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6 Best Paint Markers & Paint Pens [2023]

best paint markers and paint pens

Here's the DIY Craft Club official list for the best paint markers and paint pens for this year. One of the amazing things about running a craft magazine is that we get to try lots of different products and paint markers are no exception!

We do a ton of detailed product reviews on our YouTube channel so that our readers can make better purchasing decisions when they are buying crafting products for their projects.  

Today we have the official list of the best paint markers and paint pens to use. Most of these we use on a daily basis for craft projects, rock painting, journaling and you will see them popping up on our next season of Simple Floral Doodles episodes. 

There's a huge difference between quality and the cheap stuff so you might think you are saving money, but in the long run, the cheap markers don't hold up to regular use. So invest in a really good set from a reputable company.

Paint markers and paint pens come as either oil-based or water-based so be sure you are purchasing the right set for your project. 


1. Uni-Posca Paint Pens

Check Price Here

These paint pens are a favorite among many crafters and artists. These opaque felt tip markers can write on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, resin, canvas and more.

Paint can be scraped off from nonporous surfaces like glass, etc. but will adhere permanently to porous surfaces such as wood, paper, etc. These markers are a favorite among resin artists for creating beautiful pieces such as geode resin art.

The water-based pigment ink in these paint pens is non-toxic, lightfast and waterproof. The ink won't bleed through paper (unlike alcohol-based markers) and is excellent for vibrant signs and craftwork. If you are looking for a paint marker with bright and bold colors, you will love this set! They are even great to color birdhouses and for decorating cloth bags.


best paint markers and paint pens


2. Artiqo Oil-Based Paint Pens

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This 15 pack of paint markers gives you a variety of bold colors. This set includes 15 solid colors as well as two metallic colors: gold and silver. The metallics are so pretty, especially when you use them on black paper like these planners that we found on Amazon.

The paint flows easily, dries fast, and has minimal odor. Use them to paint, write, or add a splash of vibrant color to any art project. And if you love to paint rocks, these are perfect because they work on pretty much any surface. You also get a free e-book which will give you some rock painting ideas.



3. Custom Paint Pens

Check price on CustomPens.com

Artists and doodlers love custom paint pens. These custom pens are available in a variety of great commodity colors. They work on glass, whiteboards, and all non-porous surfaces. Even better, the ink can be easily removed with a dry cloth, paper towel, or eraser.

Commercially, they are also useful for advertising. Use the markers with your brand or company logo, and whether they're marking up for a move, drawing on sneakers, or writing tags on holiday gifts, they'll turn to these keen promos again and again!

Painting pens and custom markers


Check Price On Amazon

This paint marker set from Beric comes with 12 different colors to help give your project more creativity and variety.

Beric notes that these paint markers have been tested and certified for quality workmanship that provides peace of mind. Safe to use by people of all ages.

These colorful and bold paint markers write on most surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, glass, canvas, rubber and more.

You get a nice color range with this paint marker set like black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, pink, and many more. There's also a gold marker so if you like to make pretty mugs and cups, the gold will really stand out nicely.



5. Sharpie Paint Pens

Check Price

We had a chance to really put this set through some testing and would invite y'all to read our full review right here. These paint markers have nice bright, bold colors and for the price are a great buy.

You can use these markers on many projects and when we did our tests on these, we tried them on rocks, artwork, and even glass.

See the full Sharpie video unboxing and product review 

best paint markers 

We do a lot of geode resin art here at DIY Craft Club, and we like to use these Sharpie Paint Pens on our resin surface. Have a look at our tutorial below to see how smoothly these Sharpie's work on a semi-cured resin surface.

See our other YouTube videos here, and be sure to hit subscribe!

6. Artistro Paint Pens

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These pens are of premium quality. They have a water-based formula that will dry quickly. You can use these paint pens on light and dark surfaces. The fine tips make them perfect for detailed work.

These paint markers will give you an opaque and glossy finish on light and dark surfaces.

So if you are into hand lettering onto dark paper, you might want to grab yourself a pack to play with. Another way to use these pens is to make custom designs onto ceramic or glass! The inks are permanent after baking (handwash only though).

 best paint markers

So those are our top 5 paint markers and paint pen sets! We love using paint pens, there are so many possibilities and we invite you guys to keep checking back here for more project ideas. We are constantly filming and producing videos for our readers. If there is a certain tutorial you would like to see here, let us know in the comments below.

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best paint markers and paint pens

If you are an Amazon shopper and are interested in purchasing any of these paint pens or paint marker sets, here's a coupon for an Amazon Prime Free Trial which gives you free and fast delivery on Prime Products!

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