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Paint By Numbers For Mood

How Paint By Numbers Can Improve Your Mood

Mindful activities like paint by numbers can make you feel happier!
htvront vinyl

HTVRONT: Best Place To Get Heat Transfer Vinyl & Accessories

What you need to make vinyl crafts.
natural earth face paints review

6 BEST Non-Toxic Paint Colors For Face Painting [2023]

Here are some of the best natural face paints.

Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Shell Decorating | Beautiful Shell Display Idea

Here is a way to decorate those shells you collected.
chalk painting tutorials jewelry box makeover


Turn an old and forgotten jewelry box into a beautiful new piece using Annie Sloan Pearlescent glaze.
where to buy wool and yarn online

Where To Buy Wool For Your Craft Projects

High quality, hand-dyed yarn and wool for your projects.

how to dry flowers in books

5 Easy Steps To Drying Flowers In Books | Step By Step with Video

How to dry flowers in books.
How To Use Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts | 7 Peel-Tek Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

One masking fluid: 7 art ideas. Learn what you can create with this Peel-Tek masking fluid and have fun coming up with more on your own!
Routine Chart For Kids

Routine Chart For Kids | Get Ready FASTER With Our Checklist

Printable routine chart that teaches kids how to be more independent in getting ready in the morning. Print it today!

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

How To Paint GALAXY SHOES | EASY DIY step by step

How to make DIY galaxy shoes. Easy step by step tutorial.
junk journal page ideas tutorials

Junk Journal Page Idea | Plus Video Tutorial ♥

If you are looking for a fantastic find for your junk journal, be sure to head to the thrift store! See what we found and made into beautiful junk journal inserts.
lavender playdough recipe cooked and uncooked

Best Playdough Recipes: Cooked & No Cooked

This homemade play dough recipe is easy to make, and smells amazing. This is a great sensory project, and feel free to add glitter if you want to!

How to use mod podge

How To Use Mod Podge | Easy, Step-By-Step Guide

Tips and tricks for working properly with Mod Podge.
DIY Painted Ceramic Pot Gift | Great Handmade Gift Idea!

DIY Painted Ceramic Pot Gift | Great Handmade Gift Idea!

These make super cute mother's day or teacher gift ideas!
napkin ideas for decoupage crafts

Paper Napkin Ideas For Decoupage Crafts | Florals, Metallics, Vintage & More

These napkins make the most gorgeous decoupage projects!

free printable Mother's Day cards

FREE Printable Mother's Day Cards

DIY cards you can download, print and make your own.
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets | Ways To Use

We love our Tombow dual brush pens, and these are the reasons why!
Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day Card Printable | Free, print at home, EASY!

Download, print and make them your own. Easy Valentine cards that are special!

Artist Trading Coins | All Of Your Questions Answered

Artist Trading Coins | All Of Your Questions Answered

Why are artist trading coins so popular?
5 Ways To Use Masking Fluid For Crafts

5 Ways To Use Masking Fluid For Crafts

How to use masking fluid for crafts and paper crafts.
how to stain paper with coffee tutorial

How To Stain Paper With Coffee DIY Tutorial With Video

How to stain paper with coffee DIY tutorial.