DIY Bath Salt | BEST Bath Salt Recipe

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

There is nothing more enjoyable than soaking in a lovely bath that has bath salt in it. Did you know that it is so easy to make your own DIY bath salt? When you make your own bath salt recipe, you can add whatever you would like in it, creating a totally custom, beautiful bath salt blend just for you. Or, you can customize your bath salt recipe to give to someone as a handmade gift!

Once you make your own bath salt recipe once, you will see how amazing it is to have on hand, and how easy it is to whip up a quick batch anytime.

You may have some questions about making DIY bath salt recipes, and we are going to answer a few below before starting our own bath salt recipe.


  • Epsom salt is referred to as a "salt" because of it's chemical structure and its resemblance to a grain of table salt or sea salt.
  • Epsom salt is a chemical composition of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen.
  • Epsom salts get their name from the town of Epsom, England, found approximately 14 miles south of London.
  • Epsom, England became known as a "spa town" in the Georgian period as their mineral waters were found to be rich in magnesium sulphate, which is now known to be called "epsom salt".


  • Homemade bath salts are made by blending epsom salts with essential oils. Other ingredients can be added by choice as well.
  • The essential oils in bath salts are added purely for bath salt fragrance and for any properties they have.
  • Dried herbs, flowers and flower petals are often added to homemade DIY bath salts as well for natural color and appearance.
  • Sometimes mica powders are added to bath salts to give a hint of color.


  • Scented bath salts are made by blending epsom salts with essential oils.
  • As the essential oil is blended with the bath salts, the bath salts absorb the fragrance from the oil and hold the fragrance property within.
  • Once the bath salts are added to the warm bath water, the fragrance naturally blossoms from the water and heat, creating a lightly fragranced bath.


Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulfate. Adding epsom salts in your bath water allows your body to absorb the magnesium sulfate through the skin. This has many benefits which include:

  • The relaxation of muscles
  • Provides magnesium for the body
  • Helps calm the body for better sleep
  • People often take baths in epsom salts to help with their fibromyalgia
  • Soothes tired, swollen feet
  • Helping ingrown toenails
  • Some people believe it helps psoriasis
  • Some also believe the magnesium sulfate alleviates restless leg syndrome.


Bathing in a salt bath soak from table salt is not advised. Table salt is not the same as epsom salts. Table salts are not chemically made from magnesium sulfate and therefore, do not have the same benefits as epsom salts. Also, table salts are iodized, which can cause skin reactions and irritation. Plus, if you have any scratches or wounds, taking a bath in table salt would be quite irritating in that respect.


When drawing a bath, you can add 1-2 cups of epsom salts or bath salts to your warm bath water to enjoy the benefits.

Now let's get into that easy DIY bath salt recipe!

Today, we are going to make a quick DIY bath salt recipe using some dried rose petals, dried lavender and a blend of essential oils called Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend.

DIY Rose & Lavender Bath Salt Recipe

This DIY bath salt recipe is going to smell amazing as the essential oil blend we are using has soft notes of natural, earthy scents that will be picked up by the rose and lavender. This will be a soft, relaxing bath salt recipe.

Let's make it!

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

Here is what you need to make this DIY bath salt recipe:

*this bath salt recipe makes enough for 3 bath soaks

  • 3 cups of epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup of lavender and rose petals blended
  • 15 drops of Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend which you can purchase from Wild Creek Naturals here

Instructions to make this DIY rose and lavender bath salt recipe:

1. In a large bowl, pour 3 cups of epsom salt.

2. Pour the blend of flowers into the epsom salts and stir.

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

3. Distribute the 15 drops of the Marseille's Remedy Essential Oil Blend throughout your bath salt mixture. Using a spoon, stir together well to combine.

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

4. Once your bath salt mixture is well blended together, you can use a spoon to put it into small containers.

If you plan to keep this by your bath tub, you may want to consider using a break-proof container or jar.

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

These DIY bath salts also make really beautiful handmade gift to give someone for Christmas or birthday or anniversary. The flowers add a hint of really nice color sprinkled throughout. This is a soothing DIY bath salt blend that anyone will be sure to appreciate.

*Use 1 enjoyable cup per bath

Here is a video making this DIY bath salt blend. Be sure to watch it and hit "subscribe" if you enjoy it! We would appreciate that.

Have a lovely day.

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