Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner | A Look Inside

Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner | A Look Inside

Here's a review of the Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet planner. If you do a lot of planning, a larger planner might be perfect for you. Here are some reasons why I really enjoy using this larger planner.

For my main planner, I require no smaller than a B5 (approx 7x10 inches) and I also prefer it to be a hardcover. I like the large B5 size because I like planners that have weight to them. And then I can tuck the smaller A5 (approx 6x8 inches) tutorial planner into the elastic band. It keeps them both together and I'm good to go. Those specific needs narrow down my choices a lot!

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Even though there are a lot of planners and journals out there to choose from, I have to say, I'm going to stick to the Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner. Ever since Scribbles That Matter came out with the large B5 Bullet Planner, I knew we were made for each other. I've been using it ever since the release of it.

Here are some more reasons why you might like this planner.

It's Large

When you have a ton of wild brainstorms like me you need a lot of space for writing and planning and this planner one has tons. You know, I never realized how busy I am until I started to plan out my days, weeks and months. Putting everything into a planner clears my head of clutter that doesn't need to be in there, so the large B5 has a ton of space to plan, sort, color, doodle and write.

Like I mentioned before, I like that I can put my smaller A5 planner into the strong elastic to keep them together. This elastic has been through a lot and still holds the other book perfect and snug so it's really well made.

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scribbles that matter B5 bullet planner

It's A Bullet Journal And A Planner

One of my favorite things to do is play in my bullet journal and like any other bullet journal addict, I like to color monthly spreads that are unique to my own likes and tastes. This planner has enough room for bullet journal spreads AND has pre-printed daily, weekly and monthly spreads that I can add my own special touches to. I like that it has enough structure to fulfill the organized part of my mind but also has enough room so that I can add in my own flair to it as well.

It has a perfect combination between the blank dotted spaces to play with and the printed out monthly overviews and habit trackers that I don't really like to have to draw myself.

Product review Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner

The Pages Feel Like Silk

This planner has the most dreamy feeling paper I've ever experienced in a planner. In all the years of planning, I've never come across this kind of paper. It's buttery and soft. Pens and markers glide so very easily on it. I've never had pages feel so good!

The paper that they use is 100gsm which in planner language is pretty awesome. Most of the pens and markers that I use leave minimal ghosting so that's important. And there's a special pen test page at the back so I can test out new pens and markers to make sure they will be compatible. So thoughtful!

It Lays Perfectly Flat

I need my planners to lay perfectly flat for obvious reasons. This is highly important and this planner fits that bill perfectly. The way it's bound allows it to lay flat no matter what page you are on.

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It's High End And Thoughtfully Packaged

Scribbles That Matter really cares about what their planning customers want in a planner. They make the unboxing experience very special so when it arrives you know that you are about to open something amazing. The planner comes with its own storage box so that when you are finished for the year, it can be tucked away safe and sound.

My planners are like a mirror into my family's life and past, and when my kids are older and go through my planners they are going to see and remember our outings, special moments (Like when my son surprised me on Mother's Day. I was at the mall and I looked down the long corridor and there he was standing there with 50 long stemmed roses MELT cry, sniff :) :), and notes that I write to them here and there. They will also see how hard I worked every day! lol. So, the storage box is a very nice thoughtful touch.

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An Unexpected Reason Why I Love This Planner

One main reason (a very unexpected reason) why I love this planner so much, is that on the weeks that I don't have a ton to write and don't need the extra daily spreads, I make those pages into a pocket with washi tape. I can't even tell you how much these tuck spots have helped me. It gets all of those bits and pieces of paper and planning stuff off of my desk and into one spot where I can go back to finish the project. This is perfect because if I'm working on a mood board or tutorial and start collecting ideas, the clippings go right in there. At last!

Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner

best planner for 2019

Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Finding the perfect planner can be such a hard decision because there are so many to choose from. And if you are new to planning, I know the feeling of not being sure how to start or what to plan even. I've been there! The only way to find out what kind of planning you like to do is to just purchase a planner that you think you would like and start writing. Start by adding in all of the birthdays and important dates you need to remember, then add in your holidays and the days the kids are off school. Then get your budget and bills in there. A few months into it, you will know exactly what type of bullet journal or planner you like and will suit all of your planning needs.

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Here's the full review and unboxing video to help you get a better visual and closer look to help you decide if this planner is right for you. If you do want to try it, here's the link on Amazon.


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Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner Review 


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