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Rock Painting Ideas For 2021 | FREE Video Tutorial

rock painting tutorials

If you love to paint rocks but don't know where to start then this is a super easy rock painting tutorial to start out with. Rock painting is a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon and you can just let your creativity go wild because there is no right or wrong way to paint a rock. Just have fun.



  • Step 1. Find a perfectly smooth and round rock. If you don't have any rocks in your area you can usually find rocks at the dollar store or landscaping store. 
  • Step 2. Paint the whole rock with light blue acrylic paint and let dry.

rock painting tutorial

  • Step 3. Apply a second coat of the same blue acrylic paint and let dry.

rock painting tutorial

  • Step 4. With a makeup sponge, apply a generous amount of blue sparkle paint to the outside edges of the rock and let dry.

rock painting tutorial

  • Step 5. Paint on some whimsical flowers on the side of the rock using white pearl acrylic paint.

rock painting tutorial 

  • Step 6. Using a dotting tool, add some dots here and there for extra accents.
  • Step 7. With yellow acrylic paint and a dotting tool, add in the yellow stamens onto the flowers.

rock painting tutorial

  • Step 8: With a white paint pen, write Choose Happy and let dry.

rock painting tutorial

  • Step 9: Add extra elements and dots around Choose Happy.
  • Step 10: Varnish for protection.


Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Set

Makeup Sponges

White Pearl Acrylic Paint

Blue Sparkle Paint

Dotting Tools

Yellow Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint

White Paint Pens




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