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Junk Journal Page Idea | Plus Video Tutorial ♥

junk journal page ideas tutorials

Hi and welcome. We have a great idea for you to use in your junk journals. I was so excited at our last meeting because we are starting a brand new series called Thrift Store Thursday. So we are going to go around to the thrift stores and show you how you can use different things and upcycle fabulous finds!

Today, we are turning picture mats into a window for a journal page idea!  As soon as I saw this stack of picture mats in my local thrift store, I just knew I had to grab them up fast! I could come up with a ton of ways to reuse these, but the moment I saw them sitting there, I had one mission. Journal page!


So some of the picture mats were pretty banged up and dirty, but they came in a whole bundle so I took all of them. Most of them were in pretty good shape though! So I decided to draw some floral doodles onto the mats. If you want to try this, we have a ton of doodle ideas on our Simple Floral Doodles episodes. So don't worry if you don't have any ideas, you can copy ours!

Here are the mats that I turned into floral windows for a junk journal page idea. The full video tutorial for this junk journal page is at the bottom of this article.

junk journal page ideas

junk journal tutorials and ideas

And if any of you have an Etsy shop, sell custom junk journals, or make and sell handmade supplies, you can totally use this idea for that! I think these would be a great seller! Let us know if you do sell some because we would love to know.

junk journal spread ideas make a window

In fact, any idea that you see here on DIY Craft Club and on our YouTube channel, we encourage you to use, because we're here to help you. Think of us as your crafting bff.

Here's a simple floral drawing that I colored onto this mat. I might go ahead and coffee stain it to give it a vintage look. We have a great coffee stained paper tutorial. I know from experience that the Sakura Micron pens will slightly change color and have a tiny bit of bleeding if I dip this into coffee, but I like that look. If you want clean lines then coffee stain first and then draw your design after it's dry.

junk journal tutorials

This is my journal, it's actually a five-year planner (see blog post) that I made into a junk journal. And here's the page I was working on in the video below. I just love how this turned out. I think I might stamp some lines into the window and use it as a table of contents for my junk journal, but I'll see. That's one of the beautiful things about making junk journals: there are no right or wrong ways of doing anything, it is all about experimenting. If you don't like something, just change it.

junk journal page ideas

The lace came from the thrift store too and I just adore the vintage style. And then the paper came from the Mariposa paper stack. You can check the price here on Amazon. This stack has a nice vintage look and has a lot of butterflies, which I like.

junk journal ideas and supplies

page ideas for junk journal

junk journal page ideas

I also used one of our printables that you can get here. I printed it out at 6 inches and then coffee stained it. And I also coffee stained the little paper up at the top and then also the picture mat. Something wonderful happened after I coffee stained the picture mat. The Tombow dual brush pen took on a soft pastel kind of look, kind of like a soft powdery look. And that was a surprise! I think it was the acid in the coffee reacting to the marker but whatever it was doing, I was totally into it!

junk journal tutorials

junk journal page ideas with tutorials

Check price of Tombow Pens on Amazon

Compare price of Tombow Pens directly on Tombows website here


Here's the video tutorial. Let us know how you like it!


Supplies Used For This Tutorial

Picture Mats (check thrift store first)

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Sakura Pigma Micron

Gold GellyRoll

The Mariposa Stack

Lined Floral Paper

Please save this pin to your Pinterest board so you can share this tutorial with others. Have a great day everyone!

page ideas for junk journals with video tutorial 

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