ArtResin Review + How To Use Instruction Video [2024]

artresin review and how to make geode resin art

Here is an ArtResin review. This is for all of you who would like to try your hand at epoxy resin crafts but not sure what brand to try first. ArtResin is a popular brand for resin crafts, resin jewelry making, resin coasters and more.

If you have already been using ArtResin but haven't tried their ResinTint colors, we have a full product review to you today! We are taking a closer look at ArtResin and the resin colorants to color the epoxy resin.

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ArtResin Review & Swatching

artresin review epoxy

We were pretty excited to collaborate with ArtResin and get their epoxy resin in because there are lots of epoxy crafts that you can make with this resin since it sets in 24 hours.

When they released their new resintints many of our readers wanted us to get them in to try. So we are so happy that we could give our readers and subscribers a really good look at them first.

ArtResin has several different color sets to color epoxy resin with, and they sent us the original colors and also the pearls.

The original colors come in a set of 10 and the pearls come in a set of 8.

Original Color ResinTints on Amazon

what to use to color epoxy resin

Pearl ResinTints on Amazon

pearl colors for epoxy resin

When you order from ArtResin, they include a guide in their package, and their brochure has information about their company as well as technical and resin safety information.

We always suggest reading all you can about a product before going ahead and using it.

There's many DIY resin tutorials to try using this resin. So do take the time to educate yourself and reading through their information before making your first piece with their resin and colors. 

Tips For Using ArtResin

1. Use Syrup Pumps For The Resin

A handy tip for you is to grab some syrup pumps and put them into the ArtResin bottles. These are a lifesaver because then you can pump the exact measurement every single time without any spillage or mess. They save so much time! We discovered them when we were making some geodes here for a tutorial.

It's no fun to get resin everywhere. For those who are thinking that there has to be a better way to get the resin and hardener out without it dripping all over the place, this tip is very helpful.

Purchase Syrup Pumps Here On Amazon.

epoxy resin tips and ideas

You will have to cut them to fit so be sure to cut them exactly the same. Also when you stick them into the bottle, don't just put them right in or the resin and hardener will spill over the top.

Once you have the pumps inserted, now just prime them so that the resin and hardener are right up to the top of the pump so that they are both equal. It's very important because this resin is exactly a one-to-one ratio.

How to use syrup pumps for resin


2. Swatching Colors To Help Plan Your Resin Art Pieces 

If you have a large collection of colors or make resin creations for a living, then it's nice to be able to tell at a glance what the color actually looks like, and then you can plan your pieces better.

So making a swatch is very helpful! Just like a pen or marker swatch, you can also swatch resin tint colors.

swatching colors for geode resin art

This swatch was made on an 8x10 artist board. First it was painted white, then with a glue gun, the wells were created for the resin. Then the glue was painted a nice gold. This is going to hang on the wall here and we want it to look nice. 

3. Mix The ResinTint Colors Well Before You Use Them

When you first get your ResinTints, you will see that the pearl mica will be sitting at the bottom of the containers. And especially with their first use, it's going to take a bit of shaking to get it all mixed up.

Just be sure to do this right or the color will not be as true as it can be. With any kind of pigments, you are going to have to shake them to get everything well dispersed.

One thing that's nice about ArtResin tints is that  they use clear bottles so you can see the pearl pigment down at the bottom.

We have used pigments that come in dark bottles and although the packaging looked really nice it wasn't very practical because you can't see if it's fully mixed or not. 

working with epoxy resin tips and ideas


4. Mix the resin and hardener for 3 minutes

ArtResin says to mix the resin and hardener together for at least three minutes. Also, add no more than 6% of color to resin because that can interfere with the curing process.

5. ArtResin is good for geode resin art

Here's the piece that was made with the white, pearl pink, and pearl silver colors. Oh my this turned out so pretty!

We will have the full tutorial of this geode piece right here

geode resin art tutorials and how togeode resin art tutorials


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Here is some inspiration for your next geode resin art creation, from our YouTube channel (be sure to head to YouTube and hit subscribe!!)

ArtResin can be used for a variety of resin projects. This resin can be used to create jewelry, sculptures, and even 3d printed objects. It is a versatile material that can be worked with in many different ways.

Resin is also a great way to add color to your projects. It can also be mixed with pigment powders to create unique colors that you can use in your resin projects.

You can add texture to your projects. you can add glitter for resin, beads, and other embellishments to resin to create one-of-a-kind pieces. If you are looking for a way to add some extra dimension to your projects, resin is the way to go.

If you have found this helpful, please save a Pin so you can find us again! 

ArtResin review and unboxing

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