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Rock Painting | Ideas and Resources

Metallic rock painting idea with words

A warm hello to our crafty friends. Are you looking for some rock painting ideas? We are excited to announce that we will be sharing short clips on rock painting designs & DIY's and hope these ideas help you find some inspiration with your rock painting and kindness rocks. We'll share tutorials for beginners and for more experienced crafters who would like a challenge.

If you want to use the same supplies and materials that you see in our videos, here's our supply list.



If you are looking for some more ideas, we have shared some really great books on rock painting ideas, including a great book on painting Mandala stones, which are those stones you see with the most gorgeous, intricate patterns in bright colors. These Mandala stones are used as a form of meditating and is meant to be a calming, focusing experience for the painter. Check out this and the other great reads we found here

Inspirational books and reads on painting rocks and rock painting ideas

Another area of rock painting we wanted to explore was eco-friendly rock painting ideas and supplies, for those of you who want to leave kindness rocks out in the world but are also concerned about preserving the environment. Here is our post about Eco-friendly rock painting supplies where you can learn about the best eco-friendly supplies for rock painting, and why it is important to keep these earth-friendly paints in mind!

 Eco friendly paint supplies for painting rocks with safe paint for the environment

And if you are reading this and wondering what exactly are kindness rocks and how you can spread the love and fun by painting your own kindness rocks and leaving them for people to find, you can read our interview with Megan Murphy, the Founder of the Kindness Rocks Project. It's so true, just finding a happy message at some point in your day can change your whole perspective when you need it. Read all about the project here

Here is how you can paint your own kindness rocks and leave them for people to find

We are so excited to see what you are painting on your rocks and what you are doing with them! Be sure to send us your pictures of your finished product, we would love to see them and connect with you! And if you found any of our ideas, videos or articles inspiring, be sure to click the red top corner PINTEREST button on any of the images above so you can find this article to read again LATER! We would really appreciate that!

And if you are wondering what we did with our metallic painted "hello" rock from the video above, we did our own "kindness" rock idea and added it to our last giveaway package which one of our members won, and did an unboxing video for! She won a lot of loot, and said in the video that this rock was her favorite item! Check out Alexandra's win on our facebook page. Yay for spreading the love! And be sure to become a member of DIY Craft club to be entered into every contest we will have! You can sign up at the bottom of our homepage

Happy painting!! 

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