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Easy Geode Resin Art Tutorial | Step by Step (Pictures & Video)

geode resin art tutorials

We are sharing our latest geode resin art tutorial. We have been so busy making instructional videos and tutorials for everyone who wants to start making geode resin art, or looking for some new geode techniques and ideas. We have quite a lot of articles about how to use resin and some great tips and tricks to help you get your resin pieces to be top quality!

You can read up on all of the DIY resin articles in the DIY Craft Club Resin section. There's a very important safety article there too. You will notice the pink gloves we are wearing in this tutorial. We talk all about which gloves to wear in our resin safety article, so be sure to have a read over to know about which safety gear you should consider wearing.

We have really been enjoying working with resin and we have an easy geode resin art tutorial for you to try.

When you are making geode resin pieces, be prepared by gathering all of your materials and getting everything organized on your table. This is really helpful because you don't want to be opening drawers looking for things, you'll get resin everywhere. So set everything up before you start like we did in the video below. Also, browse through photos of actual geodes so you can understand how they look in nature.

Visit our Geode | Crystals | Agate Pinterest Board to see really good photos of actual geodes for inspiration.


Here's the finished geode resin art piece that you will be making in this DIY tutorial. Pretty isn't it? :)

 geode resin art tutorial

Step 1 - Prepare A Drawing

Make a sketch of how you want your geode resin piece to look like. Figure out the colors and where you want the stones, crystals, glitter, etc. Then when you are ready to pour, you kind of have a plan. For those who are visual learners, this will be super helpful for a quick reference guide.

geode resin art tutorials

Step 2 - Prepare Your Surface

In this geode resin art tutorial, we are using an 8x10 wooden artboard. First, prime the board using a pearl-colored acrylic paint. Give the artboard two coats and let it dry in between coats. If you use a soft brush, you won't get any brush lines. Once that is dry, then go to the next step.

Step 3 - Tape The Panel

Tape the sides and the back of the panel. This is going to stop the resin from getting onto the sides of your piece and catch any resin drips. You will take the tape off later after it is set, but before it hardens completely. There are techniques that let the resin go down the sides but for this tutorial, we will be taping the sides and the bottom of the panel.

geode resin art tutorial

Step 4 - Start Placing Your Geode Parts

Now you will glue down your geode elements. In this tutorial, we used crushed glass stones and white rocks. You can get really creative here and if you need some more ideas on what you can use for your piece, here's an article we wrote on the many things you can use for sparkle and gemstones for your geode resin art. You can use Mod Podge to glue these down (will dry clear) or you can use resin for this too. Once everything is dry, go to the next step. We also took a walk around Michaels and made a video on our YouTube channel of supplies you can use for your geode pieces from there. Check it out here.

geode resin art tutorials

Step 5 - Mix Up The Resin

Time to start mixing up the resin! For this 8x10 piece, we mixed up 4oz of resin. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the resin that you are using so that you mix up the right ratio of hardener to resin. They are not all the same. We used ArtResin for this and it's a ratio 1:1.

*You may notice the pumps we have sitting in our resin bottles. That is a tip we share in our article, "How To Work With Epoxy Resin | Must Know Tips For Resin Art". Learn more about them (and other tips we have) in that article right here.

Step 6 - Separate The Resin For Your Colors

In this geode resin tutorial, there are three colors. Pink, Silver, and White. Plus a bit extra for the glitter parts. Separate the resin into three reusable silicone cups. And then you can start to add in your tints and colorants, no more than 10% colorant to resin ratio. With the epoxy resin brand that we are using, there is about a 45-minute window to work with before it starts to cure so there is no rush.

free geode resin art tutorials

Step 7 - Pour On The Resin

Now you can pour the resin onto your piece according to your sketch. Have fun with this part mixing your colors and designs. For this we poured the white resin on first, then went ahead and mixed up the pink and poured that layer, and then finally mixed the silver and poured that on. After that was completed, we added glitter here and there as you will see in the video tutorial below. You can use a heat gun to pop any bubbles and move the resin around creating more unique lines and designs.

how to make geode resin art

Step 8 - Draw Geode Lines

When the piece has been sitting for about 5 hours you can draw on realistic geode lines. Using a paint pen is best for that. We used a Sharpie oil-based paint pen for our geode lines.

geode resin art tutorials

Step 9. Remove The Tape

Remove all of the tape before the resin hardens completely. Be careful that you don't touch the resin surface or you will get fingerprints on there. Check the instruction manual to see how long it takes for your resin to be completely cured and you are done! Yay!

geode resin art tutorials

Should You Wear A Respirator Mask When Working With Resin?

You may also want to read more about whether or not you should wear a respirator mask when working with resin. Check out our article, The Proper Respirator Mask For Working With Resin, where we talk about why you should consider wearing a respirator, what the risks are if you do not wear a respirator, how comfortable one is, and how much you should pay for one.

Read about wearing a respirator mask when working with resin here

Should You Wear A Respirator With Resin?



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