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How To Draw Lavender | Easy Step By Step Instructions

How To Draw Lavender


Drawing lavender is very easy and this DIY tutorial will show you exactly how to draw lavender with markers. Lavender is one of those plants that are easy to draw because the petals don't require exact placements or drawing to make them look perfect. Here is how to draw lavender with easy instructions.


Step 1. First, draw a little pot to hold the lavender stems in. This will give your lavender drawing a super whimsical look. Using a dotted grid notebook will help keep your little pot even.

how to draw lavender 

Step 2. Take your lavender colored marker and draw the lavender flowers. You don't have to draw them in perfectly. In this tutorial, everything is loose and whimsical. Just draw on the color here and there for now. You will draw in the details in step 4.

how to draw lavender 

Step 3. Draw in the stems of the lavender.

how to draw lavender 

Step 4. With your black fineliner, draw in the petals and flowers. If you think of the petals in kind of a heart shape that will be super helpful. So just draw them onto the lavender color that you just laid down. Draw some overlapping, and also slightly different sizes just like the real lavender plant.

how to draw lavender 

Step 5. Go over the stems with a light green colored marker, this will help soften the stems a bit and will look lovely.

how to draw lavender 

Here is the finished lavender drawing.

how to draw lavender 

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how to draw lavender 

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how to draw lavender 

You can use this easy lavender drawing tutorial for your junk journals, bullet journals, and craft projects. We hope you get some really great inspiration from this lavender drawing instructional. 

Anyone can follow along with this simple lavender DIY tutorial, no matter what stage of drawing you are at! And we sure hope you do.

There is no right or wrong way to draw and doodle. It's about having fun and spending a moment or two doing something that's super relaxing. With busy schedules, it's hard to get everything done during the day so those moments when you can just sit and doodle a quick drawing is super satisfying.


If you love to draw lavender flowers and plants in your journals, consider this our special invitation for you to follow along with this video tutorial.

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