14 Best Blythe Doll Customizers [2024]

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best blythe doll customizers

Here are the best Blythe doll customizers to purchase your very own custom Blythe doll.

From the moment many set their eyes on a Blythe doll they are hooked. Anyone who collects or loves Blythe dolls will remember that moment when it happened.

When you set your eyes on your first Blythe doll and were immediately hypnotized by the beauty and wonder.

You are about to enter the world of some of the best Blythe doll customizers where you can buy your first Blythe doll or add to your growing collection. Be prepared!

These awe-inspiring doll shops are some of the best Blythe customizers that you will find out there.

best blythe doll customizers 

Some of these customizers are quite famous and are often asked to participate in exclusive gallery events and appearances. They offer some of the most dreamy and alluring Blythe dolls that doll collectors go crazy over.

A Blythe doll is more than just a doll. Each one tells a story. From start to finish, their customizations draw you in, where you can spend a few moments in their world. Every detail is well thought out and planned.

From the custom eye colors to the original artwork that is carefully painted onto the eyelids. And all Blythe doll customizers love to give their dolls new makeup with their very own faceups.

blythe customizers

Things to know about custom Blythe dolls

These darlings are expensive to make. By the time the Blythe customizer is complete, a Blythe doll can cost hundreds of dollars to create. That's not even counting the countless hours and time spent on her.

So you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 all the way up to over $10,000 for a custom Blythe from well-known customizers with years of experience and a hefty client list.

Choose carefully because Blythe customizers normally don't offer refunds.

A custom Blythe will usually have the following changes. New eye chips, a new carved mouth, nose & chin, custom clothing, hand-painted eyelids, hand-painted accents to the back of the head, artist signature, complete face-up (including sanding, new makeup, & matte finishes), gaze corrections, new pull strings that are customized with jewels and gems, new hair, & new eyelashes.

Some customizers will accept payment plans. You can send them a message via their Etsy shop.

If you have a favorite customizer from this list, join their social media because that's where they usually announce when they will release their new Blythe into their Etsy shop. Most are sold within just a few minutes!


1. Heniferu

Visit Etsy Shop

Fall in love with the magic of custom Blythe dolls at this Etsy shop, where skilled artisans bring these dolls to life with their expert craftsmanship. From ethereal fairies to glamorous divas, there's a doll to suit every aesthetic and ignite your imagination.If you are looking for a Blythe doll that is completely made over to look like a fantasy character, then you must check out this customizer's Etsy shop.

Just look at how she transformed this Blythe into a magical character. Love her!

best blythe doll customizers 

2. BeBe Blythe Co

Visit Etsy Shop

Cassie has been selling on Etsy for many years and is well known in the Blythe community.

Not only can you purchase her gorgeous one of a kind Blythe dolls that are completely made over, but you can also purchase handcrafted eye chips and other custom supplies from her shop too. 

The hair can be styled in many different ways, making each doll unique.

My first custom Blythe was created in November 2015 although I've been a doll collector for nearly 20 years.


blythe doll customizers

3. BonBon Blythe Art

Visit Etsy Shop

This Blythe customizer has some of the best dolls around. They have perfected their designs and makes each Blythe doll out of high-quality materials.

The dolls in this shop are absolutely stunning and feature the most gorgeous eyes and outfits.

blythe customizers

4. Poupoupidoudolls

Visit Etsy Shop

Dive into the enchanting realm of custom Blythe dolls at this Etsy shop, where you can find dolls with hand-painted faces, meticulously sewn outfits, and personalized accessories.

Every doll is a work of art, ready to bring joy and whimsy into your collection.

This Blythe doll has been completely customized with original make-up, new carved lips and nose, and the cutest face ever.

Be sure to check out her store often for new dolls. They sell out fast!

blythe doll customizers

5. Amber Dolls

Visit Etsy Shop

Discover a world of creativity and imagination with this Etsy shop specializing in custom Blythe dolls.

Each doll is meticulously crafted with unique features, from mesmerizing eyes to intricately styled hair, making them one-of-a-kind companions.

