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DIY Galaxy Shoes | How To Paint Shoes Step By Step


How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

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Shoes have become such a popular means of self-expression these days: through shoe color, to the style of shoe, and shoe shape. But if you are really looking to express yourself through some DIY fashion, we highly recommend trying your hand at these hand-painted galaxy shoes. You can add your own flair and style and feel so good about creating your own galaxy shoe design! It is really quite easy!

Yes, you can paint your own galaxy shoes that are out of this world. In our tutorial below, we show you how to use watercolor paints to paint shoes and create a gorgeous galaxy effect. These DIY galaxy shoes are absolutely stunning and are easy to recreate no matter what your artistic skill level is. Let us show you how you can make your own pair of custom galaxy painted shoes below.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

DIY Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy shoes appeal to so many people because of the color variations you can use. Starting with black, you can venture into shades of blues and violets as well as magentas, greens, and oranges. And you can use as little or as much color as you would like to. These are your own custom shoes that look just like a gorgeous galaxy!

Here is everything you need to create hand-painted galaxy shoes

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes


  • A pair of white canvas shoes. Please make sure these do not have any waterproof finish or spray on them. (There is a huge range of white canvas shoes on Amazon right here: lots of different styles from about 12.99 and up!)
  • Paper towels
  • Peel-Tek 150 Crafters Edition masking fluid to protect parts of your shoes from the paint, which you can grab on Amazon right here
  • watercolor paints
  • water
  • Soft, heavy paint brushes that will hold lots of water
  • fine brushes for adding detail
  • A clean toothbrush

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

Peel-Tek carries many products for crafting, painting, staining and for home improvements. Check out their variety of products on the Peel-Tek website right here.

How to paint galaxy shoes

1. Start by removing the shoelaces from your shoes and setting them aside.

2. Fill shoes with paper towels. This will soak up any excess water or paint and will also provide you with a more solid surface to work on. We recommend starting on one shoe at a time, finishing it, and then doing the same steps to your second shoe.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

3. Dilute the Peel-Tek masking fluid with a few drops of water. You don't want to water the masking fluid down too much, just enough so it becomes a paintable consistency. You can watch our video tutorial below to get an idea of how much to dilute it by.

4. Paint the rubber sides of the sole of your shoes as well as the eyes where your laces will string through. You don't want to get paint on these parts, and the masking fluid will protect them from that. Be sure not to get any on the fabric part of the shoes though. If you do get masking fluid on your shoe fabric, carefully take it off with a wet paper towel as soon as you can.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

5. Let your Peel-Tek masking fluid dry for about 15 minutes. It will turn darker in color as it dries.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

6. Once the masking fluid is totally dry, it is time to saturate your shoe fabric with water. Using a heavy brush, paint water on to your fabric. You can be quite generous here. This water will carry and blend your galaxy colors together and will dry afterward, so no need to be shy with the water.

7. Dip your brush into your watercolor paint to pick up some color. Choose an area of your shoe and start painting! We chose to start our base with our darkest color here, which was black. You will notice as soon as you touch your paint to the damp shoe fabric, the water will carry your color beautifully across the show fabric. This is the beautiful effect that watercolor paint gives you and why it is a great medium for creating a galaxy effect on shoes.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

8. Continue painting galaxy colors on to your shoe until it is covered.

9. While the galaxy shoes are still wet, dip your clean, wet paintbrush into your white watercolor paint and create some soft, white dots, allowing the water to carry the paint creating a halo effect. This will allow the stars of your galaxy to appear as if they are glowing.

10. Dip your toothbrush in the white paint and gently pull your fingers back to allow it to spray gently onto your shoes. This will create the illusion of distant galaxies and stars.

11. Once your galaxy shoes are completely dry, use white and gold to accent and layer your glowing stars with a very fine paintbrush or well-defined tip for accuracy.

12. Once completely dry, you can remove your Peel-Tek masking fluid. Find an area and start by grabbing and gently peeling away. If there are any bits of masking fluid left on your shoe, you can use a wooden skewer to easily remove. 

Repeat all of the above steps now on your second shoe.

How To Paint Galaxy Shoes

Well, we hope you found this DIY galaxy painted shoe tutorial informative and inspiring! We would love to see your creations so be sure to tag us in your photos or comment below. Also, be sure to Pin any of our photos to your creative Pinterest boards. We would appreciate that! 

We would also like to thank Peel-Tek for sponsoring this DIY galaxy shoe post. 

Happy creating!



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DIY Craft Club Admin
DIY Craft Club Admin

September 04, 2020

Thanks for your question. We used watercolor paints. Here’s a great brand on Amazon –


September 04, 2020

What paints do you use?

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