13 EASY Melt & Pour Soap Ideas & Tutorials [2024]

melt and pour soap ideas

Here are some creative melt and pour soap ideas. Learning how to make melt and pour soap is a fun pastime that can bring in extra money.

You can be as creative as you like adding shimmering accents and colorant into the soap.

Melt and pour soap is very fun to make for yourself and can also bring in some extra income once you learn the art. There's lots of YouTube videos that can help get you started and we will share some below.

Melt and pour soap makes an excellent gift idea so they usually do very well at craft shows and in Etsy shops too. DIY soap can be loaded up with natural and aromatic ingredients that are really great for your skin. We've gathered up some amazing homemade soap ideas to help get you started.


melt and pour soap ideas


Before you begin making soap be sure to learn as much as you can about it before going ahead and purchasing the basic equipment for soapmaking. Do check your health guidelines before selling soap because it can be listed as a cosmetic in many countries.



1. Felted Soap Bars

Read the tutorial on our blog here

Felted soap is any bar of soap that has been wrapped in wool or alpaca fleece, and wet-pressed into place. You may want to felt your soap for many reasons, including the fact that it lengthens the longevity of your soap bars, adds to the suds allowing for a very rich lather, and it is much easier to hold.

felted melt and pour soap 


2. Turmeric Melt & Pour Soap

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By adding a little bit of honey and turmeric, you can make melt and pour soap look just like cold process soap from scratch. Just be sure you are starting with an opaque melt and pour soap base.


melt and pour soap ideas


3. Heart Shaped Melt & Pour Soap

Shop Soap Molds On Amazon

Make heart shaped soaps for Valentines day sales or for anniversary gift ideas. Adding in a little bit of color and herbs makes them extra special.

Silicone soap molds come in many shapes and we have a list of some of the best silicone molds for soapmaking.


heart shaped soap


4. Easy Oatmeal Soap

Tutorial On DIY Craft Club

Melt and pour soap is extremely easy and enjoyable to make. It has minimal mess to clean up afterwards and it makes fantastic gifts to give away due to its customizability and the appeal of making DIY handmade gifts.


how to make oatmeal soap


Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial Video: Here is how to make an easy oatmeal soap bar on our YouTube channel.



5. Plain Unscented Soap

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It's a good idea to have a batch of unscented soap available for those who are sensitive to scents and fragrances. These sell very well at craft shows as bundles.


6. Small Guest Soap

These guest soaps are a best seller and are easy to make and sell in groupings. Make a whole bunch and put them into a clear bag or jar and sell them as gift packs.

small guest soap


7. Colorful Soap

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Brightly colored soaps are a great idea at spring shows and for Mother's day gift ideas. You can color the soap with natural herbs or skin safe colorants and make them as bold or subtle as you like.

Colorants for soap also makes a great gift idea for a soapmaker.


soap colorants on amazon


8. Assorted Soap Display

Having an assortment of soaps on display gives interest for those who are decorating their bathroom or selling at crafts show. Use plates, bowls and baskets to display your soaps naturally.

You can also use this idea for taking photos of your soap for your Etsy soap shops. Many more ideas like this can be found in soapmaking books.


soap making ideas


9. Soap Ends

Soap ends should never be wasted. If you have extra soap left over from cutting it up, then you can group the ends together and sell them as soap ends.

Just tie them up together with twine and put your price tag on them or gift them out as gifts.


soap ends for melt and pour soap


10. Soap Samplers

Little leftover bits can be put into a basket and either sell them by weight or give them away as gifts to customers.


mini soap samplers


11. Rose Melt And Pour Soap

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Rose melt and pour soap is very popular and looks great as extra decor accents in a shabby chic bathroom or bedroom. You can make a whole bunch of these easily and sell them as gift sets.

Why is rose scented soap so popular? There could be a number of reasons. For one, soap made with rose essential oil has a sweet, floral scent that many people find appealing.

Additionally, roses have a long history of being associated with love and romance, making them a popular choice for soap intended as a gift.


rose essential oil on amazon


12. Ginger Melt And Pour Soap

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Ginger soaps can be made with ginger fragrance oil to make them smell just like freshly grated ginger.


ginger melt and pour soap


13. Melt And Pour Soap Kits

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This soapmaking kit is a fantastic way to get started making melt and pour soap.

It comes with everything you need to make your own soap, including a mold, soap base, fragrance, and colorant.

And best of all, it makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves DIY projects or unique gifts. 



Making soap at home is not as complicated as it might seem. With a little patience and the right ingredients, anyone can create beautiful and unique soap dishes to lather up with.

The best part about making your own soap is that you can control the ingredients, so you know exactly what's going into your soap.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope you find some good ideas. Feel free to share this article on our social media and soapmaking groups. Happy crafting.

Here's a pin for your soap boards :)

melt and pour soap ideas


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