HOW TO DRAW A ROSE: Step By Step w/photos & video

how to draw a rose tutorial with video

This is a DIY drawing lesson that will help to draw a simple rose with a video tutorial. After this lesson, you will be able to know how to draw a rose.

It is easy to draw roses with this DIY tutorial with video with easy step by step instructions. You can use this rose drawing idea in your junk journals, bullet journals, and craft projects.

how to draw a simple rose tutorials

These easy rose drawings also make great DIY cardmaking ideas too. We hope you get some really great inspiration from this rose drawing. It's not hard to draw roses at all.

Anyone can follow along with this simple rose tutorial. And we sure hope you do! Drawing with friends is so much better! You can also use your favorite alcohol marker sets for this too.

In this rose drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a simple rose doodle. Roses are just one of those flowers that represent love and passion and is one of our most beloved flowers to draw.

how to draw roses illustration ideas


Step 1

First draw the stems. Take a green marker and draw three stems going from the top of your paper to the bottom. Be sure that they are different lengths so that they are whimsical and not totally the same.
how to draw a rose

Step 2

Next draw some leaves with the same green marker. Draw two leaves on each stem near the top like the photo below. Then take a lighter colored green marker and draw some details onto the leaves.
how to draw a rose

Step 3

With a dark pink marker, draw three circles that are not totally perfect. Draw these about 1 inch above the top of each stem. This will be the top of the rose.
how to draw a rose

Step 4

With the same pink color draw on the base of the rose in a half sphere. Be sure that the rose touches the top of the stem.
how to draw a rose

Step 5

Using a lighter colored marker, add in a shadow on the left hand side of each rose.
how to draw a rose

Step 6

Take a black fineliner and go over the top of the rose drawing a circle. Start in the center of the rose and go around and around until you get to the edge of the rose. Do this with all three roses.
how to draw a rose

Step 7

With the same black fineliner, go over the base of the rose. Nothing has to be perfect here, the imperfections will give it a whimsical look.
how to draw a rose

Step 8

Go over each stem and the leaves with the black fineliner.
how to draw a rose

Step 9

Using a glitter pen, draw on sparkle accents to the rose. You can also use old nail polish for this step too.
how to draw a rose


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Here's The Video Tutorial How To Draw A Rose


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how to draw simple roses
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