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napkin ideas for decoupage crafts

The other day I was doing some research on some future decoupage tutorials that we have planned. We are going to be showing you many ways to decoupage with napkins. I know, so exciting! We already have a ton of ideas like decoupaging furniture, painted jars, jewelry boxes, and fridge magnets. All with napkins! And I as I was searching for some interesting napkins designs, I kind of went down a rabbit hole in my search for the best napkins to use.

napkins for decoupage

There are so many printed paper napkins out there. Of course! But I never really thought about them before now. After going through hundreds of different themed napkins I knew that I had to break them down into a manageable list. This was so much fun because they are all so pretty and perfect to use for all kinds of decoupaging! If you were wondering where to buy those gorgeous napkin designs that you see all over Pinterest, you have come to the right place.

Basically, napkins are perfect for decoupage projects because they are super thin which makes them easy to use for furniture, eggs, jars, birdhouses, book covers, and pretty much everything else you can think of to decoupage with napkins. If Mod Podge had a bff in the craft world, it's napkins.

Here Are The Best Napkin Designs For Decoupage Projects

These napkin ideas are broken down into categories for you so you can check back here from time to time when you need some extra inspiration (remember to pin this page!). We have shown our favorite choices and then a link to more in that specific category.

1. Floral Napkins For Decoupage

Spring Flower Design

How pretty would this flower design be on a decoupaged chair, jewelry box, or a furniture piece? Just love the pretty delicate little spring flowers in this set. If you are fixing up an old stool, this would look fabulous!

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spring flower napkins for decoupage

See more floral themed napkins here on Amazon

2. Cottage Chic Napkins For Decoupage

Paris Decoupage Napkins

Dreaming of Paris? This serviette set comes with 20 embossed napkins. They are made from recycled materials too! They have a muted color palette that will go well with decorative wooden blocks or flower pots. Can you imagine what a dresser drawer would look like? We sure can!

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paris napkins for decoupage crafts

Shabby Roses

A classic cottage shabby look. These pretty roses would be great to make into a mixed media art piece or for making a pretty jewelry box.

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shabby chic napkins for decoupage


See more cottage chic napkins here on Amazon

3. Bird Napkins For Decoupage

Printed Bird Napkins

These printed bird napkins are so cute and perfect for decoupage crafts. I think this set would look lovely on an old dresser if you were to decoupage the drawers. These are 13x13 inches unfolded so they will cover quite a bit!

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bird napkins for decoupage

Cypress Home Bird Bliss

This is kind of abstract and whimsical all at the same time and these napkins are so cute! These would be great to cut up to apply to a chalk painted jar or a decorative birdhouse. So many ideas come to mind with this napkin set! Just look at the colors, so pretty!

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best napkins for decoupage

See more bird napkins here on Amazon

4. Metallic Foil Napkins

Decorative White Gold Napkins

This set comes in 4 different metallic shapes. The gold would be great for decorating wine bottles or wooden Christmas ornaments. Totally going to grab some these!

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gold metallic napkins for decoupage

See more foiled napkins here on Amazon

5. Animal Napkins For Decoupage

Cute Bunny Napkins

Easter decoupage crafts are so much fun and there are so many ways to use napkins for your Easter craft ideas. These napkins would look lovely decoupaged onto a tray or a large ostrich egg! Have you ever tried decoupaging an ostrich egg? Super fun! I found some sellers of ostrich eggs here on Amazon.

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Easter napkins for decoupage craft ideas

Cat Napkins

Check Price On Amazon

cat napkins for decoupage

Pug Napkins

These are so cute! You could cut these out and make pretty cards and tags with them. These would look adorable decoupaged onto a mason jar too if you are making a gift idea for a dog lover in your life.

Check Price On Amazon

dog napkins for decoupage

See more animal themed napkins here on Amazon

6. Food Napkins

Lemon and Basil

Love how bright and colorful these lemons are! This napkin set could be used to accent a drawer in your kitchen or bring a splash of yellow color to an accent table or tray. When I look at this napkin set, all kinds of happy thoughts come to mind.

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lemon napkins for decoupage

7. Watercolor Napkins

Watercolor Flowers

These flowers are so elegant and feature watercolor blooms & delicate leaves on a white background so these would be great for a wine bottle or a mixed media art piece.

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flower napkins for decoupage decorating

8. Vintage

Vintage Style Sunflowers

These sunflowers would give an aged vintage look to some decoupaged coasters or fridge magnets. Another idea is to find an old cabinet that you could use in your kitchen and fix it up. Then decoupage these napkins onto the drawers for extra accents.

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vintage napkins for decoupage

See more vintage style napkins here on Amazon

9. Sea Life

Colorful corals, exotic fish, and wonders of the ocean. This napkin set could be used for coasters, mixed media wall art or cardmaking. What I love about this set is you can cut out the little animals and use them in so many ways.

Check Price On Amazon

under the sea napkins for decoupage crafts

 See more sea life napkins for decoupage here on Amazon

10. Greenery

Fern Napkins

These pretty ferns can be cut out and used for a mixed media piece or turned into pretty tags or gift cards. I would try to chalk paint a jar or wine bottle in a vintage white color and then use these at cutouts. That would make such a nice flower holder or vase.

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greenery napkins for decoupage

See more greenery napkins here on Amazon

We have another great article about Mod Podge that you might want to read too. There's some really good info there.

I hope you are totally inspired to get into your craft rooms. If you found this list helpful, please save a Pin so you can come back later to see any updates to this list.

napkin ideas for decoupage crafts

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