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BIC Marking Pens - Review & Unboxing, Buyers Guide With Video

Bic markers review and unboxing to see how well they work on many things

Here's our BIC Marker review of the set of 8 permanent fineliners. Today, we had a chance to play around with the BIC Marking pen set, as you all know, we have a bit of a stationery addiction over here. We get excited when pens and markers arrive in the mail! We put these markers through the tests and here are the results for you. We hope this review helps you decide if these pens are right for you!


You can view the whole collection of BIC Markers here on Amazon

This is a set of BIC Marking pens. These markers have an ultra-fine tip so they will be good to use for drawing or lettering. The package didn’t say exactly what size they are but if you want a comparison, they are equal to the Sakura Micron 05’s. 

BIC marking pens set of 8

These markers have really fun names like Key Lime and Playful Purple. Don't you just love it when companies name their markers? It is also helpful for those of you who like to swatch out your new pen sets. Pen swatching makes it easier to find a certain pen and is especially helpful when you have a huge collection.

BIC marking pen review

The first test was to see how smooth these markers write and if they will bleed through the paper. They are ok for smoothness I’ll give them a 3 out of 5 for that but what I did notice was that the Blue Skies Blue and Fandango Pink had some spreading. And from this set, I think I like the sunset orange color the best. Please note that this review was done on a Leuchtturm A5 dotted grid notebook. Find them here on Amazon

Next was a dryness test to see how long they take to dry and if they smudge. They get a 5-star mark for this because they dried instantly. So if you need a super quick drying marker, you’ll like that a lot.

And another test we like to do is a highlighter test to see how they will react or smudge. These markers get a 5 star for this because each color stayed put without any smearing at all!

BIC marking pen review

But they did have major ghosting on the other side so beware of that if you are thinking of using them for your bullet journals or planners and you don't want color coming through the other side of a page.

BIC marking pens bic markers

We did, however, love the way they colored. They were pretty smooth on this plain white paper and the markers weren't leaving heavy lines, so if you make your own stickers or doodles they will be great for that. The colors are nice and bold.

BIC marking pens

They also wrote nicely on glass!!! They were smooth and the colors showed up really well. 

BIC marking pens for glass bic markers use on glass

You can also use them on metal. Here's a pendant tray that we colored a flower on. The colors showed up nicely and they worked great for this!

BIC marking pens review

We hope this review helped so that you can make a better buying decision whether these markers are right for you. We have more reviews like this in our Craft Section Here. Please take a look.

If you have a large pen and marker collection, it’s very helpful to swatch them out when you purchase a new set. That way you can flip through your swatch book to find the perfect pen for the project you are working on. You can download this template for free. get it here

free pen swatch templates

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bic marking pens buyers guide

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