7 Best Ways To Use Masking Fluid For Arts & Crafts [2024]

How To Use Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

Here are some creative ways to use masking fluid for arts and crafts.

Whether you are new to masking fluid in the crafting world or you are just learning about it, we are here to share how you can use masking fluid in your crafts and share some different ideas you can try.

You will love the diversity you can get with masking fluid and how many different surfaces it can be used on. You are truly limited only to your imagination!

Peel-Tek 150 Crafters Edition is a masking fluid we enjoy working with and have used it many, many times. Here are some of the diverse ways we have used Peel-Tek 150 Crafters Edition masking fluid in some of our craft projects.


1. Use Masking Fluid For Painting Canvas Shoes

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This was a project using Peel-Tek Crafters Edition masking fluid. We hand-painted some white canvas shoes with watercolor paint and used the masking fluid to protect the areas of the shoes that needed to keep the paint off.

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Once the painting was finished the masking fluid was peeled off and those areas stayed perfectly white. There was no carry-over of the mint green masking fluid color whatsoever.

Here's the video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Subscribe

See The Full Tutorial On Our Website Here

2. Use Masking Fluid On A Custom Name Chalkboard With Watercolors

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Here's a little chalkboard with the name "Jaina" on it using the masking fluid. We first painted a beautiful background on an 8x10 artist board and let it dry. 

Once it dried, the name was outlined with the masking fluid.

The masking fluid was applied quite thick to make sure everything was thoroughly covered.

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Once the masking fluid was dry, a second layer of paint was painted over top using watercolors in black, Then the rest of the chalkboard was finished with blue chalkboard paint.

Once all of the paint was dry, the masking fluid was peeled off to reveal the name. Just pop it into a frame and it's ready to go!

If you make a mistake you can also go over it with a paint marker for crafts.

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Here is the final result of this project.

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts


Watch the full video tutorial here:

3. Use Masking Fluid To Paint Designs On Rocks

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We have painted a few rocks around here at DIY Craft Club (see them here!). And really enjoy the effect that a masking fluid can provide to reveal the natural rock underneath.

Start by watering down the masking fluid slightly just to make it a bit more fluid and then hand-paint a cute design on a rock.

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Once the masking fluid is dry on the rock, go ahead and fully cover the rock with a bright, bold acrylic paint.

Look how dark and beautiful that color is!

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Once the paint is dry, peel the masking fluid off and reveal the natural stone underneath. How satisfying!

It was a really great rock painting project!

How To Use Masking Fluid In Crafts

Check out the video tutorial below:

4. Coffee-Stained Paper With Masking Fluid

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It's so great when you can use things you have around the house to create beautiful art.

You might enjoy staining paper with coffee, and you can take this a step further by creating beautiful designs using masking fluid.

See the video for how to make coffee-stained paper below! This is actually one of the most popular DIY videos. Have you subscribed to our channel yet?

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Once the paper is dry, proceed to paint a leaf design with the masking fluid. Do layer it on quite thick for this project since it's going to be immersed in coffee to darken it up. 

How To Use Masking Fluid On Crafts

Once the masking fluid is dry, you can fully re-immerse the paper in coffee once more.

How To Use Masking Fluid On Paper Designs

And again, let the page completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Once the page was totally dry, you can carefully peel away the masking fluid.

How To Use Masking Fluid

This is a really fun way to use masking fluid on coffee-stained paper.

Use this method to make homemade cards, gift wrap, notes, pictures or anything else you can come up with! You can also use this for your junk journal ideas.

Here is the video tutorial

We would love to see what you come up with, be sure to comment at the bottom of this post to share any ideas or projects you made!

5. Use Masking Fluid With Watercolor Paint

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One question we see people asking around the internet is how to use masking fluid with watercolor paint on watercolor paper.

Masking fluid can easily be used with watercolor paint by taking your paintbrush, and painting the areas with masking fluid which you would like masked out and letting it dry completely. Then paint overtop with watercolor paint.

We tested Peel-Tek's masking fluid on watercolor paper, and we were quite happy with the result.

How To Use Masking Fluid
How To Use Masking Fluid With Watercolor Paint


6. How To Use Masking Fluid On Easter Eggs

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Holidays are so fun when you are a creative crafter.

Started by boiling eggs and making sure they are dry. Then use Peel-Tek masking fluid to paint designs.

How To Use Masking Fluid On Easter Eggs

After dying the eggs and letting them completely dry, carefully peel off the masking fluid to reveal the Easter egg pattern.

Using Masking Fluid On Easter Eggs
How To Use Masking Fluid On Easter Eggs

Watch the video tutorial of using Peel-Tek masking fluid on Easter eggs.


7. Use Masking Fluid To Make Christmas Cards

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Masking fluid can be especially fun at Christmas time when there are so many cards, gift tags, gift wrap and more you can design and make on your own! And doesn't that just make those gifts and crafts even more special?

Start by measuring and cutting some paper for these Christmas crafts, and then draw out the design.

Paint the lettering on using Peel-Tek masking fluid. You can add a slight amount of water to help with the flow. Then proceed to paint an image or letters with the masking fluid.

Masking Fluid For Christmas Crafts


 After the masking fluid dried, dip the papers in coffee. You can dip once or a few times to get your perfect level of desired darkness.

Masking Fluid For Christmas Crafts

The Peel-Tek came off very easily on these Christmas crafts, and we were so happy with the results!

Masking Fluid For Christmas Crafts

Watch the video tutorial here:

Here is a video unboxing of Peel-Tek Crafters Edition Masking Fluid where we completed some of these projects above! Be sure to watch, and 1000% sure to subscribe.

Check out Peel-Tek's website right here

✅ Well, we hope we have inspired you to try masking fluid on your crafts and projects! We would love to hear what you came up with, be sure to tag us in any of your social media or come back to comment below.

Thanks for crafting with us, and have a beautiful day.

Masking Fluid Craft Ideas

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