5 BEST Sharpie Paint Markers Sets + Video REVIEW [2024]

sharpie paint pen and marker review

Here are the best paint markers and sets of paint pens that are sold by Sharpie.

If you are wondering how to use the Sharpie paint markers, you can come to the right place! We are taking a closer look and review at a set of Sharpie water-based and oil based paint markers.

Sharpie paint markers, also known as paint pens, come in many different colors from bright white to metallic golds. Also, for those who love working with pastel and lighter colors, Sharpie offers a pastel pack too.

Sharpie paint markers review and guide

We tried Sharpie paint markers out on a few projects and would like to share how they performed. This Sharpie paint pen review has a ton of helpful information on how you can use Sharpie paint pens for your art, projects, and more.

There's also a super helpful video that will show you how to prime a Sharpie paint marker properly. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the full Sharpie Paint pen review and unboxing video.

What are Sharpie paint markers?

Sharpie paint markers are high pigment markers that write in water-based paint & pigments or oil-based paint.

Paint markers and paint pens are popular with artists and crafters because they have a full pigment load that can be applied to many surfaces like rocks, glass, metal, wood, ceramics, canvas and more.

That means projects come to life with bold and vibrant colors. Paint pens are the popular choice for scrapbooking, art projects, posters, painted rocks, and signs because they are easy to use and glide on smoothly.



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1. Water Based Sharpie Markers Basic Set

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This is Sharpie's basic set of primary colors. The water-based markers are good to use on paper because they dry very quickly and the pigment is also easily removable on glass.

sharpie paint markers


2. Sharpie Oil Paint Markers

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Here is a set of 8 colors for your projects. You can use these markers for rock painting, creating scrapbooks pages and posters. Keep in mind that this set is oil based so it will not clean up like the water based markers.

Some of the ways to use the Sharpie oil based markers is for rock painting, large posters on poster board, and for scrapbooking. The colors are completely opaque and will stand out on black or dark surfaces.

This set has the following colors: Black, Red, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Lime Green and Aqua Blue.


sharpie paint markers 


3. Sharpie Metallic Color Set Oil Based

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Do you love getting crafty? If so, you need a set of paint markers in your life! These markers are perfect for adding a splash of color to any project.

Whether you're working on a scrapbook, making a card, or just doodling, paint markers are a great way to add some personality.

Plus, they're super easy to use - just uncap, prime and start drawing! With bright, vibrant colors, paint markers are sure to make your projects pop. So don't wait any longer - get yourself a set of paint markers and start creating!


sharpie paint markers


4. White Sharpie Paint Marker Set

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For when you need lots and lots of white paint, here is a pack of their best selling white paint markers.

These versatile white markers can be used for all sorts of craft projects, from decorating notebooks and picture frames to adding a personal touch to gift tags.


white sharpie paint pens


Here's a video on the DIY Craft Club YouTube channel using these white Sharpie paint markers on a painted rock.



5. Pastel Paint Markers By Sharpie

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Do you love pastel colors? If so, you need a set of these paint markers in your life! These markers are perfect for adding a splash of muted soft color to any project.

Whether you're working on a journal page, making a  custom card, or just doodling, these pastel paint markers are a great way to add some personality.


pastel paint markers by sharpie


What can Sharpie paint markers be used on?

  • Rock painting
  • Canvas
  • Art papers
  • Glass
  • Scrapbooking
  • Posters and more

    sharpie paint markers


    How to prime a Sharpie paint marker

    Paint markers require a few steps to get them ready for use. The initial priming will only need to be done once. 

    Step 1. With the marker facing up, press the tip all the way in and release.


    priming a sharpie paint marker


    Step 2. Put the cap back on and shake the paint marker for about 10 seconds. There’s a little ball inside of the marker that mixes everything together.

    Always mix the paint before using the markers, especially if they have been sitting for a while.

    Now the markers are ready to be primed. Sharpie paint markers have a spring-loaded tip so as you press down, the paint will start to make its way down into the tip.


    Step 3. On a piece of paper press down, press down, press down, you will start to see the paint coming down into the tip. Keep doing this until the tip is fully saturated with paint.


    priming sharpie paint markers 


    Once the tip of the paint pen is fully saturated with color and you can draw lines that don’t break up, it’s fully primed and ready for use.

    Be patient because it can take a bit for the paint to start flowing into the tip of the marker. This is an important step so that your paint pens perform as they should.

    If you hear of paint pens not working properly it may have been that the initial priming wasn't done right. So just make sure the tip is FULLY saturated and you should be good to go.

    This paint marker set comes in a fine tip size that's similar to the size that you would get on a regular sharpie marker. Paint pens come in many tip sizes so be sure to check the details before purchasing.


    Sharpie paint marker testing and swatching

    When we tested the paint pens on regular paper we found that the pigment didn't come through the paper like regular sharpies, just a bit of ghosting showed through.

    If you are using a thicker paper, these paint markers won't show ghosting at all. 


    sharpie paint markers

    sharpie paint markers


    When using a Sharpie marker, they glide easily onto a glass surface. This is a fun way to make personalized wine glasses for friends and family.

    Another cute idea would be to use these markers to write on water glasses or cups if you were having a tea party or birthday party.

    To clean the paint off, use soapy water and a sponge. If you are looking for a super easy project with no mess, these paint markers clean up really easily. Just use an abrasive sponge to clean the paint off of glass.


    sharpie paint markers


    The colors of these paint markers are really bright and bold on dark surfaces. Paint markers work great on foam core for making posters. 


    sharpie paint markers


    If you have a large pen and marker collection, it’s very helpful to swatch them out when you purchase a new set. That way you can flip through your swatch book to find the perfect pen for the project you are working on. You can download this template for free.


    sharpie paint markers


    We hope you found this Sharpie paint marker review helpful.

    Here's a video showing some of these Sharpie paint markers. This video shows you how to prime paint markers and how to use them on different surfaces.


    Did you find this Sharpie review helpful? Please Pin it to your board so you can find it again later.

    sharpie paint pens


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