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Best Valentine's Day handmade card ideas with free printable

Valentine's Day is coming!!! 

Have you been thinking about making your own Valentine's Day Card for that special someone? Maybe you are not sure where to start? Let DIY Craft Club help you out. We have some really cute DIY cards that you can print out, and make into your own!

These cards are totally customizable, right down to the very message inside. Think of it like a word search! We have planted some strategic, amorous words to make cute sentences about love.

Instant download Valentine's Day Card Printable

These can be for your significant other, for a parent or grandparent or anyone you want to share the love with. And it does not necessarily have to be for Valentine's Day, we also have another option available that is a word search without the words "Happy Valentine's Day" on it. Isn't it so nice to make a card for someone for no reason?? Make that love card any day!

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Printable customizable Valentine's Day cards

When you download these cards, they can print on 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper, right from your standard printer, and you can use whatever paper works best in your printer. You can use plain white paper, or if you want to add a unique effect, you can use some decorative paper, like this assortment of different marbled paper. I just love the pretty colors this set comes in!

Decorative printer paper for card making

Making your own cards is such a fun past time and is a great creative outlet. The possibilities are endless! You can add your own flair from start to finish: in choosing your paper, choosing the card you want to print (make sure you check out all of the free options we have here at DIY Craft Club!) and more!

You can also embellish your handmade cards with a variety of craft supplies! After you print your card, you can paint on it, add sparkles, stickers, cut the edges with unique patterned scissors, emboss it, stamp it... You can even use nail polish, like this sparkle polish!! The possibilities are truly endless! 

Use nail polish to add sparkle to handmade Valentine's Day free printable cards

If you are looking for a good versatile stamp set to get you started, I am totally in love with this one. I have a thing for typewriters and the typewriter letters, and these replicate that font perfectly. This is an alphabet set that will allow you to put your own words and sayings onto your handmade cards! And if you click the link to see more pictures of this product, you will see they are not just for paper! I really love how they stamped the clay pots for herbs to know which herbs are growing in them! Plus it comes in a super cute wooden box. 

Wooden stamp set for cardmaking with typewriter alphabet

These stamps would also be so cute to sign your name with on your homemade Valentine's Day cards!

When you print these customizable Valentine's Day cards, you can fold them either way: the word search can be on the front with your custom message on it, or it can be on the inside!

Valentine's day printable cards free

Whichever way you want to fold it, you can't go wrong! I really love the idea of printing these off for kids to work on. Especially when they are at that age where they are learning to read, you can let them highlight their own words to make a really cute card.

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Teachers out there take note!! Once you download the card, you can print as many times as you want! Even if the words they choose to highlight don't make a perfect sentence. It could be really cute or funny depending on which words they find.

This could make that card so much more special!!

free printable Valentine's day cards 

Printable Valentine's day cards

We printed out a few of these Valentine's Day cards to play with here at DIY Craft Club, and we used our favorite Tombow Dual Brush pens to highlight the words in our word search, and found a really cute message for our card!! Check it out in the video at the bottom of this article.

Tombow brush pens for handmade valentine's day cards


Valentine's day cards to print free

We also added some really pretty silver sparkly Washi tape to embellish our handmade card. Washi tape is this super amazing tape used to decorate so many different things! We love this assorted pack of 50 and it is a super great price. Washi tape to decorate handmade cards with

And if you are wondering what Washi tape is, where did Washi tape come from or about the history of Washi tape, it is really quite interesting! You can check out our article, What Is Washi Tape to learn all about it, and the many things you can use Washi tape for!! We love decorating with Washi and have formed quite the collection lol.

If you follow us on YouTube, you may see the many planner reviews and videos where we decorate our planner pages with Washi tape, and even tape planner pages together to make pockets for holding special memories and mementos.

What can you use washi tape for

Check out the video tutorial below of our homemade Valentine's Day card to see how we made these Valentine's Day card printables! And we would love to hear from you!! Send us a picture of your own Valentine's Day card creations, or some of the cute sentences you came up with!!! And if you love this article and want to be able to find it again, be sure to PIN any of the above pictures NOW to come back to it LATER! We would really appreciate that :) 

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 Thanks for stopping by ! Have a lovely day!! 

Valentine's Day Card Printables

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