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What Is A Junk Journal & How To Make A Junk Journal


What is a junk journal

Hi and welcome!

We are dedicating this post to the junk journal enthusiasts out there, the planners and the journal spread designers and anyone else who is wondering what is a junk journal.

For anyone who wants to know what a junk journal is, it is a blending the world of organization of memories with the world of creativity and design. But also, it is so much more.


A junk journal is a handmade book made from scrap papers, special papers, music sheets, maps, postcards and anything that makes the creator happy. A junk journal keeps memories organized while still maintaining creativity. This organization includes notes, thoughts, keepsakes, favorite recipes, doodles, artwork, planning notes, or something as special as a piece of lace from your grandmother's wedding dress.

Do you remember that romantic restaurant date? That dinner receipt goes right into your journal too! Just tuck it right in with a little note to remember what you loved about that night.

What is a junk journal

The beautiful thing with a junk journal, is that there are no rules. You can use your junk journal (aka smash book) for whatever you want. The only thing that matters is the overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment with every turn of each lovely page in your own junk journal.

A custom junk journal is usually created with a mixture of craft supplies, vintage paper, junk mail, fabrics, and/or ephemera images. And of course, no junk journal is complete without perfect charm accents.

What is a junk journal

The best junk journals are extremely chunky and made to look like it's had decades of wear and use. It also gives you lots of tucked away spots and empty spaces to write personal notes. This takes a good eye and the ability to use a multitude of materials and design to bring it all together.

Crafters use all kinds of items to make their junk journals. The ephemera packs by Tim Holtz are extremely popular as well as the FaCraft die-cut packs, found on Amazon.

Create junk journal pages with what you have on hand like old maps, coffee-stained paper, and paper bags. Or pick your favorite vintage scrapbooking papers on Amazon.

You may be interested in reading our article, "Junk Journal Supplies" for ideas and inspiration!

Read Junk Journal Supplies right here.

Junk Journal Supplies

You know, creating coffee-stained paper is easy and a fun craft you can make right at home! Follow our tutorial below, and be sure to go to YouTube and subscribe to our channel!

There are so many places you can find items and ideas for your junk journals. One of our favorite places to find junk journal material is in the thrift store!

We found some picture frame mats, which we turned into beautiful frames for our junk journals.

Check out the video of us making them below! You can find picture frame mats likely at any thrift store, and you can decorate them in any style for your junk journals.

Here is our junk journal Ideas video:


We also have some videos we made on our YouTube channel called "Simple Floral Doodles". It is a series of 8 simple floral doodle videos to give you ideas to doodle in your journals, create floral borders and more. 

Watch all 8 episodes on our YouTube channel here to get some serious inspiration!


Lastly, this is one of our favorite thing to do. We use our Tombow Dual Brush Pens as watercolors to give a beautiful, painted effect on the mediums we paint on. Our preferred medium? Old book pages found in old bookstores!

We love the whimsical, dreamy effect that these create, and you can use this idea for your own junk journal.

Here is our junk journal page tutorial:


There is so much time and care that goes into each junk journal you create, they become treasures of beautiful, tangible memories. Every junk journal is its' own unique piece of art and made to last for a lifetime of enjoyment. A treasure to be passed down.

Make a junk journal for your wedding, one for each of your babies or pregnancies, birthdays, or just lovely moments in your life.

We have a huge selection of FREE, printable junk journal paper that your can print right from your home printer.

See all of our downloadable papers right here. And you can use or free paper for anything you would like! Check out our tutorial of us using our free Pink Damask paper to create a beautiful wedding card (this one was really fun to make):

Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Click here and hit the Subscribe button!

We hope you learned plenty about what junk journals are and that you are ready to start your own junk journal or smash journal!

We would love to hear from you if you are starting a junk journal: what you will be using as a junk journal, how you plan to decorate it and if you used any of our ideas!

Be sure to bookmark our page so you can come back to leave your comments. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

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What Is A Junk Journal

Have a beautiful day!

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