13 BEST FINELINERS & Pens For Journals & Writing [2024]

best fineliners for journaling & writing

Here is the list of the best fineliners for journals, bullet journals and writing. These are the best pens and markers that have a fine tip that is perfect for writing and note taking. Use these pens and markers to write in dotted journals, bullet journals, and dotted grid notebooks. 

This list of best fineliners is helpful for anyone who is thinking about getting into journaling, as well as professionals who need quality pens for their planners.

And if you are thinking of giving a gift to someone who loves to journal and write, you will find this list of fineliners very helpful because these pen and marker options below come in complete sets. Anyone who tells their story through journaling and drawing in their bullet journals will appreciate any of these choices.

When you are looking for the best fineliners, there are some general things to keep in mind. Does the fineliner bleed through? What about bleeding and ghosting? Do they dry quickly? Fineliner pens will only do their very best on good quality paper. 

Here are our top choices for the very best fineliner sets from some of our favorite brands.


Best Fineliners For Journals


1. FINELINER SET by Sakura Micron

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These are a must-have for anyone who loves to write in their journals. This full professional set comes with everything you need to draw, doodle and write. These fine pens are archival, water-resistant, and fade resistant. They dry super fast too.

The pigment molecules are larger than dye molecules so the ink stays on the top layer of the paper rather than absorbing into the paper. That means there is very little ghosting.

On most quality bullet journals there is no bleeding or ghosting at all. These pens are used a lot around here, especially to plan out weekly spreads.


best fineliners for writing 


Watch this video tutorial using the Sakura pens for the outlines for the lavender drawing tutorial.




Arteza Shop

With this large pack of fineliner pens you will never worry about running out of ink in a long time. This premium set has black gel ink which flows smoothly for a nice easy glide onto the paper which we love!

This gel ink is also smear and smudge free because of it's fast drying formula. These pens are perfect for sketching, drawing, journaling and for your daily planner entries.


3. SET OF 50 FINELINERS by Staedtler

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This colorful set of fine tip pens from Staedtler are water-based, acid-free, and non-toxic. They have minimal bleeding so they will be good to use for coloring and bullet journaling. 

The .3 mm fine point is perfect for drawing lines & details so if you are using them for sketching, writing, and doodles, you will find that they are super easy to use. 

For those of you who write a lot, you will appreciate the ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing.


best fineliners for writing


4. FINE TIP PENS by Mincho

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This pen set comes with 10 sizes that range from 005 to 2.5mm. These fine tip pens are great for your bullet journal because they are non-toxic, acid-free, and have a long-lasting pigment that won't smear or bleed through. That means very little ghosting if you are using quality paper. 

If you are looking for a gift idea for someone who loves to journal and write, these fineliners would be a very good choice! Also, if you have a travel journal, these are a great size for a grab and go fineliner.


best fineliners for writing



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The reviews continue to pile up for this fine liner set by MyLifeUNIT. People are loving how these are perfect for writing, doodles, and illustrations.

The superfine metal-clad tips are comfortable to write with. These pens are especially popular for those who love to compose their own journal spreads.

The line width is approximately .4mm. The price is great too so if you are looking for a really good pen set at an affordable price, then check them out for sure.


 best fineliners for writing



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Get ready for it! Tombow twintone set with bright colors with dual tips. Use the broad .8mm side for shading and coloring and then switch to the 0.3mm fine point tip for outlining and detail.

The fine tips are a perfect gift for people who love to draw and color in their journals. We have used these markers many times before in our learn to draw series including how to draw daisies step by step.

Add this set to your wish list for sure. This is one of our favorites. They have several colors of pen sets to choose from.


best fineliners for writing



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Create your colorful life with these gorgeous colors. These pens are filled with high pigment, water based, acid-free ink. You will love to use them for hand lettering, drawing, & bullet journal entries.

These fineliners are perfect for color coding your mood trackers.


best fineliners for writing



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This set comes in a set of 30 shades in a .88 tip size. This set is great for drawing because you can create intricate details and for writing, you can go really small with your font size.

It is also perfect for use with rulers and stencils, making it ideal for precise work, structuring texts and taking notes. 

The famous hexagonal body shape of the STABILO point makes them very comfortable to grip.


best fineliners for writing


9. PITT ARTIST PENS by Faber-Castell

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These are one of those pens that are reached for all the time. You just can't go wrong with the Pitt Pens. The fineliners give you exact lines that don't skip.


best fineliners for writing



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These fine line pens by Sharpie are bleed free and won't ghost through most paper. The fine tip on these pens let you create precise lines and hand lettering doodles that won't fade or smear.

If you like to color, then these are great for creating very fine lines.

best fineliners for writing



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This set is one of those that people reach for often. These fineliners have the soft and hard tips that are perfect for hand lettering or planner spreads. You can easily create an extra fine line or a medium line very easily.

If you are just learning how to hand letter for your planners and journals, these pens are a must have.


best fineliners for writing


12. SET OF 18 FINELINERS by Lepen

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These pens are some of our favorites because they glide on the paper so nicely. These fineliners are great for doodling, drawing, daily and journal entries. This pen set is one of Marvy's most popular pens.

If you are looking for a fineliner pen that has smooth writing and a micro fine point then you will like this set.


best fineliners for writing



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This set of fineliners comes in tips that are .7mm so they are great for drawing and doodling in your planners. These are a medium fine tip so if you like the Sakura micron .8mm size then you will really enjoy this pen set.

These fineliners are smear and smudge resistant and won't bleed through your paper.


 best fineliners for writing


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best fineliners for writing 

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