Melt And Pour Soap | EASY Oatmeal Soap Bars Recipe

Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap

Melt and pour soap is extremely easy and enjoyable to make. It has minimal mess to clean up afterwards and it makes fantastic gifts to give away due to its customizability and the appeal of making DIY handmade gifts.

It is no wonder that melt and pour soap is so popular. You may have some questions about melt and pour soap, so let's explore some of those before diving into our melt and pour oatmeal soap recipe.

Is melt and pour soap good for skin?

Yes, melt and pour soap is good for your skin for many reasons:

  • Melt and pour soap base has already gone through saponification process making it safe for use in melting and pouring into soap molds.
  • Most melt and pour soap bases contain water, glycerin and oil. Check the labels because not all melt and pour soaps are made with the same ingredients. Only purchase a good quality melt and pour soap.
  • When making homemade soap you are avoiding the excessive use of chemical components and you are completely in control of the elements you want to add.

Does melt and pour soap need to cure?

Because the melt and pour soap has already gone through the saponification process, it will not need to cure. Simply wait for it to harden, and your bars of soap will be ready to use immediately.

Melt And Pour Soap Recipe

What can you add to melt and pour soap?

There are many things that can be added to melt and pour soap, including:

  • Mica powder as melt and pour soap colorant
  • Essential oil for melt and pour soap fragrance
  • Butters and oils such as cocoa butter and shea butter
  • Herbs (dried or fresh)
  • Flowers (dried or fresh)
  • Exfoliants (such as coffee grounds, poppy seeds)

Today, we are making a simple melt and pour soap using a melt and pour soap base, a soap mold, Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend and oatmeal.


Oatmeal soap is a very popular soap to make, and we are going to share some tips and tricks for making melt and pour oatmeal soap with you today.

Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap Ingredients:

  • 4oz. of melt and pour soap base (we recommend fragrance free)
  • 1 tbsp. oatmeal
  • A soap mold
  • 10 drops of Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend essential oil

  • Check prices of Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend here

    Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap Directions:

    1. Cut up your melt and pour soap base into small pieces.

    • We recommend purchasing fragrance free melt and pour soap base as you won't want it competing with the essential oil.
    • Also, make sure to cut the soap base up into roughly the same size so it melts evenly.
    Melt And Pour Soap Base
    Melt And Pour Oatmeal Soap

    2. In a microwave safe bowl, melt your soap base pieces for 30 second intervals. Be sure to stir it in between each interval until fully melted.

    3. Once the soap base is fully melted, add ten drops of essential oil to your melted soap base, and gently stir. For this melt and pour oatmeal soap, we used Marseille's Remedy Traditional Oil Blend, which smells wonderful and is a centuries old traditional blend of specific essential oils.

    Melt And Pour Thieves Oil Soap

    4. Sprinkle oatmeal into the bottom of your soap mold.

    • Carefully pour enough of your melted soap base to cover the oatmeal and let this first layer of soap slightly harden.
    • This will keep your oatmeal from floating up into the bar of your melt and pour soap bars.
    • The oatmeal is going to add a beautiful touch to these handmade soap bars, so you are going to want to be able to see it clearly.

    5. Pour the rest of your melted soap into the mold. This should be poured  on top of your hardened oatmeal soap section. Let it fully harden.

    6. Once your soap is cured and hard, go ahead and take it out of the mold, and trim any edges off with a small, sharp knife.

    Melt And Pour Soap

    Voila! Look how beautiful these DIY oatmeal soap bars turned out. These DIY melt and pour oatmeal soap bars would make a great little handmade gift for someone. These bars have no colorants in them, and they jus t look so clean and natural. Holding them up to the light is just so nice and it shines right through.

    Thieves Oil Melt And Pour Soap Recipe

    We hope you found this melt and pour oatmeal soap tutorial easy to follow and enjoyable to make. This is a super easy melt and pour soap making recipe and is great for first time soap makers as well as anyone who enjoys the beautiful aroma and products you get from handmade soap.

    Here is a video making these melt and pour soap bars for you to enjoy. Be sure to hit subscribe if you open it in YouTube, we would appreciate that!

    Have a lovely day.

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