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best gift ideas for soapmakers

We all have one in our life. That person who loves to make their own soap! I am one of those soapmakers too. I haven’t purchased a bar of soap from the store since I started making my own soap almost 20 years ago! Since then, I have made hundreds of batches so I know exactly what the best gifts for soapmakers are. Soapmakers love gifts that they can simply make soap with, it doesn't have to be complicated here lol. So if you are thinking of what to get, keep in mind that we just want to make soap. All. Day. Long.

Soapmakers enjoy experimenting with new ways to make their own soap so anything that you decide to give them as a gift will be a delight! Soapmakers tend to have a lot of different ingredients and soapmaking supplies on hand so try to take a peek of what they have so you can get a gift that’s totally different. But really, when I say we love to try new things, we do! So you don’t have to worry too much about this!

Here’s our top 10 list of the best gift ideas for soapmakers and people who love to make their own soap from scratch. Some of these items are soapmaking staples and then other gift ideas are more for extra special splurges.

Here Are The Best Gift Ideas For Soapmakers

1. Mica Powder Colors 

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This set of soapmaking pigments is so gorgeous and would make a great gift for anyone who likes to make soap! Any soapmaker will be in their happy place using these highly pigmented micas and pearl powders. And take a look at the metallics! This set of colored mica will add shimmery highlights and color to any kind of soap including cold process soap, melt and pour soap and hot process soap.

These mica powders are FDA approved cosmetic grade pigments. My favorite is the onyx and pewter! Just lovely! If I got this as a gift, I would have a huge smile and go running to the soap room immediately! You can use these either mixed right into the soap or you can mix them with a bit of alcohol and dust the tops of the soap after they are out of the molds for an ultra modern effect.

best gift ideas for soapmakers



2. Organic Dried Herbs & Flowers

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Adding herbs into soap just brings it to the next level. Those little bits peeking out here and there says hey, I'm handmade with love! This set of dried herbs comes in an array of florals and herbs like Passion, Hibiscus, Elder, Heather, Hops and Chrysanthemum. These are great for making natural soaps. And they also add interesting textures and colors to handmade soap. These florals and herbs would make a lovely gift for any soapmaker and they will open this with delight!

best gift ideas for soapmakers

3. Lavender Essential Oil

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I have to tell you something super important. If you are ever thinking of getting a soapmaker essential oil as a gift, please make sure you are buying it from a reputable company. There are really crappy fake essential oils out there even though they say they are pure. Many are not. And they can smell terrible! That's why we always recommend NOW products. They have been around since 1968 and their mission has always been to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. Their oils are pure. This set of 2 lavender essential oils would be a great gift for a soapmaker.

best gift ideas for people that make soap

4. Unrefined Shea Butter

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Shea butter can get pretty expensive and it's one of those expensive kinds of ingredients that we love to use, but cringe when we have to buy it. Shea butter makes soap extremely luxurious. Whenever I use expensive oils and butters, I make sure to add them just before pouring the soap into the molds and adjust my superfatting formula to account for the extra oils and butters. This is definitely a splurge and will be most welcome by any soapmaker!

best gift ideas for people that make soap raw shea butter

5. Stick Blender

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This is the best gift for a soapmaker because when you make soap, you have to make sure that the oils are getting mixed in with the lye evenly. All kinds of bad can happen when your lye water and oils don't mix properly. You can get splitting when the soap is curing, lye crystals and even worse, lye pockets. So I use a hand-held mixer to get my soap to trace.

best gifts for soapmakers

6. Silicone Flower Molds

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There's something that I've been noticing a lot lately. Soapmakers are making soap loaves and then embedding different elements like flowers and other shapes into the top so that the shapes stick out. This is such a cool look! These flower molds are perfect for this! This set is non-stick and the soap is easy to release from the mold. And these soap molds are super easy to clean too. If you give these molds as a gift to a soapmaker, they might just start whipping up a batch right then and there lol. (half joking).

best gift ideas for soapmakers silicone flower molds

7. Wooden Loaf Mold With Silicone Insert

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I love this mold because it's a perfect size for a small batch!! This soap mold would be a great gift idea because it also comes with two scrapers/cutters. The silicone insert is easy to clean and then the wooden mold keeps everything nice and secure when you are pouring the soap into the mold. This is a great gift for someone who is just trying out soapmaking for the first time because it makes about 8 2 1/4 cut bars so that's a really good sized batch to play around with.

best gift ideas for soapmakers mold with cutters

8. Embossed Rolling Pins 

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These rolling pins are fantastic for getting cool designs on the top or sides of the soap! They work the best when the soap is still soft so the best time to use them is just after the soap comes out of the mold after 24 hours. So you definitely need to roll the patterns onto semi-soft soap for the patterns to show up clearly. This would be such a unique gift that a soapmaker would like to try out!

best gift ideas for soapmakers

9. Biodegradable Holo Glitter

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If glitter is your soapmakers thing, this eco-glitter is biodegradable, all natural and eco-friendly! Soapmakers can get their sparkle on because this company donates a portion of their proceeds to ocean conservation efforts! So what is eco glitter made from anyway? This particular brand is sourced from cellulose found in Eucalyptus trees, so it degrades naturally! This glitter comes in several colors to add to your handmade soap like aquamarine, blue lagoon, coral, violet and silver.

best eco friendly glitter for bath bombs

10. Printable Handmade Soap Labels

download them here

Soapmakers love to give their soap as gifts. We just can't help it! Whenever I make a batch of soap for my family, I'm always sure to make extra for those times I need to give a gift. These handmade labels are a great gift idea for soapmakers and they just bring soapmaking gifts to another level. One of the reasons why I love these labels so much is because you just download them once and they can be used over and over.

labels for handmade soap digital download

Thanks for reading our article and we hope you found some great gift ideas for the soapmaker in your life! If you would like to read more articles like this, here are some great resources for you. And now that I'm totally wanting to make soap after writing this article for you, don't be surprised if soapmaking tutorials start to pop up soon!

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