11 Best Bullet Journals & Planner Supplies [2024]

11 Best Bullet Journals & Planner Supplies [2024]

Here are the best bullet journals and supplies for dotted grid notebook planning. If you love to bullet journal or you're just getting started and not sure where to begin, then you will find this article really helpful.

You can just use a pen and dotted paper and that's totally fine. For those of us who have a bit more of an obsession with planners and stationery, we need a whole lot more than that to fill our needs.

Here's a list of some of the best bullet journals and supplies that a stationery lover will most likely have on hand.


A bullet journal is a planner system designed to work with your lifestyle that you customize yourself. This system was designed by Ryder Carroll who is a digital product designer and inventor of the bullet journal method.

Best Bullet Journals & Planner Supplies

1. Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Journal

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The Leuchtturm1917 is a very popular bullet journal. They come in a sturdy hardcover. These are thread bound so they will open flat so you can write near the center without a problem. With over 20 colors to choose from you can pick out the best planner that suits your style.

One thing to note on the Leuchtturm dotted grid notebooks is that pages are numbered and the book opens flat for easy note taking.

It has a handy expandable inner pocket and page marker.

Features 80g/m² acid-free paper with high ink compatibility to help prevent bleed through, an expandable gusseted pocket on the back cover, 2 page markers / bookmarks and an elastic closure band.

best bullet journal supplies

2. Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal

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The positive reviews keep pouring in for this bullet journal and no wonder! Your pens and markers will glide on their soft and buttery feeling papers. It has more than enough room to plan out your budgets, household, work, trackers, planning spreads, everything.

The Scribbles That Matter planners are known for their high quality 160gsm paper so you will get zero bleeding & ghosting. Their high quality journals also have a handy pen test page so you can try out a pen to see how it works before going ahead with your spreads.

best bullet journal supplies

Watch the Scribbles That Matter unboxing and review video:

3. Budget Friendly Bullet Journals

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These budget friendly bullet journals will help you with your planning, scheduling and organizing your business and personal life. This faux leather hardcover is well made and the paper is nice and thick.

The paper is a light cream color so for those who like an off white paper, this one is the best choice.

best bullet journal supplies

4. Sakura Pigma Microns

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The Sakura Microns are known for their smooth and crisp ink lines. They are used for fine details when drawing doodle ideas in your planners and writing.

They don't smear and they last a long time before running out of ink. You can purchase them in a pack which makes a great gift idea for the person in your life who loves stationery.

best bullet journal supplies

5. Colored Gelly Roll Pens For Bullet Journal Accents

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Gel pens are a must have because they are a bit more durable than the fine liners so they are a good choice when there's a lot of writing to do. You will find that the Gelly Roll set glides over the paper smoothly.

best bullet journal supplies

6. White Gelly Roll Pens

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Also grab a set of their white Gelly Roll pens to write over dark washi tape or on black sections that you want to highlight in your journal.

best bullet journal supplies

7. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

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There are many sets and colors to choose from when it comes to brush pens but these black brush pens are perfect for a starter set.

The Tombow's have both a soft and hard tip so that you can create a fine line or medium strokes.

These black pens are great for your planners! If you like the Tombow brand of pens and markers, check out the list of the best art markers for beginners and professionals.

best bullet journal supplies

8. Crayola Super Tips

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These are a favorite for bullet journals because they don't cost a ton and they don't bleed through the pages. Use them for accenting different spreads and coloring. These are fine line markers with a versatile tip so that you can draw thick or thin lines.

best bullet journal supplies

9. Tombow Mono Drawing Pencils

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These pencils come in a set of 12 and have a progressive degree range from 6B - 4H so they will suit your needs if you are using them for drawing or writing.

They have a lead cord adhered throughout the entire wood case so that they are break resistant. Perfect for writing in a notebook like a Lemome planner.

There's nothing more annoying than sharpening a pencil all the way down to the end trying to find a spot that's not broken inside! You can sharpen them without worrying about the lead breaking inside.

best bullet journal supplies

10. Planner Stickers

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Stickers make it easy for you to customize your journals, making everyday routines even more fun. There are so many full sized sets to choose from for planning events, home, budgeting and more.

best bullet journal supplies

11. Washi Tape

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Introducing the perfect addition to your planner- washi tape! This tape is available in all kinds of patterns and designs, so you can customize your look however you want.

Washi tape is also great for highlighting important dates or events in your planner. It's the perfect way to make your planner unique and stylish. 

Use washi to cover up mistakes, extra decoration, and to make certain pages stand out for easy reference.

Washi tapes are great to use because they don't leave a sticky residue and you can reposition them easily.

best bullet journal supplies

Here are some great planning videos to watch.



For those who would like a visual, Nifty has one of the best videos that explains how to set up and use a bullet journal.


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 My Life In A Bullet



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