals and art papers that are 80gms and above.

We use these all the time in our videos. Here's a video using this exact set.



13. Artist Planner

Check Price On Amazon

This is a super creative gift idea for someone who loves to paint and draw. A planner is one of those things that will keep any artist completely organized.

If they have an Etsy shop or online store they will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift.


best gifts for artists planner


14. Blender Brush Set For Artists

Check Price On Amazon

These brushes are made from synthetic fibers and are extremely soft so they are perfect for blending. We've never used a set that was so good for blending paints. They are actually makeup brushes but you will not find a softer brush out there that's perfect for blending.

Another reason why this set is great for an artists is that no bristles will fall out and ruin their artwork. So these come highly recommended by our team and the price is great too.

This brush set also comes with a nice carrying case.


best gifts for artists
Here's a clip of these brushes on our YouTube channel so you can see exactly what they look like.


15. Acrylic Brush Cleaner

Check Price On Amazon

Now that you've picked out the perfect brush sets for your artist, you may want to try this brush cleaner and preserver. This cleaner is pretty much a must-have when you're using acrylic paint.

Art brushes go through quite a lot. So to keep brushes performing their best it's good to give them a good cleaning from time to time and this brush cleaner is perfect for that. It has a very light lemon scent.

All you have to do to use it is rinse the brushes under warm water, swirl them into the cleaner until they form a nice thick lather and then rinse them off. 


best gifts for artists


16. Drawing & Tracing Lightbox For Artists

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Before light boxes came out, artists actually had to put a piece of paper onto the screen of a computer and trace it that way and that's not really effective or fun, is it?

Dee's light boxes save a ton of time, especially if the artist wants to create one design idea and then recreate that idea many times over without ruining the original image.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea that they probably might not already have, then this would be a great gift idea for an artist.


best gifts for artists light tablet

17. Studio Lights For Artists

Check Price On Amazon

Now you might want to talk to your artist first before purchasing this studio light to make sure they don't have one already.

This one light is all that an artist would need when creating their paintings on a desk or easel. 

This one single light can shine on to the artist canvas while they're painting and give them proper white light to see that their color choices are pure and even see those fine lines they're painting.

If an artist has a specific place where they paint all the time you can rig something up where the light is hanging from the ceiling so that the light is pointing straight down.


best gifts for artists lights


18. A Cutting Mat 

Check Price On Amazon

This cutting mat makes a great gift because you can use it for your painting surface on one side and then for cutting out mixed media artwork on the other.

Also if your acrylic painter is painting on watercolor paper and they need to cut the perfect size, the measurements are all right here for them.


top gifts for artists and painters cutting mat 

19. A Glass Tumbler For Artists

Check Price On Amazon

Guess, what? Artists sometimes have accidentally stuck their paint brushes into their water glass or coffee mug! It's a real issue with artists, haha.

Eventually, if you're working on a piece and have your favorite beverage right alongside your paint water, it's going to happen. That's why this glass tumbler is one of the best gifts for acrylic painters.

Your artist can enjoy their favorite beverage with no worry of anything spilling into it! It just keeps their drink nice and safe. Also, if you are into glitter tumblers, here is an article with some amazing glitter tumbler ideas.


best gifts for artists

20. Air Circulator Fan For The Studio

Check Price On Amazon

One huge problem that artists might run into is the kind of supplies that they're using may not be non-toxic. When you're breathing in fumes on a regular basis and even years on end it can be potentially harmful.

So this fan could literally be a lifesaver. It has two speeds for adjustable airflow. Whenever I'm painting in our craft room, or trying out different products (and we try a lot here!) there's always a fan blowing away from me towards the outside.


best gift ideas for artists


21. Cute Sign For Their Art Studio

Visit Etsy Shop

How cute is this sign? Your artist can hang this right in their studio and makes a perfect gift idea for their birthday, Christmas, or anytime!

The positive reviews are piling up for this Etsy seller who has been creating unique designs for her customers since 2003.


best gifts for artists

22. DIY Oil Paint Gift Set by Natural Earth Paints

Visit Natural Earth Paints Etsy Shop

Here's a DIY oil paint kit. If your artist has ever wanted to make their own oil paints from scratch then you must try this kit. 


best gift ideas for artists
We had a chance to take a closer look at this make it yourself oil paint kit and fell in love with it!


23. RESIN For Resin Art

Check Prices On Etsy

We have worked with resin many times and just love how you can create a glossy finish on artwork and paintings.

There are many different kinds of resin kits on Etsy that you can shop for. This makes a great gift idea for artists who would love to try a high glass durable finish on their artwork.

If you are interested in learning more about resin, we have resin resources here.


best gift ideas for artists

24. Coloring Sheet Printables

Visit Etsy Shop

 Coloring sheets make a great gift idea because your artist can print them out as many times as they like for practice and for trying new art supplies.

There are lots to choose from on Etsy but we are just in love with this artist, Mariola Budek.

You can pick out several of your favorites and print them out and present them rolled up with a nice bow or ribbon.


best gift ideas for artists

25. Drawing Tablet Gift Idea For Artists

Check Prices On Amazon

A digital drawing tablet is a splurge! Your artist's imagination will come to life with the large display.

Drawing tablets have a natural surface friction that makes for intuitive drawing onto the screen.


best gifts for artists drawing tablet

Ways To Make A Gift More Special

1. Look for gifts that reflect the person's interests.

For example, if they are into art, look for gifts that are related to art supplies or something that can be used as part of an art project they are working on.


2. Add a personal touch.

This could be something like adding a special message or note with the gift. Making a handmade gift tag for your favorite creative person will get noticed.

3. Another way to make an art gift more special for their creative soul is to give a unique or one-of-a-kind gift.

This could be something handmade or something that is not mass produced like the custom books mentioned above.


4. Giving a meaningful gift will inspire creativity.

This could be something that has sentimental value or is significant to the person in some way.


5. Try to find a practical gift.

This could be something that the person can use on a daily basis or something that will be helpful to them in some way.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you find the very best gift ideas for that artist in your life.

Whatever you decide to purchase they will absolutely love it, and just really appreciate the thoughtful gift.

If you found this article helpful please feel free to save the pin below it to your Pinterest board.


best gift ideas for artists and painters



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