How To Use Mod Podge | Easy, Step-By-Step Guide

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How to use mod podge

A staple in many craft bags is a product called Mod Podge.

Mod Podge is a special kind of water-based, non-toxic glue, sealer and finishing product in one jar that you can use on almost any surface you want. It allows you to transfer images from printed paper, napkins, newspapers and more onto a surface. 

Mod Podge comes in many finishes, but the main formulas are matte, satin, and glossy so which one you want to use will depend on the look you are going for.

Just keep in mind that some people find the glossy may leave a bit of a sticky finish if you live in a humid climate.

So if you are planning on using the glossy finish on something where you will be touching it a lot or in a frame under glass, you may want to consider a different finish.

Or you can also seal it all in with a protective coating of varnish. You can find a good, low odor clear varnish on Amazon here by Krylon- it is the one we use at DIY Craft Club for many projects.

How To Use Mod Podge

Here is the step-by-step guide for how to use Mod Podge!

1. When you are using Mod Podge, it is good to either shake it really well before use or give it a good stir with a wooden stick or plastic spoon.

How to use mod podge

Find the different types of Mod Podge on Amazon right here

How to use mod podge


2. Prepare your surface by cleaning it: if you are Mod Podging onto wood or canvas, wipe it clean to remove any dust.

If Mod Podging onto plastic, clay or terra cotta, glass or fabric, clean with warm, soapy water. Just make sure your surface is totally dry before applying any Mod Podge.

3. Apply the Mod Podge of your choice to your surface: paper, fabric, wood, using a paint brush or foam brush. Paint it on your surface evenly.

The rule of thumb tends to be, the thicker the paper, the more Mod Podge you can use. For example, if you are Mod Podging an image from a thin napkin onto a dresser, use a thinner coat of Mod Podge.

But if you are Mod Podging words from a thicker-paged magazine onto, say, a terra cotta pot, you would use a bit more Mod Podge to glue them in place.

Check prices on Mod Podge-specific paint brush supplies on Amazon here

4. Place the image you want to transfer onto your surface on the Mod Podge you just laid down. This could be a page from a book, a newspaper clipping, a photo, a napkin, a printed image or more.

We have so many images here at DIY Craft Club that you can print right from your computer to Mod Podge onto surfaces, be sure to check out our collection of printable paper! Our floral section has quite a few beautiful pages to print for Mod Podging. 

how to use mod podge

Also, make sure you check out our article, Paper Napkin Ideas For Decoupage Crafts to get some great ideas! We love decoupaging napkins onto surfaces with Mod Podge, they are our personal favorite for image transferring.

how to use mod podge

5. Then you are going to seal the image in by painting another layer of Mod Podge over top of your transferred image.

There will be a lot of Mod Podge on there and it may look slightly white, but it will dry clear.

Make sure you adhere it really well and ensure there are no bubbles by running your brush over top. A foam brush is good for this!

6. Add more images or layer other images overtop of your first if you are wanting more than one. Just follow the same steps as above.

7. Once finished adding images, let it dry.

We have written an article called Mod Podge Matte | Ultimate Guide if you want to learn what we like to use the matte Mod Podge for, and you will see some of our own crafting creations!

How to use mod podge

The possibilities of Mod Podge crafts are so endless. There are so many projects you can do involving Mod Podge, and this is a quick, basic Mod Podge guide for you to learn about the craft.

It is very fun to experiment with Mod Podge and it can be an addictive craft, so you have been warned! haha.

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We hope you found this guide for the basics of how to use Mod Podge helpful! Be sure to share or pin any of the images above to your favorite crafting board on Pinterest so you can find it again. We would appreciate that!

How to use mod podge

Happy crafting!

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teresa L hoffman
teresa L hoffman

April 18, 2023

i want to know why when i try mod podging over stuff i printed on paper it turns pink for some reason

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