This shop owner loves the process of transforming the dolls into a wondrous piece of artwork to be cherished forever. 

best blythe doll customerizers amberdolls

6. Broke Down Dolls 

Visit Etsy Shop

Broke Down Dolls has been customizing Blythe dolls for over 8 years. And her dolls are absolutely stunning! Everything from face-ups, carefully carved lips, and custom glass eye chips with new lashes gives each Blythe doll their own personalities. Even the pull strings get new precious stones, crystal glass, and metal embellishments.

Doll collectors love this shop: You have exceeded my expectations with this wonderful Sassy Redhead. I love your soft touch when it comes to her custom make up.


blythe customizers

7. DODO Toy Factory Blythe Dolls

Visit Etsy Shop

It's truly amazing how their dolls look completely real. And their photos are just stunning. This shop goes out of their way to make sure each of their dolls and line of clothing are absolutely perfect. You guys are going to love browsing through their photos. They are truly remarkable.


I started to make toys and dolls of cloth and custom Blythe dolls. I'm in love with these Blythe dolls. I use mostly cotton fabrics for making dolls and clothes for them, but I also use wool fabrics.

blythe customizers 

8. D Blue Dolls

Visit Etsy Shop

This artist certainly has her own style when it comes to creating her dolls. She often offers fairytale themed dolls. She reveals the wonderful world of Blythe through her one of a kind creations and loves making these little treasures to be enjoyed by her collectors worldwide.

Personalizing these cuties and giving them a little life has become my hobby and love from the first touch. 


blythe customizers

9. DIMA Gifts

Visit Etsy Shop

If you are looking for a Blythe doll that looks like she just stepped out of a fairytale book, then head on over to DIMA Gifts. Dima has been drawing for over 6 years and has applied her unique sense of color style to her Blythe customs. She loves sharing the joy of her work through each lovely doll, and it shows!

The magic of colors, the ways in which they speak are my inspiration, which helps me in making my dolls. In fact, I hope my dolls will bring you some joy and give you the love.


blythe customizers

10. Fedorova Art

Visit Etsy Shop

If you are looking for a Blythe that's a little edgy and totally unique then Fedorova Art might be your style! This artist totally makes over her dolls with new carved lips, pull strings, and eyes. Her eyelids are totally hand-painted and she also paints original artwork on the back of the head for a totally customized look.

Check in frequently to see what is new. Every picture, doll and toy in my shop are made by me with great love.

blythe customizers

11. Collectible Blythe

Visit Etsy Shop

This Blythe customizer is from Germany and she creates her dolls with love and care. Be sure to bookmark her though and check daily because her outfits sell very quickly.

Buyers are raving about their dolls when they arrive!

custom blythe dolls

12. Blythe Design

Visit Etsy Shop

Her customers absolutely love the care and attention to the details and the packaging. She has mastered the art of sculpting her doll's faces, they are the perfect example of what a custom Blythe doll should look like.

And her freckling skills are amazing.

Customers love this shop: What a beauty she is, better than the pictures.

blythe customizers

13. The PJ Dolls

Visit Etsy Shop

Meet a truly one of a kind Blythe Doll customizer from Taiwan. Huang PJ has been selling Blythe dolls and handmade dresses and outfits since 2015 and has a large following of collectors that are in love with these lovelies. Just look at these eyes on Annie, just stunning.

The dolls in this shop are absolutely adorable and collectable.


blythe customizers

14. ToyS of DreamS

Visit Etsy Shop

Like many of us, Yulia saw her first Blythe doll and fell instantly in love and began her journey as a customizer. Not only does she make the most lovely Blythe dolls, she also offers handmade doll clothing that she crochets and knits. We spent quite a bit of time going through her shop to find the perfect Blythe to feature. It was really hard because they are all so amazingly unique.

I love to make custom Blythe, sew, crochet and knit outfits for my dolls and create little pets for them.


blythe customizers

We hope you find your perfect Blythe doll! We will keep this list updated so be sure to bookmark this page and check on it from time to time. If you are a customizer and would like to be added to this list, you can submit your Etsy shop for consideration.


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Custom Blythe doll eye chips

Share your love of Blythe! These Etsy sellers would LOVE it if you would save Pin to your Blythe boards.

blythe customizers

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February 01, 2024

I was disappointed in your list, none of the ones listed have any dolls for sale.

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