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Best Soapmaking Molds | 2021 Soapmaker's Guide

best soapmaking molds

If you are looking to make your own handmade soap from scratch, you have come to the right place. Here's our official list of the best handmade soap molds. This buyers guide will be helpful if you are just starting to learn about making your own handmade soap, or are already a pro at making your own bars. If you want to make your own DIY handmade soap, you will need to have the best soap molds. We love making our own handmade soap here. And who doesn't love the amazing color combinations, aroma, and wonderful feeling your skin has when you use a bar of handmade soap. 


There are many types of molds to choose from when you are ready to make a batch of handmade soap from scratch. Handmade soap molds come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials so you have plenty of options to choose from when you make handmade soap. The most popular soap molds are wooden molds that you can take apart easily, plastic, and silicone. Each of these molds will give you different results depending on how you would like your final bars of soap to look like.

best soapmaking molds

Handmade soap is a fun DIY project, not to mention bars of soap sell like crazy at craft shows and in Etsy shops (see our article Best Soap Shops On Etsy). The luxurious oils and ingredients that you can add to handmade soap makes bath time or a shower a truly luxurious experience. With lots of practice, you will be unmolding your own perfect handmade soap bars in no time.

What molds are best for making your own soap from scratch? Here are our top handmade soap mold choices for this year.

BEST SOAP MOLDS FOR HANDMADE SOAP | Cold Process and Melt & Pour Soap

1. SILICONE MOLDS FOR SOAP from Mold Selling

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This shop has a huge selection of soapmaking molds. They offer sets and singles. With over 300 soapmaking molds to choose from, you will be able to make all kinds of soap shapes for any occasion. Most of the molds in this shop are made from silicone so your soap should just pop right out easily. These little shoes are totally adorable and will work for CP and melt and pour soap.

best soapmaking molds


2. BIRCH SOAP MOLD by WoodSkinru

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This shop makes custom wooden soapmaking molds. They offer excellent quality molds at a reasonable price and buyers are raving. Not only do they have excellent quality soapmaking molds that you can use for cold process soap and melt & pour soap, they also make some of the best soapmaking cutters that are easy to use.

best soapmaking molds wooden


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Ready for this? Just look at this totally amazing soap bouquet. This soap supply shop on Etsy has a huge selection of floral molds. You can choose from artificial greenery soap molds, rose molds, and tulip molds. If you love florals and want to try making flower shaped soap, then you are going to fall in love with this soap supply shop.

best soapmaking molds

4. CLEAR SOAP MOLDS by Custom Craft Tools

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This Etsy shop carries many soapmaking supplies and molds. What we really love is their clear soapmaking molds. They have several sizes to choose from when you are making gifts for your loved ones or offering different sizes of soap for your craft shows. This shop carries high quality soap molds that are transparent. So if you love to make layers and designs, you can see exactly what you are pouring. You can use this mold for melt & pour soap and it will stand up to the temperatures on cold process soap too.

best soapmaking molds

5. LOAF SOAPMAKING MOLD by Custom Craft Tools

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Another soapmaking mold by Custom Craft Tools on Etsy. This soap mold can be used with CP and MP soap and is made from quality materials. This mold has an open design so that your soap will come out easily. And since this mold is offered in many sizes, you can pick what one is best for you.

best soapmaking loaf mold


Visit Etsy Shop

If you want to give a silicone mold a try, these might be a good choice for you if you need a custom soap mold. This company on Etsy offers soapmaking molds with your very own logo or company name. Wouldn't these be great for wedding favors or a baby shower? These molds are made from food grade silicone so they are super easy to get your soap out of the mold.

best soapmaking molds custom


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This set is made of quality food grade silicone and is perfect for soap embeds. This set includes teddy bears, hearts, shells, and stars. You can make a whole bunch of these to embed into larger bars. Or make some small soap shapes to present in a nice jar or gift box. These molds are super easy to clean and are made to stand up to lots of use. 

best soapmaking molds for embeds


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These little molds are so lovely! These floral molds come with 6 different shapes for your soap. You can share your love of soapmaking with your customers or friends with these flower designs. Add on some shimmer dust or mica onto your soap and really take your bars to the next level. 

best soapmaking molds pretty flowers


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Look at how cute these emoji soapmaking molds are. This silicone set comes in lots of different faces to capture every mood. How perfect would it be to make a whole bunch and put them into a nice gift box to sell at your craft show? Your friends and customers will LOVE your soap. You can make all different kinds of scents and colors to go with the mood.

emoji soapmaking molds


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These sets of soapmaking molds are made with premium silicone and are flexible and non-stick. If you are looking for soapmaking molds that can be used for melt & pour, cold process and rebatching, you will love these molds. The soap just pop right out easily.

best soapmaking molds silicone set


Visit Grow And Make Etsy Shop

If you are new to making your own soap, you might want to try a soapmaking kit. We have used the soapmaking kits from Grow And Make and found that they are super easy to use.

best soapmaking molds and kits

WATCH THE VIDEO | Grow And Make Soap Making Kit


Soapmaking Safety Equipment

Best Soapmaking Shops On Etsy

Best Gift Ideas For Soapmakers

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best soapmaking molds


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