How To Stain Paper With Coffee

February 27, 2017

How To Stain Paper With Coffee

Hi and welcome. Today's DIY tutorial is about how to make paper look old and vintage with coffee. If you have wondered how to create coffee stained paper you have come to the right place! Just look at the beautiful crafty things you can make with coffee stained paper. There are many uses for it and it's so satisfying to make too.

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Papers soak up coffee in different ways and it's fun to experiment with regular papers as well as old maps, vintage book pages, and even cloth canvas. Keep in mind that aging paper with coffee is not archival.

diy coffee stained paper tutorial

For this coffee stain paper tutorial, we tried out four different kinds of paper and got different results depending on the tooth and absorbency.

Plain printer paper soaked up the coffee pretty evenly. When we let it dry and dipped again, there was more of an aged look. This paper would be great for little notes or gift wrapping.

how to stain paper with coffee

Our favorite was the Watercolor paper. Oh my gosh, the way this paper soaked up the coffee and little coffee bits was amazing! We used Strathmore watercolor paper. This type of paper would be great for junk journal inserts and for painting on. We also cut strips and used it to embellish some small boxes that we were gift wrapping. Such a nice touch!

how to stain paper with coffee

Another favorite from Strathmore was the mixed media paper. After playing with a few different kinds of mixed media papers, we found that this paper soaked up the coffee extremely well. It would be perfect for writing thank you notes. Its heavy weight makes it a perfect paper for cardmaking, tags and for painting or drawing on.

how to stain paper with coffee

The regular lined paper was the same as the plain office paper and would be great for adding to your junk journals and for writing notes or poems on.

how to stain paper with coffee

Let's get started

Start out with 3 cups of hot water and add in 1 cup of coffee. Stir the mixture really well and then let it sit for about 5 minutes to get saturated. Strain with a mesh strainer. You can also make the coffee with your coffee maker but doing it with a strainer will keep more of the coffee bits in the liquid which will give better staining designs on your papers.

Use whatever dish or containers that fits your sizes of paper. A cookie tray or plastic container will work for your larger sheets.

how to stain paper with coffee

Now the fun part! Start dipping and emerging your papers into the coffee. Have fun and experiment. Try to crumple the paper or fold it before dipping and after to see what kinds of designs appear. Double dipping and letting the paper sit for a few minutes will give an even darker aging look. Hang your papers to dry or use your blow dryer or heat gun

how to stain paper with coffee

Keep in mind that the regular printer paper and lined paper will rip easily. Also if you are going to hand stamp or paint on your paper be sure to do that after it's dry. Don't paint on the paper and then dip into the coffee because your image will smear. On the other hand, if you are going to print a design on your paper with a printer, best to do that before as long as you are using designs from a laser printer. Inkjet will run.

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coffee stain paper diy

stain paper with coffee diy tutorial

Watch the tutorial below to see how we stained our papers.

Have you tried making your own coffee stained papers? Leave a comment and your store links below for the community. Share your creative ideas.



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