How Paint By Numbers Can Improve Your Mood

Paint By Numbers For Mood

Being creative and exploring emotions through color plays a significant role in our lives, whether we realize it or not.

The colors in our environment can have an impact on our emotions, sentiments, and mood. 

When you become aware of this, it is easy to incorporate positive and calming colors in our everyday lives and activities and this is especially true in the art we create and the mindful, creative activities we participate in.

Every day, we are exposed to a wide variety of colors, which may elicit a variety of emotions in us including happiness, joy, relaxation, having a calm mindset and more.

The same can be true with certain colors being tied negative emotions, and being aware of this can lead to how you interact with colors throughout your day and in your creative life.

So let's discover how to have a happy and positive mindset through color and how to mindfully incorporate that into our creative activities!

 Paint By Numbers Colors For Mood

Using Paint By Number For Mindful Mood Setting

Colorful paint by number sets are a fun way to experiment with color theory and  how it affects your emotions. You can enjoy this calming activity and allow it to incorporate positive colors into your life and it can actually improve your mood.

These are great activates to have on hand when you are feeling down or you need to get the creative juices flowing.


Colors In Warm Tones

Warm and cool color tones are the two categories into which colors are often categorized.

Warmer tones, such as shades of yellow, orange, and red, are shown on the red side of the color wheel. These warmer tones have a calming influence on our mood. They tend to give us a positive, upbeat, vibrant, warm, and cozy feeling.

Warm Color Tones

But these hues can dually convey a sense of urgency or haste when utilized in their brighter versions.

You can use warm hues to entice individuals to engage in lively and engaging activity and use softer warm tones to bring out happiness and vibrancy.

It is also interesting to note that warm hues may also stimulate your appetite and cause you to salivate. Take for example, the McDonald's logo, which is the most well-known restaurant company in the world. Their colors are red and yellow and nothing is by accident there.


Colors In Cool Tones

Another side of the color spectrum is the cool color tones like purples, blues, and greens.

In general, these hues inspire sentiments of poise, calmness, peace, and serenity. However, darker hues of these colors can also evoke a sense of restlessness as well as other emotions that can be depressive.

So it is good to stay in the lighter, softer tones of cool colors if you are aiming for improving your mood, but use them however you would like to.


Incorporating Positive Colors In Your Art

Bringing the joyous colors of warmer hues paired with the calming effect of the lighter, cooler hues can really make a positive impact on your mood and emotions.

A great way of using these colors mindfully is by creating paint by numbers artwork. Especially, if you can find a photo of yourself, your pet, a loved one or something that makes you happy, and one that incorporates these positive colors and have a customized paint my numbers made of that special photo!


Where To Get A Custom Paint By Numbers

Custom Paint By Numbers

Get your hands on some vibrant personalized paint by numbers to unleash your artistic side and enjoy a spectrum of colors and emotions as well while you create your own painted versions of your favorite photos.

Keep color theory and color psychology in mind and paint the mood you are feeling by incorporating those colors when you can. 


How Does Color Psychology Work?

Basically, color psychology is the study of how colors and their various shades impact a person's moods, emotions, sentiments, and psychological state of mind. There is no denying that colors have an impact on us; nevertheless, this aspect of psychology hasn't yet been explored to its full potential.

Since color psychology plays such a significant part in the arts, business, design and everyday life, there have been many studies and investigations done on how color affects the brain and the emotions they elicit.

Color theory also embraces individuality as well, and some studies point out connections based on culture and upbringing.

You may find that you discover more about colors, including which ones you are attracted to, which ones you are not, and how various colors clash and bring out certain moods in your own personal being.


How To Create A Personalized Paint By Number

When you find the perfect photo that you would like to have made into a custom paint by number, you can simply upload it and then choose your canvas size. It's really that easy, and would also make a unique gift to a friend or loved one in your life!

As you can see, a custom paint by number kit can create a positive impact on your mood and well being by incorporating calming, positive colors into a work of art.



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